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Cronus (Kronos)

Jan Styka (1858-1925) : Nerone a BaĂŻa Olio su tela 1900 ca.

However, when his mother Gaia prophesied that one of his children would overthrow him as he had his father, Cronos proved just as despotic as Uranus. As his wife, Rhea, gave birth to the Olympian gods, he seized them and swallowed them up. His plan might have worked, had Rhea not tricked him into swallowing a stone instead of her sixth child. This god, Zeus, eventually returned to lead the successful revolt against him.

Because of his past actions, Cronus was imprisoned in Tartarus.

Cronus may be the most powerful being imprisoned. Simultaneously, he is the most powerless, as true to the nature of the Prison, no being is more thoroughly shackled through the memories of their own greatness than he is, there is no being anywhere that may have lost as much as Cronus has.

In terms of CronusÂ’ appearance, one look at him reveals only a slight measure of the formerly incredible power which he once possessed, and how much power even a weakened Cronus still possesses. Cronus stands eighty feet tall and typically wears a grey toga; from a distance every feature of his body appears to be utterly perfect.

As soon as he speaks it begins to become clear that there is something wrong with him, as although his voice is melodious and quite beautiful, allowing him to manipulate others, his own desperation and ambition drip from his honeyed tongue, revealing only the slightest fraction of the calculating and ancient evil within him. Rarely does Cronus allow anyone to behold his visage; those beings which have claim that his eyes are a deep brown.

Because Kronus remains penned in Tartarus, he is unable to influence events on earth except through his followers. Therefore, at least cult members are constantly moving about the world, promising men great rewards in return for worshipping Cronos and turning their backs on the Olympian gods. On occasion, these cults rise to a position of power, and the result is invariably war as they attacks the power bases of Cronus’ rivals.

Because of his imprisonment, Cronus cannot send omens or portents.

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The Deposed King, Lord of Mount Othrys, Patron Cosmic Entity of Titans
Black sickle pointing downwards and to the left
Home Plane The Palace of Titans (Tartarus)
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Portfolio ambition, bygone creatures, embittered prisoners, resentment, titans,
Worshippers Titans, tyrants
Cleric Alignment NE, CE
Domains Chaos, Cannibalism, Hatred, Knowledge
Favored Weapon sickle

Duties of the Priesthood Cronos is no longer worshipped actively by people. Nevertheless, there are small sects of priests dedicated to him in all the major cities who are constantly trying to recruit worshipers through the promise of power or money. The priests organize large harvest-time festivals in which class distinctions are abolished. Their intention is to use the festival as a recruiting tool.

Virtual Divine Rank 11
Colossal outsider (Chaotic, Evil, Extraplanar)
Hit Dice95d8 (outsider) plus +1615 (2375 hp)
Initiative+12 (+4 Dexterity, +8 Superior Initiative)
Speed450 ft.
Armor Class78 (-8 size, +35 natural, +24 divine, +4 Dexterity, +13 deflection), touch 47, flat-footed 74
Base Attack/Grapple+95/+132
Attacksickle of Castration +122 melee or +112 melee touch or +91 ranged touch
sickle of Castration +122/+117/+112/+107 melee (6d6 plus +3d6 (chaotic power) and 1 negative level (Fort save DC 23 to remove) plus +32/19-20/x2 plus 1d6 (Overwhelming Critical) plus +6d6 (chaotic power) and 2 negative levels (Fort save DC 23 to remove) and Fort save DC 82 or die) or +112 melee touch or +91 ranged touch
Space/Reach30 ft./30 ft.
Bitter Harvest, Emnity, Historical Revision, Maw of the Father, spells, spell-like abilities
Cosmic Divinity (vDR 11), Cosmic Presence, Cosmic Realm (Palace of Titans), immunities (cold, sonic), Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Patron Omniscience, Patron Qualities, resistances (cold, fire) 20, SR 72, Unprincipled
SavesFort +62, Ref +52, Will +60
AbilitiesStrength 60, Dexterity 18, Constitution 45, Intelligence 44, Wisdom 42, Charisma 36
SkillsBluff +111, Climb +123, Concentration +64, Decipher Script +64, Diplomacy +135, Escape Artist +101, Intimidate +119, Jump +98, Knowledge (all) +115, Listen +114, Search +115 (+121 find secret doors/hidden compartments), Spellcraft +123 (+127 use spells on scrolls), Sense Motive +114, Spot +114, Use Magic Device +60 (+74 scrolls)
FeatsAwesome Blow, Blind-Fight, Cleave, Empower Spell, Extend spell (B), Great Cleave, Great Fortitude, Heighten Spell, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Critical (sickle), Improved Initiative, Improved Sunder, Power Attack, Quicken Spell, Twin Spell, Weapon Focus (sickle)
Automatic Quicken Spell(x4), Devastating Critical (sickle), Dire Charge, Epic Fortitude, Epic Spellcasting (B), Epic Weapon Focus (sickle), Improved Heighten Spell, Improved Metamagic, Improved Spell Capacity (10th), Improved Spell Capacity (11th), Improved Spell Capacity (12th), Improved Spell Capacity (13th), Multispell, Overwhelming Critical (sickle), Superior Initiative
EnviromentPalace of Titans (Tartarus)
OrganizationTroupe (Cronus, Iapetus, and 4-6 Elder Titans)
TreasureScythe of Castration
AlignmentChaotic Evil


The first impediment in terms of combat with Cronus is that he almost always, invariably, knows that it is coming unless very precise preparations have been made in advance in order to cloak plans with deities or cosmic entities of higher rank than him. Cronus typically handles such situations by casting soul dominion in order to use one of his opponents to lead the rest of their group into an ambush where Iapetus and several allies or Hyperion can have them slaughtered or incinerated respectively.

Bypassing this first layer of defense, Cronus, as the most paranoid (and potent) of the Ancient Titans will have at least two or three spells to improve his armor class, Spell Resistance, or already fearsome combat prowess in effect before the first blow is struck, assuming that potential combatants have defeated Iapetus and several other Elder Titans first since Cronus is invariably never alone. Although incredibly powerful, Cronus regards his own brethren as sacrifices to preserve himself and he additionally has no hesitations about Calling them in order to buy time, either for his personal escape, or for him to cast epic spells such as Cronus Fury, hopefully dissolving his opponents.

Should Cronus actually successfully be cornered, he tends to open combat with a mage’s disjunction followed by a twinned disintegrate and mass destruction. If his opponents are of mixed gender, he will attack with the sickle of Castration in combination with Whirling Blade in order to cut a swath through as many of his male opponents as possible simultaneously, either slicing them completely in half with it due to his Devastating Criticals, or forcing other members of the group to stop and heal them while he also attacks them, even while he continues to unleash quickened spells upon them until they are defeated.


Cronus is armed with the Sickle of Castration, an ancient and powerful Artifact formed from the will of Gaea herself as a result of her fury at the betrayal and viciousness of her husband Ouranous, and forged by the Cyclopes that Cronus would later betray. Male opponents must make a successful Fort save DC 41 or else be nauseated for 1d20 rounds, and mortals attacked with the Sickle of Castration take 6d6 points of damage from blood loss per turn unless healed.

Males, including deities, attacked by the Sickle of Castration must make a Fort save DC 10 + damage dealt or else become permanently incapable of fathering offspring by any means unless healed by a deity or cosmic entity of greater divine ranking than it’s wielder. The Sickle of Castration is treated as a +7 chaotic power colossal sickle that does damage as a weapon of one size class larger than itself, with a wicked-looking and serrated black blade, and a handle of a dark brown wood.

Cronus never allows any other being to touch his sickle, viewing all other beings as inherently unworthy (particularly his lesser brethren) and seeing it as a symbol of the power that rightfully ought to be his, as it was previously. The other aspect of the Sickle of Castration’s power is that as it was formed from the matter of Gaea herself, it is not so much made of metal, as it is made of the archetype of metal and alloys in general. As such, it is treated as whatever special metal (silver, adamantine, mithral, or cold iron) would be most damaging to whatever creature it is used against at any given time.

Besides Cronus’ Sickle of Castration, Cronus is believed to have access to an incredibly wide array of magical items, many of which are ‘tributeÂ’ collected from his lesser brethren, and many of which are irreplaceably unique due to the fact that they date from a configuration of the Planes that has long since disappeared from existence.

Cosmic Presence (Ex): The physical presence of Cronus is so powerful and awe-inspiring that it causes lesser creatures to succumb to his magnificence. All creatures within 1000 feet of Cronus must succeed in a Will save 70. Failure indicates that the creature succumbs to an emotion of CronusÂ’s choosing. Cronus will typically choose to inspire fear in those around him, preparing them to be persuaded by the sound of his voice.

Patron Qualities (Ex)

  • Cronus is immune to acid and sonic damage.
  • Cronus possesses fire and cold resistance 20
  • Damage Reduction: Cronus possesses DR 30/epic and mithril and DR 20/good
  • Cronus has fast healing 32/holy and mithril
  • SR 72
  • Watchful Eye: Cronus can sense anything within one mile around the mentioning of his name, titles, an item of importance to him, or something which triggers his Patron Omniscience ability, for up to one hour after the event. This power is barred from places associated with beings with divine ranks or virtual divine ranks of higher than Cronus.
  • Divine Rank 11: Cronus is immune to polymorphing, petrification, or any other attack that alters his form. Cronus is not subject to energy drain, ability drain, or ability damage. Cronus is immune to mind-affecting effects. Cronus is immortal and cannot die from natural causes. Cronus does not age, and he does not need to eat, sleep, or breathe. They only way for Cronus to die is through special circumstances.
  • For the purpose of gate and similar spells, Cronus is treated as a unique creature.

Patron Omniscience (Ex) Cronus may sense any event involving the Ancient Titans, ambition, or creatures from a bygone era if it involves 500 or more individuals.

Call Titans (Sp) Six times a day Cronus may call an Elder Titan to aid him. Cronus may also call one of the Ancient Titans to him, but this uses up all of his usages of his power to Call his brethren for that particular day.

Spell-Like Abilities (Sp)

Caster level 95th; save DC 22 + spell level. The save DCs are Charisma-based.

Domain Powers Cronus casts chaotic and evil spells at 96th level; treats all Knowledge skills as class skills; gains a +2 bonus on attacks, saves, and AC v. 1 opponent for 1 minute/day.

Wizard Spells (Sp) (0th-13th level) 4/8/7/7/7/7/6/6/6/6/2/2/2/2 Cronus casts spells as a 47th level Wizard. Saving throws against his spells is DC 27 + spell level. Cronus may cast 12 epic spells a day with a maximal Spellcraft DC of 133. All of CronusÂ’ non-epic spells through 12th level are quickened, and he may cast two quickened spells per round.

Typical Spells Prepared

epic spells known: Cronus’ fury, Cronus’ mettle, epic greater mage armor, epic spell resistance, eviction, future sight, mass destruction, soul dominion, soul scry, spell worm, superb dispelling, temporal ward

Bitter Harvest (Ex):By giving homage to Cronus, mortals may acquire knowledge of the ancient past where Cronus once ruled…and where he desires to rule again. However, such knowledge does not come without a price; this price is that mortals are intended to sacrifice in order to take actions to help restore the glory of CronusÂ’ Golden Age. Not surprisingly, these sacrifices to be made to Cronus are to come from the ranks of the Olympian usurpers and their worshippers. The following benefits can be derived by aiding Cronus in the following manners:

Crimson Fields A worshipper of the Olympians must be sacrificed to Cronus and their blood spilled upon the ground in a particular location. This area becomes unhallowed, however, the individual that has sacrificed to Cronus in this manner receives a +5 permanent profane bonus to a single skill. Greater bonuses can be derived by sacrificing even more important worshippers of the Olympians such as clerics or other beings that have received divine bonuses from the Olympians; in such cases, not only is the location where one is sacrificed not only unhallowed, but the worshipper of Cronus gains one vision that shall aid them.

Gift of the Son Cronus has come to epitomize the lengths to which certain individuals will go in order to maintain their personal power at all costs. Many of the worshippers of Cronus that know precisely who they are worshipping will do literally anything in order to retain their personal power and eliminate those individuals most likely to wrest their power from them. This includes sacrificing their own offspring if that is what is required to hold power for themselves.

As a result, any individual who sacrifices their most powerful son or daughter (not necessarily firstborn) to Cronus receives one wish in response. This wish takes place in such a way as to help the being making the sacrifice to maintain their own power at all costs, and is usually a series of fortuitous coincidences.

Benefitting from either version of Cronus’ Bitter Harvest, however, carries a horrible curse. Upon the death of the beneficiary, their soul is guaranteed to go to where ever on Tartarus that best matches their personality. Naturally, Cronus fails to tell them about this aspect of this power. In fact, Cronus would greatly prefer that such beings became his petitioners in Tartarus, and it is part of the curse laid upon him and the rest of his brethren that those beings that benefit from his influence do not do so.

Emnity (Ex): For hundreds of thousands of years, Cronus has resided in Tartarus, driven onwards only by his thoughts of escape and doing to his offspring what was done to him. As a result, the hatred festering within Cronus has been transformed into his Emnity. Should Cronus be facing an opponent that he particularly despises, such as an Olympian, a worshipper of an Olympian, or a Titan that he thinks has betrayed him, his attacks are infused with unholy power against them.

As a result, any natural or wielded weapons that he possesses becomes unholy, and his spells become Corrupted as if he had taken the Corrupt Spell feat; spells affected by Cronus’ Emnity take no longer to cast than normal. CronusÂ’ Emnity lasts for 13 rounds before he calms down, and Cronus may express his bitterness in this manner three times a day.

Historical Revision (Ex): Although practically all of Cronus’ influence over time was removed due to his defeat in the Titanomachy and forced exile to Tartarus along with his brethren, such was Cronus’ power that his defeat was not total. As a result, Cronus has retained some of his former powers over time, and may make limited reversals in the order in which events take place.

As a result, Cronus may force all beings within a 110 foot burst of himself to repeat one action that they have repeated within the previous round, or he may reverse their spatial positionings, forcing them to teleport back to where they started at the beginning of that round, or even forcibly planeshifting or gating them to their original destinations. Cronus may additionally revise the positions of physical objects, but he may only do so for 11 objects at any given time. The First King must choose one of the three variants of this power, but he may not combine their effects simoultaneously.

If Cronus attempts to alter the positions of sentient beings, they receive a Fort save DC 70 in order to avoid the effects of Cronus’ power. Cronus may use Historical Revision seven times a day.

Maw of the Father (Ex):

Francisco de Goya (1746-1828) Saturno devorando a su hijo (Saturn devouring his son)
Francisco de Goya (1746-1828) Saturno devorando a su hijo (Saturn devouring his son)

Although much weakened from his time as the First King, Cronus still retains the power to consume beings smaller than himself in order to prevent them from interfering with his plans. Cronus may devour any being that is two or more size classes smaller than himself that he has successfully grappled.

Those swallowed in this manner must make a Fort save DC 70 or else find themselves frozen in time from the moment that Cronus finished swallowing them as the spell Temporal Stasis. They may additionally not be scryed upon successfully by any being of lower divine rank than Cronus. Cronus’ stomach holds 1 Huge, 2 Large, 8 Medium, or 32 Small beings simultaneously.

Cronus may also choose to liberate any being that he has devoured in this manner by vomiting them up. It is exceptionally rare for him to do this, but when it does occur, it takes him a full-round action in order to release those that he has imprisoned in his Maw.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind (Ex): Cronus may choose to deny others knowledge of a single being of lower deific rank than himself. Should he choose to enact this power, then only Cronus may discover information about the being that he has altered in this manner. The duration of Cronus’ power lasts for 4 plus 1d6 years, and Cronus may only enact this power once every hundred years, such is it’s incredibly taxing price upon him. The deity or entity involved must willingly agree to this offer by Cronus, although if they can be deceived either through the power of Cronus’ voice, or incredibly, magically manipulated either circumstance provides sufficient consent for the use of this power.

During this period it is practically impossible for any being to acquire information about the beneficiary (or victim) of Cronus’ power. All Gather Information checks have their DC raised by 10 points. Similarly, divination spells must succeed at a caster level check DC 95 in order to be effective.

Cronus will never use this power lightly, and there is always a high price for CronusÂ’ assistance in this manner if Cronus intends to use it to aid another being. It may not be immediately evident, but it always exists.

Like much about Cronus, however, it is against the gods that he considers to have wrongfully usurped him that this power is at itÂ’s most damage. If Cronus manages to victimize a deity in this manner, the target that has been affected by it must make a Will save DC 70 or take 1d4 damage to their divine ranking per year. Should a deity be reduced in this manner to Divine Rank 0, or is already at Divine Rank 0 when the power begins, then the power ends at the end of that particular month.

Persistent rumors claim that not only was Cronus capable of using this power originally against cosmic entities and that he has tried upon multiple occasions to use it to challenge a deity from within his prison.

Unprincipled (Su) As a full round action, Cronus may concentrate on any one being that is within range of his voice, forcing them to make a Will save DC 70. Should they fail the save, then Cronus has acquired the details of one being that has betrayed them or threatened their personal ambitions through betrayal in the past.

From that time forward, should Cronus decide to speak to the same being of the betrayal as a full round action, they must make a Will save at the same DC or else become slightly more unprincipled as a result and convinced that they must take any action, no matter how extreme or unethical, in order to protect themselves from betrayal. Should a victim fail three successive saves in a row, then their alignment switches to Chaotic Evil, and they may only be returned to their previous state through the casting of wish followed by Atonement by a 31st level caster.

The consequences for a being that is already Chaotic Evil are far more dire, however. Playing on paranoia and fear, Cronus may dominate beings that fall prey to his Unprincipled power, turning them into tools of his own machinations, out of their fear of the machinations of others.

New Epic Spells

Cronus’ Fury

Evocation, Divination
Spellcraft DC 131
Components V, S
Casting Time 1 minute
Range Line of sight
Target One creature
Duration Instantaneous
Saving Throw Ref half
Spell Resistance Yes
To Develop 1,179,000 gp; 24 days; 47,160 XP. Seed: energy (DC 19) reveal (DC 25) Factors: add 30d6 damage (+60 DC), increase HD two steps (+20 DC), cast spell from sensor with touch or greater range (+6 DC), change from target to area (+10 DC), change area to 20-ft. radius (+2 DC), increase area by 100% (+4 DC). Mitigating factor: burn 500 XP (-5 DC), 10d6 hit points backlash (-10 DC).

Through the use of this spell, Cronus may cause to erupt from any being within his line of sight a hideous cloud of acid that swirls around them and envelops anything within a 40 foot radius of his target, doing 40d10 points of acid damage as a result.

Cronus’ Mettle

Spellcraft DC 133
Components V, S
Casting Time 11 minutes
Range 0 feet
Target Personal
Duration 20 hours
Saving Throw None (harmless)
Spell Resistance None (harmless)
To Develop 1,197,000 gp; 24 days; 47,880 XP. Seeds: fortify (DC 17) fortify (DC 17) fortify (DC 17) Factors: add +9 enhancement to Fort, Ref, and Will saves. (+54 DC) add +25 to caster level against dispelling attempt (+50 DC) Mitigating factors: increase casting time by 10 minutes (-20 DC), personal (-2 DC)

After an 11 minute casting, Cronus may boost all his saves to better prepare himself for combat. As a result, upon the completed casting of this spell, all of CronusÂ’ saves possess a +10 enhancement bonus. This spell is treated as 25 levels higher for the purposes of avoiding dispelling and lasts for 20 hours.


Enchantment [Compulsion]
Spellcraft DC 133
Components V, S
Casting Time 1 minute
Range 75 ft.
Target One creature
Duration Permanent
Saving Throw Will negates
Spell Resistance Yes
To Develop 1,197,000 gp; 24 days; 47,880 XP. Seeds: compel (DC 19) Factors: increase saving throw by 30 (+60 DC), permanent (x5 DC). Mitigating factors: burn 20,000 XP (-200 DC), 7 minute casting (-14 DC), 48d6 backlash damage (-48 DC).

One of the means that Cronus uses to maintain control over the other Ancient Titans that fought on his side in the Titanomachy is through the threat of banishment. With this powerful spell, Cronus implants in the mind of one of his siblings a powerful compulsion for them to planeshift away from Tartarus, and then never return to Tartarus, or seek to lift the compulsion that has resulted in their eviction. Beings that are the victims of CronusÂ’ eviction must make a Will save DC 50 + spellcasting modifier (in CronusÂ’ case, Will save DC 67) in order to avoid their fate.

Future Sight

Spellcraft DC 98
Components V, S
Casting Time 11 minutes
Range Personal
Target Personal
Duration Concentration
Saving Throw Fort save
Spell Resistance Yes
To Develop 936,000 gp; 19 days; 37,440 XP. Seeds: foresee (DC 23) reveal (DC 25) Factors: gain +30 on caster level check (+60 DC). Mitigating factor 10 minute casting time (-10 DC).

Through the use of this spell, Cronus may pose ten specific questions to unknown powers of other planes, receiving answers in a language that he understands that are always one word long. All questions answered are 90% likely to be answered truthfully, and this spell is so potent that it may only be cast once every five weeks. Future Sight penetrates epic spells based on the conceal seed, and is treated as 30 caster levels higher in terms of caster level checks against such epic spells.

Mass Destruction

Spellcraft DC 133
Components V, S
Casting Time 1 quickened action
Range Caster outwards
Target 320 ft. cone
Duration Instantaneous
Saving Throw Fort half
Spell Resistance Yes
To Develop 1,197,000 gp; 24 days; 47,880 XP. Seed: destroy (DC 29) Factors: quickened (+28 DC), change from target to area (+10 DC), change area to 40-ft. cone (+2 DC), increase area by 700% (+28 DC), additional 40d6 damage (+80 DC) Mitigating factor: burn 3,000 XP (-30 DC), backlash 14d6 points of damage (-14 DC).

With but a wave of his hand, and a word, Cronus may send a cone of powerfully destructive energy forward from his person, doing 60d6 to all creatures and physical objects within a 240-ft. cone. Anything reduced to –10 hp or less is utterly destroyed as if disintegrated, leaving behind only a trace of fine dust. This spell affects even magical matter, energy fields, and force effects that are normally only affected by the disintegrate spell.

Temporal Ward

Abjuration, Conjuration
Spellcraft DC 128
Components V, S
Casting Time 11 minutes
Range Personal
Target Personal
Duration 24 hours
Saving Throw N/A (Harmless)
Spell Resistance N/A (Harmless)
To Develop 936,000 gp; 19 days; 37,440 XP. Seeds: ward (DC 14) transport (DC 27) Factors: ward against Temporal Stasis (+16 DC), contingency (+25 DC), transport into different time stream (+8 DC), gain +20 on caster level check against dispel (+40 DC). Mitigating factor: Personal spell (-2 DC).

Cronus uses this spell to protect himself against two different effects once it is cast:

First, the spell is activated the instant that someone within his vicinity casts the spell time stop. As soon as this occurs, the spell activates, transporting Cronus into the same time stream as the opposed caster for the next 5 rounds and allowing him to act freely.

The second effect of this spell is that it protects the caster against the effects of Temporal Stasis, making the spell useless against him for the next 24 hours after each casting.

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