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Linnorm, Frost

Snow Winter Ice Frost Cold  - BlenderTimer / Pixabay
BlenderTimer / Pixabay

These never rest until all other intelligent creatures within their domains are destroyed. They are frosty blue in color. Frost Linnorms prefer to spend months plotting against their enemies.

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This wingless dragon has thick, pearly scales that are sharp like jagged ice and shift in hue from white to pale blue to transparent as the dragon moves. Its forelegs are small and weak, but the claws do seem to allow the dragon to manipulate objects.

Frost linnorms are the more territorial linnorms. These paranoid monsters never feel safe until all other sentient creatures within their domains are destroyed. Frost linnorms are some of the most intelligent of the linnorms, and spend much of their time plotting out strategies against settlements of other creatures. A frost linnorm will most commonly attack in the winter, to play upon its victim’s weaknesses and its own strengths.

A frost linnorm prefers to lair in frigid climes, though it will relocate south for the winter to plunder smaller humanoid settlements. A frost linnorm will shape its lair out of ice, making a strikingly beautiful home. Many of the surfaces are mirrorlike, allowing the dragon to spend time admiring itself. A frosts will bury its treasure under the ice to keep it safe from looters, though the linnorm will leave some of the more beautiful art in the open to admire it.

A frost linnorm is a gluttonous creature that considers all life forms that are not of its kind to be beneath it. The frost linnorm is surprisingly familial, valuing it’s the company and input of offspring. A frost linnorm does not eat the creatures it kills, and it is suspected that this dragon gains its nourishment from inhaling frigid winds.

A frost linnorm can speak Draconic and Abyssal.

Linnorm, Frost Linnorm
Gargantuan Dragon
Hit Dice15d12+120 (217 hp)
Speed30 ft (6 squares), Swim 50 ft
Armor Class24 (-4 size, +18 natural), touch 6, flat-footed 24
Base Attack/Grapple+15/+38
AttackBite +22 melee (4d6+11)
Full AttackBite +22 melee (4d6+11) and tail slap +20 melee (2d8+5)
Space/Reach20 ft/15 ft (20 with bite)
Special AttacksBreath weapon, crush (4d6+16), spell-like abilities, spells, tail sweep
Special QualitiesBlindsense 60 ft, damage reduction 10/magic and cold iron, icewalking, keen senses, Spell Resistance 32
SavesFort +17 Ref +9 Will +14
AbilitiesStrength 32, Dexterity 10, Constitution 26, Intelligence 18, Wisdom 20, Charisma 19
  Skills  Bluff +22, Concentration +28, Diplomacy +8, Disguise +4 (+6 in character), Hide +0*, Intimidate +22, Knowledge (Arcana) +22, Listen +26, Search +24, Sense Motive +25, Spellcraft +24, Spot +26, Survival +5 (+7 following tracks), Swim +19
FeatsAbility Focus (breath weapon) Alertness, Flyby Attack, Multiattack, Power Attack, Snatch
EnvironmentAny cold land
OrganizationSolitary or family (2-8)
AlignmentAlways neutral evil
Advancement16-45 HD (Gargantuan)


A frost linnorm prefers to take an intelligent approach to combat, and will not hesitate to spend great amounts of time working out strategies before attacking. Frost linnorms do not like to fight without making such plans first, and will avoid doing so unless attacked first. Frost linnorms are not brawlers, and will use their breath weapons, magical abilities, and magic items before entering physical combat.

A frost linnorm is an opportunist, and will attack from any location that puts its foes at a disadvantage. If possible, a frost linnorm will waylay its foes on ice to keep them off balance.

Breath Weapon (Su): A frost linnorm may use its breath weapon once every 1d4 rounds. This weapon manifests as a 60-foot cone of ice particles. This attack deals 7d6 points of cold damage, half on a successful Reflex save (DC 27). The save DC is Constitution-based.

Crush (Ex): A flying frost linnorm can land on opponents three or more sizes smaller than itself as a standard action, using its whole body to crush them. A crush attack affects as many creatures as can fit under the frost linnorm’s body. Each creature in the affected area must succeed at a Reflex save (DC 25) or be pinned, automatically taking 4d6+16 points of bludgeoning damage. The save DC is Constitution-based. Thereafter, if the frost linnorm chooses to maintain the pin, treat it as a normal grapple attack. While pinned, the opponent takes crush damage each round.

Spell-Like Abilities:

Caster level 17th. The save DCs are Charisma-based.

*A frost linnorm is able to replace the element commonly used as the focus for these spells with ice. As such, these spells effectively become meld into ice, ice shape, transmute metal to ice, transmute rock to ice, and transport via ice when used by a frost linnorm.

Tail Sweep (Ex): A frost linnorm can sweep with its tail as a standard action. The sweep affects creatures four or more size categories smaller than the linnorm within a 30-foot-radius half-circle centered on the linnorm’s rear. Each affected creature that fails a Reflex save (DC 25 half) takes 2d6+16 points of damage. The save DC is Constitution-based.

Icewalking (Ex): This ability works like the Spider Climb spell, but the surfaces the linnorm Climbs must be icy. It is always in effect.

Keen Senses (Ex): A frost linnorm sees four times as well as a human in low-light conditions and twice as well in normal light. It also has Darkvision with a range of 120 feet.

Skills: *Frost linnorms have a +4 racial bonus on Hide checks when in cold environments. This bonus on Hide checks increases to +8 when the linnorm is immobile.

Originally found in Dragon Magazine #182 (“The Vikings’ Dragons,” June 1992, Jean Rabe), and Monstrous Compendium Annual One (1994).

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