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Bahamut /Marduk

Bahamut by GENZOMAN


Bahamut is a giant sea dragon, so immense that a human cannot bear its sight; “all the seas of the world, placed in one of the fish’s nostrils, would be like a mustard seed laid in the desert.”

Bahamut as a fish floating in a fathomless sea. On the fish is a bull called Kujata, on the bull, a ruby mountain; on the mountain, an angel; over the angel, six hells; over the hells, earth; and over the earth, seven heavens. Another tradition places the earth’s foundation on water, the water on a crag, the crag on a bull’s forehead, the bull on a bed of sand, the sand on Bahamut, Bahamut on a stifling wind, and the wind on a mist; what is beneath the mist is unknown. In a similar telling of the hierarchy, Bahamut supports a layer of sand, on which stands a giant bull, on whose forehead rests a mountain of rock which holds the waters in which the earth is located.

Bahamut is a giant fish swimming in a vast ocean. It carries a bull on its head; the bull bares a rock, and above the rock is an angel who carries the seven stages of the earths. Beneath Bahamut is an abyss of air, then fire, and beneath that a giant serpent called Falak.

At this sight Isa fell down aswoon, and when he came to himself, Allah spake to him by inspiration, saying, ‘O Isa, hast thou seen the fish and comprehended its length and its breadth?’ He replied, ‘By Thy honour and glory, O Lord, I saw no fish; but there passed me by a great bull, whose length was three days’ journey, and I know not what manner of thing this bull is.’ Quoth Allah, ‘O Isa, this that thou sawest and which was three days in passing by thee, was but the head of the fish; and know that every day I create forty fishes like unto this.’


Marduk is the Babylonian god from ancient Mesopotamia and patron deity of the city of Babylon, who, when Babylon permanently became the political center of the Euphrates valley, started to slowly rise to the position of the head of the Babylonian pantheon

Marduk’s original character is connected with water, vegetation, judgement, and white magic. The son of Enlil and the heir of An, but whatever special traits Marduk may have had were overshadowed by the political development through which the Euphrates valley passed and which led to imbuing him with traits belonging to gods who at an earlier period were recognized as the heads of the pantheon. Father Enlil voluntarily recognized the superiority of the son and hands over to him the control of humanity. This association of Marduk and Enlil, while indicating primarily the passing of the supremacy once enjoyed by Eridu to Babylon as a religious and political centre,may also reflect an early dependence of Babylon upon Eridu, not necessarily of a political character but, in view of the spread of culture in the Euphrates valley from the south to the north, the recognition of Eridu as the older centre on the part of the younger one.

In the south, Marduk reigned supreme. He is normally referred to as “leader of the gods”.When Babylon became the capital of Mesopotamia, the patron deity of Babylon was elevated to the level of supreme god.

A civil war between the gods was growing to a climactic battle. The Anunnaki gods gathered together to find one god who could defeat the gods rising against them. Marduk, a very young god, answered the call and was promised the position of head god.

When he killed his enemy, he “wrested from him the Tablets of Destiny, wrongfully his” and assumed his new position. Under his reign humans were created to bear the burdens of life so the gods could be at leisure.

Marduk was depicted as a human, often with his symbol the snake-dragon which he had taken over from the god Tishpak. Another symbol that stood for Marduk was the spade.

Babylonian texts talk of the creation of Eridu by the god Marduk as the first city, ‘the holy city, the dwelling of their [the other gods] delight’.

Nabu, god of Wisdom, is a son of Marduk.

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Name: Bahamut/Marduk
Titles: The Platinum Dragon, Platinum Paladin, Master of the North Wind
Divine Rank: 15
Symbol: Star above a milky nebula or a silver silhouette of Bahamut surrounded in a circle of stars
Home Plane: Bahamut’s Platinum Haven, Lunia; Celestia
Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: Cold, courage, good dragons, lightning, wind
Worshippers: Anyone seeking protection from evil dragons, good dragons, paladins
Cleric Alignments: LG, NG, LN
Domains: Windstorm, Water, Dragon, Good
Favored Weapon: Bite or greatsword

Bahamut (dragon form)
Colossal Dragon (extraplanar, good, lawful)
Divine Rank15 (18 in Bahamut’s Platinum Haven)
Hit Dice66d12+1,320 (2,112 hp)
Speed80 ft., fly 300 ft., Swim 100 ft.
92 (+15 deflection, +6 Dexterity, +15 divine, +54 natural, -8 size) touch 38, flat-footed 86
Base Attack/Grapple+66/+111
AttackBite +102 melee (16d6+29 plus 3d6 cold/19-20/x2), or spell +102 melee touch, or spell +79 ranged touch
Full AttackBite +102 melee (16d6+29 plus 3d6 cold/19-20/x2), and 2 claws +100 melee (8d8+14 plus 3d6 cold), and 2 wings +100 melee (8d6+14 plus 3d6 cold), and tail slap +100 melee (8d6+14 plus 3d6 cold), or spell +102 melee touch, or spell +79 ranged touch
Space/Reach30 ft./30 ft. (40 ft. with bite and tail slap)
Breath weapons, crush, Domain powers,
spells, spell-like abilities, summon dragons, tail sweep
Alternate form, Blindsight 15 miles, damage reduction 35/epic, good, and adamantine, Darkvision 120 ft., divine aura (1,500 ft., Will DC 50), divine immunities, energy resistance 35 to acid and fire, fast healing 35, favored enemies (evil dragons+10, demons+8, devils+6, undead+4, evil outsiders+2), godly realm (Outer Plane: 150 miles), remote communication, Spell Resistance 80, understand, speak, and read all languages, and speak directly to all beings within 15 miles, water breathing
SavesFort +76, Ref +62, Will +67
AbilitiesStrength 69, Dexterity 22, Constitution 50, Intelligence 33, Wisdom 43, Charisma 40
SkillsBalance +72, Bluff +81, Climb +95, Concentration +86, Diplomacy +81, Escape Artist +72, Heal +82, Intimidate +81, Jump +111, Knowledge (Arcana)  +77, Knowledge (history) +77, Knowledge (local) +77, Knowledge (religion) +77, Knowledge (the planes) +77, Listen +82, Move Silently +72, Search +77, Sense Motive +82, Spellcraft +77, Spot +82, Survival +82, Swim +95, Tumble +72
FeatsCleave, Combat Casting, Combat  Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Fly-By Attack, Great Cleave, Great Fortitude, Greater Weapon Focus (greatsword), greater weapon specialization (greatsword), Improved Critical (bite), Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative, Improved Sunder, Iron Will, lightning reflexes, Maximize Spell-like Ability (polar ray), Mobility, Multiattack, Power Attack, Quicken Spell-Like Ability (chain lightning), Quicken Spell-Like Ability (cone of cold), Quicken Spell-Like Ability (lightning bolt), Run, Snatch, Spring Attack, Weapon Focus (greatsword), Weapon Specialization (greatsword), Whirlwind Attack
Epic FeatsBlinding Speed, Epic Fortitude, Epic Reflexes, Epic Weapon Focus (greatsword), Epic Weapon Specialization (greatsword), Epic Will, Improved Combat Reflexes, Improved Whirlwind Attack, Superior Initiative
Divine Abilities
Alter Form, Alter Reality, Alter Size, Aura of the Platinum paladin*, Avatar, Control Creatures (non-evil dragons; Will DC 50), Divine Air Mastery, Divine Blast (18/day; up to 15 miles; 30d12 divine damage), Divine Shield (stops 150 points of damage; 23/day), Divine Fast Healing (35), Energy Burst (cold; 150 ft. radius; 15d8 cold damage; Reflex save DC 77 halves), Energy Burst (electricity; 150 ft. radius; 15d8 electricity damage; Reflex save DC 77 halves), Energy Storm (cold; 150 ft. radius; 15 cold damage and 15 holy damage), Increased Energy Resistance (acid), Nebula Aura*, North Wind*, Platinum Bolt*, spell immunity*.
* Unique salient divine abilities described below.
EnvironmentBahamut’s Platinum Haven, Lunia; Celestia
OrganizationSolitary (unique), or group (Bahamut, 3 Sirrush Three Headed, and 6 Sirrush, 6 humans (paladin 20)
Challenge Rating69
TreasureQuintuple Standard
AlignmentLawful Good


Alternate Form (Su): As a free action, Bahamut can assume his human form Marduk. He stands 10 ft. tall, is handsome, and has long, flowing, silver hair. Bahamut wears shiny platinum armor and wields a shiny platinum sword. Flowing freely from the back of his armor is a blue cape with his symbol emblazoned onto the back. He stares at you with bright blue eyes.

The following changes are made while Bahamut maintains this form:

Speed 160 ft., fly 150 ft. (perfect); initiative +24; Abilities · Strength 45, Dexterity 42; Armor Class · 100 (+18 armor, +15 deflection, +16 Dexterity, +15 DvR, +27 natural, Р1 size) touch 55, flat-footed 84; Attacks РBahamut·s Nebula Fang +109/+109/+104/+99/+94 melee (3d6+41 plus 3d6 cold plus 3d6 electricity plus 3d6 holy plus 3d6 lawful/17-20/x2); Special Attacks · loses breath weapons, crush, and tail sweep; Special Qualities · Improved Evasion; Skills · Balance +102, Climb +103, Escape Artist +82, Jump +151, Move Silently +82, Swim +83; Saves · Ref +72. Bahamut can use Bahamut·s Nebula Fang, Nebula Cape, Platinum Armor of Bahamut, and Platinum Boots while in this form. They are detailed in the possessions section.

Breath Weapons (Su): Bahamut can use one of the following breaths weapons at one time. Afterwards, he must wait 1d6 rounds before using another. The DCs are Constitution-based.

Cold -160 ft. cone; 40d10 cold damage; Reflex save DC 73 halves damage.

Disintegration -A beam of blue light that fills an area 10 ft. high, 10 ft. wide, and 300 ft. long. Creatures are disintegrated if they fail a Fortitude save DC 73. If successful, the creatures still take 20d10 points of damage. The beam blows a 10 ft. by 10 ft. by 300 ft. hole in objects if they fail their saving throws and deals 20d10 points of damage if they make their saving throws.

Lightning -200 ft line; 45d10 electric damage; Reflex save DC 73 halves damage.

Crush (Ex): As a standard action, Bahamut can land on foes and crush them with his whole body. Crush attacks are only effective against Huge and smaller creatures. A crush attack affects as many creatures that can fit under Bahamut·s body. Creatures in the area must succeed a Reflex save DC 73 or be pinned automatically, taking 10d6+58 each round until Bahamut moves. Bahamut can maintain the pin as a normal grapple attack.

Divine Immunities: Bahamut is immune to ability damage, ability drain, cold, electricity, energy drain, death effects, disease, disintegration, mind-affecting effects, Paralysis, poison, sleep, stunning, and transmutation. He is also immune to banishment, binding, dimensional anchor, dismissal, imprisonment, repulsion, soul bind, Temporal Stasis, Trap the soul, turning and rebuking.

Domain Powers: 18/day, can turn/destroy earth creatures or bolster/rebuke/command air creatures;

18/day, can turn/destroy fire creatures or bolster/rebuke/command cold creatures;

Bluff and Intimidate are now class skills; CL +1 for good spells.

Spells: Bahamut casts spells as a 30th level cleric. DC 51 + spell level. He can prepare 6/9+1/9+1/9/9+1/8+1/7+1/7+1/7+1/6+1 cleric spells per day.

Bahamut casts spells as a 30th level paladin. DC 51 + spell level. He can prepare 7/7/7/7 paladin spells per day.

Bahamut casts spells as a 30th level sorcerer. DC 50 + spell level. He can prepare 6/10/10/10/9/9/9/9/8/8 sorcerer spells per day.

Spell-Like Abilities: CL 82, 83 for good spells; DC 50+ spell level

At will – aid, arc of lightning, binding winds, blade barrier, call lightning, chill metal, chill touch, cloudwalkers, cone of cold, control weather, dispel evil, dominate monster, dragon ally, greater magic fang, holy aura, holy smite, holy word, ice storm, magic circle against evil, magic fang, mass suggestion, obedient avalanche, obscuring mist, polar ray, resist energy, sleet storm, stoneskin, summon monster IX (good creatures only), true seeing, voice of the dragon, wall of ice, whirlwind, whirlwind, greater

6/day –maximized polar ray, quickened chain lightning, quickened cone of cold, quickened lightning bolt

Summon Dragons (Sp): 3/day, Bahamut can summon 1d4+2 great wyrm silver dragons, 1d4+1 great wyrm gold dragons, 1d4+1 great wyrm copper dragons, 1d4+1 great wyrm brass dragons, 1d4+1 great wyrm bronze dragons, or 2d6 half-silver dragon humans (paladin 20).

Tail Sweep (Ex): As a standard action, Bahamut can sweep his tail in a half-circle with a 40 ft. diameter. Large or smaller creatures automatically take 8d6+29 points of damage and must succeed a Reflex save DC 73 to avoid being knocked down for 1d6 rounds.

Unique Salient Divine Abilities: Bahamut has 5 unique salient divine abilities. He can use all of them regardless of which form he takes.

Aura of the Platinum paladin: As a free action, Bahamut can activate a 1,500 ft. radius aura of courage. All good creatures within range gain a immunity to fear against evil dragons, while they also gain a +15 morale bonus on saving throws against fear effects.

Nebula Aura: 15/day, Bahamut can surround himself in a 60 ft. aura of shimmering stars as a free action. This aura lasts for 30 rounds and grants him the following bonuses:

– Creatures have a 40% miss chance against Bahamut and all his allies that are within the aura.

РEvil creatures take a ·15 penalty to attack and damage rolls made against Bahamut himself.

– Good creatures gain a +15 bonus to attack and damage rolls as long as they remain in the aura.

– Evil dragons in the aura must succeed Will save DC 68 or be dazed for 2d6 + 5 rounds. If successful, they are immune to this effect of the aura for the next 24 hours or until Bahamut creates a new Nebula Aura. DC is Charisma-based.

North Wind: 10/day, Bahamut can send forth a gust of freezing winds as a standard action. The North Wind itself is 50 ft. wide, 30 ft. high, and 150 ft. long. Any non-allies within range take 25d8 points of cold damage plus 2d4 Dexterity damage. Fortitude save DC 73 halves damage. As a full-round action, Bahamut can send forth a more powerful gust of freezing winds that is 100 ft. wide, 60 ft. high, and 300 ft. long. It deals 30d10 points of cold damage plus 3d6+3 Dexterity damage. Fortitude save DC 73 halves damage. If the victims Dexterity score reaches 0, they are frozen. Bahamut can then attack the frozen creatures and shatter them, killing them instantly.

Platinum Bolt: 15/day, Bahamut can launch forth a bolt of platinum lightning that is 15 ft. in diameter and 300 ft. long. It deals 45d12 points of electricity damage to all within range. Reflex save DC 73 halves damage, while a Fortitude save DC 73 prevents from being stunned for 2d6 rounds. This bolt also produces smaller bolts, which shoot out and strikes all non-allies within 30 ft. of the main bolt. These bolts deal 15d6 points of electricity damage. Reflex save DC 73 halves damage, while a Fortitude save DC 73 prevents from being stunned for 1d4 rounds. DCs are Constitution-based.

spell immunity: Bahamut is immune to the effect of any spell or spell-like ability of 5th level or lower.

Water Breathing (Ex): As a deity, Bahamut has no real need to breathe, but this ability allows him to use his breath weapons, spells, and other abilities while submerged.

Other Divine Powers

Senses: Bahamut can see, hear, touch, and smell at a distance of 15 miles. As a standard action he can perceive anything within 15 miles of his worshipers, holy sites, objects, or any other location where one of his titles or names was spoken in the last hour. He can extend his senses up to 10 locations at once. He can block the sensing power of deities at his rank or lower at up to 10 remote locations at once for 15 hours.

Portfolio Sense: Bahamut can sense any event involving his portfolios that affects any creature 15 weeks before it happens.

Automatic Actions: Bahamut can use Diplomacy, Escape Artist, Heal, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (arcane, religion, or the planes) as a free action if the DC of the task is 25 or lower. He can perform up to 10 such actions each round.

Create Magic Items: Bahamut can create any magic item with a maximum gp limit of 200, 000gp.

Possessions: While in his dragon form, Bahamut carries no items. However, when he assumes the form of Marduk, he gains access to the following items:


Marduk’s Nebula Fang: This massive sword is shiny and the groove of the blade is black like space and filled with white stars. Twinkling silver lights circle the blade. It functions as a +8 Large keen icy blasting lightning blasting greatsword of holy power and lawful power. Marduk gains the following abilities with the sword:

  • – With each successful strike, 15 bolts of lightning Jump from the target and strike all creatures within 15 ft of the initial burst. Each bolt deals 3d6 points of electricity damage. Marduk can direct these bolts to target one creature or multiple creatures. However, only 5 bolts can target 1 creature. On a successful critical hit, the same effect takes place except the bolts deal 6d6 points of electricity damage and the range is a 30 ft. radius. Reflex save DC 68 halves damage. DC is Charisma-based.
  • – The sword deals an extra 5d6 points of divine damage to evil dragons. On a critical hit, the must succeed a Fortitude save DC 68 or die.
  • – Marduk can smite evil 15 times per day.

Nebula Cape: This cape is attached to the back of Marduk’s armor. It is light-blue and has his symbol on the back. This cape gives Marduk the ability to fly 150 ft. with perfect maneuverability.

Platinum Armour of Marduk: This beautifully crafted armour shines brighter than a star. It functions as a +10 fullplate, which has no penalties. It gives Marduk the following abilities:

  • – Melee attackers who hit Marduk take 5d6 electricity damage as lightning bolts shoot forth form his armour. Reflex save DC 68 halves damage. DC is Charisma-based.
  • – At as free action, Marduk can make the armor produce a daylight effect as the spell cast by a 66th level caster.

Platinum Boots: These armor plated platinum boots have fins on them reminiscent of a silver dragon’s fins. They provide Marduk with the following bonuses:

  • – +20 bonus to Dexterity.
  • – Improved Evasion.
  • – +20 bonus to Balance, Climb, Jump, and Tumble skill checks.
  • – Land speed is doubled.
  • – Marduk’s jumping distance is not limited by his height.
  • – 15/day, as a free action, Marduk can utter a command to activate their haste power (as the haste spell, lasts 3 minutes).
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