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Midgard Bestiary (Norse Creatures)

Midgard Bestiary
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Norse mythology, originating from Scandinavia, is rich with a diverse cast of creatures, both divine and monstrous. From the gods of Asgard to the dwarves of Svartalfheim, these creatures play a crucial role in shaping the stories and beliefs of the ancient Norse people. In this list, we will explore some of the most well-known and fascinating creatures from Norse mythology, hailing from the realm of Midgard and beyond. These creatures include gods, giants, dwarves, elves, monsters, and spirits, each with their own unique personalities, abilities, and motivations. Whether they are friend or foe, these creatures have left an indelible mark on Norse mythology and continue to capture the imaginations of people to this day.

A Alp 7 Attorcroppe 2

B Barrow Wight Template +2, Bear Black 2, Bear BrownBergeist,  12 Boar *~2

C Celestial Badger 1/2, Celestial Eagle 1/2, Celestial Owl 1/4, Celestial Porpoise 1/2

D Daemon, Bise, Derro, Dire Bear7 Dire Boar 4 Dire Dog 3 Dire Wolf *~3 Doppelganger* 3 Drac 3, Draugr, Dwarf*~1/2 Duergar*~1

E Eagle1/2 Eagle Giant 3, Elf, Dopkalfar 1, Ercinee 4, Erlking, Einherjar

EagleEagle Giant, Echeneis, EleionomaeElephant, Common, ElementalElemental Air, Elemental Earth, Elemental FireElemental Ice, ElderElemental Ice , Greater,  Elemental Ice, Huge , Elemental Ice, Large, Elemental Ice, Medium, Elemental Ice, Small, Elemental Water, Elemental Air Primal, Elemental Earth Primal, Elemental Fire Primal, Elemental Water Primal, Ruin Elemental, Elemental Time, Elemgassen, Elf , Elf, Dokkalfar, Elf King of the Dökkálfar, Elf, Svartalfar (Dark elves, Drow), Elohim, Ekaltadeta, Emela-ntouka, Empusa,  Emu , Enenra, EntullaEogyrinus ,EpigaulusErcinee, ErgotineErlkingEryops, EttinEuchambersia, EucladocerosEurypterid, Eurypterid, Bluetip, Executioner’s Raven,

F Fiendish Creature Template +2, Fiendish Boar 2, Fiendish Bear Black 2, Fiendish Dire Bat 3, Fiendish Dire Rat 1/3, Fiendish Dire Shark 11, Fiendish Dire Wolf 4, Fiendish Hawk 1/3, Fiendish Monstrous Spider 1/2, 1, Fiendish Octopus 1, Fiendish Raven 1/6 Fiendish Shark, Medium 1 Fiendish Snake Constrictor 2 Fiendish Snake Giant Constrictor 7 Fiendish Snake Viper 1/2, 1, 2, 4 Fiendish WolfFafnir (Unique) 21 The Firedrake 20, Frau Perchta, Fossergrim 4

G Geist, Giant Frost 9 Giant Frost Jarl 17 Giant Frost – Jotunheim, 18 Giant Fire 10, Giant Fire – Muspelheim 18 Giant Mountain 16 Gnomes*~ 1/2 Goat 1/4 Grendel (Unique) 11 Grendel’s mother (Unique) 13

GallowdeadGargoyleGeistGelatinous Cube, GhostGhoulGhoul, GhastGiantsGiant CloudGiant EarthGiant FrostGiant Frost – JotunheimGiant FireGiant Fire – MuspelheimGiant, GrýlaGiant HillGiant, Giant MountainGiant, ShadowGlaistigGloomwingGoatGoblinGoblin, GreatGoblin DogGolemGolem, AlchemicalGolem, CannonGolem ClayGolem ClockworkGolem CopperGolem CrystalGolem Flesh (Frankstein’s Monster)Golem, IceGolem IronGolem MegalithGolem OakGolem, RazorwireGolem StoneGolem TallowGolem, WaxGolem, WoodGougouGnollGnomesGraiaeGrandfather TimeGraniGreat Old OneGreat Old One, BokrugGreat Old One, CthulhuGreat Old One, HasturGreat Old One, TsathogguaGreenfolkGreen SlimeGremlinGremlin, FuathGremlin, JinkinGremlin, NuglubGremlin, PugwampiGremlin, VexgitGreogGrendelGrendel’s motherGrickGriffinGrigGrim Reaper/DeathGrimlockGrindylowGrippliGrodairGrootslangGrove seneschalGuecubuGumberooGwyllion,

H Hag Green 5, Hag Gullveig 4, Hag Lesser (Template)+2, Hag Sea 4, Hag Wood 6, Helhest 5 Hell Hound 3, 9, Herd Animal, Reindeer, Huldre 6

I Irminsul

K Kami, DisirKelpie*~ 10, Kobold*~1/4,  Kraken*~18 Krampus

L Lindworm, Linnorm Flame 23, Linnorm Forest 13, Linnorm Frost 21, Linnorm Midgard 37, Linnorm Rain 14, Linnorm, Sea, Lycanthrope, Lycanthrope Werebear* 5, Lycanthrope Wereboar* 4, Lycanthrope Werewolf 3, Lycanthrope Template Template

M Mara, Mermaid/Merfolk 1/2,

N Nisse, Nixie 1, Nixie Wassernixe 4, Nycar 9,

O OgreOld Man WinterOtter,  Owl,  Owl, Giant,

P Percht, Pony, Psychopomp

R RabbitRatRat King, Rat SwarmRavenRed Jester, Revenant 11, Rot Grub, GiantRoyal Animal, Rumpelstiltskin /Rumpelstilz,

S Sea Serpent 9, Sea Worm, King Ragworm, Skeleton*~ 1/3, Sleipnirget 4, Snake Constrictor*~2, Snake, Giant Constrictor* 5, Snake Viper, Svartalfar (Dark elves)* 1

T Troll*~ 5, 11, Troll Bjerg-Trolde, Troll, Mountain (Chenoo), Troll Norse, Troll Ragnhilder, 4 Troll Scrag 5, Troll Snow 6 Trow 6,

U Undine

W Walrus, Warg 2, Whale-beast 6, Wight 3, Wolf1, Winterwight 23, Wraith 5,11

Y Yule Cat


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