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Nyx, goddess of the night (William-Adolphe Bouguereau – La Nuit (1883)

Nyx is born of Chaos; her offspring are many. With Erebus, she gave birth to Aether,  Hemera and Charon . She also spawned Momus “blame”, Ponos “toil”, Moros “fate”, Thanatos “death”, Hypnos “sleep”, the Oneiroi “the tribe of dreams”, the Hesperides, Keres, Fates, Nemesis, Apate “deception”, Philotes “friendship”, Geras “age”, and Eris “strife”.

Even great Zeus treats Nyx with respect

At the bidding of Hera,  Hypnos, the minor god of sleep  put Zeus to sleep. Allowing her to cause Herakles (who was returning by sea from Laomedon’s Troy) great misfortune. Zeus was furious and would have smitten Hypnos into the sea if he had not fled to Nyx, his mother, in fear. Hypnos goes on to say that Zeus, fearing to anger Nyx, held his fury at bay, and in this way Hypnos escaped the wrath of Zeus.

Nyx in Orphic poetry

Night, rather than Chaos, is the first principle. Night occupies a cave or adyton, in which she gives oracles. Kronos – who is chained within, asleep and drunk on honey – dreams and prophesies. Outside the cave, Adrastea clashes cymbals and beats upon her tympanon, moving the entire universe in an ecstatic dance to the rhythm of Nyx’s chanting.

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Greater Olympian Deity
Black disk with deep purple border
Home Plane: The Palace of Night, Abaddon
Alignment: Neutral evil
Aliases: Mistress of the Night, the Lady of Loss, Nightsinger, Dark Goddess, the Unseen Lady, the Dark Traitor, the Shadowy Seductress
Superior: None.
Foes/Rivals: Selûne.
Servants: Thanatos, Hypnos, the Hesperides, Nemesis, Eris, Charon.
Servitor Creatures: Keres, Kytons, Kyton, Augur, Kyton, Ephialtes, Kyton, Eremite , Kyton, Interlocutor, Kyton, Kyton, Max HD, Kyton, Ostiarius, Kyton, Sacristan, Kyton, Termagant, Fates, Oneiroi,
Caverns, dark, dungeons, forgetfulness, night, secrets.
Signs of Favor:
Anarchists, assassins, avengers, monks (Dark Moon), nihilists, rogues, shadow adepts, shadowdancers
Cleric Alignments: CE, LE, NE
Speciality Priestesses: Yes Shadowdancers
Domains: Cavern, Darkness, Evil, Knowledge
Favored Weapon: “The Disk of Night” (chakram)
Holy Days:

Major Temple Sites: 
Night is only rarely the recipient of cult. She had an oracle on the acropolis at Megara.

More often, Nyx lurks in the background of other cults. Thus there was a statue called Night in the temple of Artemis at Ephesus. The Spartans have a cult of Sleep and Death, conceived of as twins – no doubt with Nyx as their mother.

19, shadowdancer 10, Sorcerer 5,
Shadow Adept 25, Nightcloak 10
outsider (Extraplanar, Evil)
Hit Dice19d6+171 (Rog) plus 10d8+90 (Shd) plus 5d4+45 (Sor) plus 25d4+225 (Sha) plus 10d8+90 (Ngt) (1015 hp)
Initiative+20, always first (+16 Dexterity, +4 Improved Initiative, Supreme Initiative)
Speed60 ft.
(12 squares)
93 (+16 Dexterity, +18 divine, +33 natural, +16 deflection), touch 60, flat-footed 77
Base Att/Grapple+39/+65
AttackBlade of Loss +81 melee (1d6+15/17-20); or Disk of the Night +81 ranged (1d4+15/19-20); or spell +64 melee touch or +73 ranged touch.
Full AttackBlade of Loss +79/+74/+69 melee (1d6+15/17-20) and Blade of Loss +79/+74/+69 melee (1d6+11/17-20); or Disk of the Night +81/+81/+76/+71 ranged (1d4+15/19-20); or spell +64 melee touch or +73 ranged touch.
Space/Reach5 ft./5
strike, domain powers, salient divine abilities, sneak attack +10d6 (60
points), spell-like abilities, spells.
Darkvision, defensive roll, divine aura (18 miles, DC 44), divine immunities, DR 30/epic and silver, evasion, familiar (bats), fire resistance 38, godly realm (100 miles Outer Plane, 1,800 ft. Material Plane), greater shield of shadows (19 rounds), greater teleport at will, hide in plain sight, improved evasion, improved uncanny dodge, Low-Light Vision, plane shift at will, remote communication 18 miles, shadow companion (up to 3, 6 HD each), shadow defense +6, shadow double (1/day, 19 rounds), shadow illusion 1/day, shadow jump (160 ft.), shadow walk 1/day, slippery mind, SR 84, summon shadow, trap sense +6, understand, speak, and read all languages and speak directly to all beings within 18 miles.
SavesFort +71, Ref +85, Will +76. (+6 all vs. darkness, enchantment, illusion, or necromancy)
AbilitiesStrength 26, Dexterity 42, Constitution 28, Intelligence 38, Wisdom 38, Charisma 43
SkillsAppraise +50, Balance +101, Bluff +102, Concentration +92, Climb +23 (+25 ropes), Decipher Script +40, Diplomacy +106, Disable Device +52, Disguise +62 (+70 acting), Escape Artist +82 (+84 ropes), Forgery +60, Gather Information +82, Heal +47, Hide +97, Intimidate +100, Jump +59, Knowledge (arcana) +95, Knowledge (history) +75, Knowledge (nature) +72, Knowledge (the planes) +70, Knowledge (religion) +75, Listen +78, move silently +97, Perform (dance) +62, Perform (sing) +62, Profession (herbalist) +54, Search +80, Sense Motive +80, Spellcraft +112, Spot +70, Survival +50 (+54 natural, +54 planar, +56 tracking), Tumble +96, Use Rope +52 (+58 bindings)
FeatsBlind-Fight, Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Delay Spell, Dodge, Empower Spell, Enlarge Spell, Eschew Materials, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (chakram), Extend Spell, Greater Two-Weapon Fighting, Heighten Spell, Insidious Magic, Improved Combat Expertise, Improved Initiative, Improved-Two Weapon Fighting, Mobility, Persistent spell, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Quick Draw, Pernicious Magic, Shot on the Run, Shadow Weave Magic, Silent Spell, Still Spell, Tenacious Magic, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse, Widen spell
Epic FeatsImproved Heighten Spell, Epic Spellcasting, Multispell (x3)
Divine Abilities
Alter Form, Alter Size (b), Annihilating Strike (Fort DC 36, or destroy up to 18,000 cubic feet of nonliving matter), Automatic Metamagic (quicken sorcerer spells), Automatic Metamagic (twin sorcerer spells), Avatar (b), Call Creatures (up to 18 creatures with the Shadow Weave Magic feat, each with up to 18 HD), Clearsight, Deny Shadow Weave*, Divine Blast (19/day, up to 18 miles, 408 points of damage), Divine Dodge (68%), Divine Shield (12/day, stops 180 points of damage), Divine Spellcasting, Eyes of Nyx* (Will DC 50), Hand of Death (Fort DC 54), Kiss of Nyx* (Fort DC 60), Know Secrets (Will DC 44), Lay Curse (Will DC 44, up to 18 creatures/day), Mass Divine Blast (up to 90 targets, no two of which can be more than 18 miles apart, or a cone up to 1,800 ft. long, or a burst or spread with a radius of up to 900 ft. and a height of up to 180 ft.), Possess Mortal (Will DC 44, up to 20 mortals at once), Song of Nyx* (Will DC 84), Shadowcasting*, Shapechange, Supreme Initiative, Touch of Nyx* (Will DC 44), True Shapechange*Unique abilities, described below.
EnvironmentThe Palace of Night, on Pluto at the edge of the solar system.
Challenge Rating66
TreasureDisks of the Night, two Blades of Loss
AlignmentNeutral evil
Night by John Roddam Spencer Stanhope (1878)
Night by John Roddam Spencer Stanhope (1878)

Alter Reality: Nyx can use the wish spell with regard to her portfolio, save for the replication of other spells. This ability costs Nyx no XP, and requires a standard action to implement. She may also cast any inflict spell at will as a standard action (she may apply metamagic, but doing so requires her to forego using Alter Reality for 1 round per increased spell level). As a free action, she can assume any size between Fine (a grain of sand) to Colossal (1,600 ft. tall). She may also create avatars.

– *Deny Shadow Weave (unique salient divine ability): Nyx has the power to deny any creature, mortal or divine, the ability to access the Shadow Weave. Should she choose to do so, an affected creature cannot employ any spell or spell-like ability granted through the Shadow Weave for as long as Nyx chooses to block his or her access to it.

– Disk of Night (Su): Any chakram used by Nyx is treated as if it were a +2 returning chakram. If it remains out of Nyx’s hand for more than 1 round, a chakram reverts to its original abilities. If the weapon has additional abilities (such as frost), these abilities still apply, and if the weapon has an enhancement bonus better than +2, the higher of the two bonuses is used.

– Divine Immunities: Ability damage, ability drain, acid, cold, death effects, disease, disintegration, electricity, energy drain, mind-affecting effects, Paralysis, poison, sleep, stunning, transmutation, imprisonment, banishment.

– Domain Powers: Stonecunning; cast evil spells at +1 caster level; cast divination spells at +1 caster level.

– *Eyes of Nyx (unique salient divine ability): Nyx’s eyes are often solid purple with black pupils, and at other times completely black, reflecting the primal void. She has Darkvision and can also see through all magical darkness (in the same black and white sight Darkvision provides), both out to the maximum distance she could otherwise see. She cannot be blinded by any magical effects. By turning her glance on others, as a standard action, Nyx can make a ranged touch attack to affect anyone within 60 ft. with harm or heal (as the spells, CL 87th, Will DC 50).

– *Kiss of Nyx (unique salient divine ability): Nyx’s kiss can bring instant death or lifelong servitude to her cause. If the target is not willing to be kissed, Nyx must start successfully grapple the target, which provokes an attack of opportunity. Anyone kissed by Nyx is given the choice of converting to her aims and views. If they accept, they become forever loyal to her, as though affected by a permanent charm monster effect. If they resist, they must make a Fortitude save (DC 60) or die. Only miracle, wish, or the intervention of another deity can remove the charm effect.

– Mind of Nyx (Ex): Nyx can use the power of her mind to protect herself. She adds her Intelligence bonus to all saving throws.

– Minion of Nyx (Sp): Once per tenday as a standard action, Nyx can summon 10 shadows to do her bidding for 10 rounds. Any shadows these summoned shadows create by draining Strength are under Nyx’s control, but vanish along with the original when the duration expires.

– *Shadowcasting (unique salient divine ability): While on Abeir-Toril or within her divine realm, Nyx may cast one spell per round drawn directly from the Shadow Weave. Such spells can be from any spell list (though she cannot cast light spells), and she may apply her metamagic feats to them (up to a maximum spell level of 16th). Spells cast in this manner do not draw from Nyx’s spells per day, and so can be used even if her spell slots were exhausted. Nyx can use either her regular spells or a shadowcast spell in a round, but not both.

– Shadow Defense (Ex): Nyx has resistance to the kinds of spells that are favored by the Shadow Weave. She gains a +6 profane bonus on saving throws against spells from the schools of enchantment, illusion, and necromancy, as well as spells with the darkness descriptor.

– Shadow Double (Su): Once per day, Nyx can use a standard action to create a double of herself woven from shadowstuff. The double has the ability scores, base AC, hit points, saves, and attack bonuses of Nyx, but no equipment. (Any apparent clothing or equipment is nonfunctional.) Since it can use anything Nyx can, the double can attack her enemies if given a weapon or item with which to do so. Alternatively, it can function as the target of a project image spell, duplicating Nyx’s actions and functioning as the origin of her spells when it is within her direct line of sight. Mentally commanding the double is a free action. Using it as the originator of a spell counts as an action of the sort needed to cast the spell for both Nyx and the double. Causing either Nyx or the double to leave the plane they Nyxe dismisses the double. The double lasts for 40 rounds. The death of the double does not affect Nyx or vice versa. If Nyx dies, the shadow double still lasts until its duration expires.

shadow walk (Sp): Nyx can use shadow walk once per day (caster level 25th).

– Nyx’s Caress (Su): Nyx can surrond a held chakram, Whip or dagger with Shadow Weave Magic, temporarily giving the weapon the unholy property. This ability lasts for 1 round each time it is used, and can be invoked as a free action 16/day. Nyx must decided to use this ability before the attack is made, and if the attack misses that use of Nyx’s Caress is wasted.

– Shield of Shadows (Su): Nyx can surround herself with a globe of purple-black force as a standard action. This shield of shadows functions like a shield spell, granting her a +4 shield bonus to AC and absorbing magic missiles cast at her. In addition, the shield of shadows provides concealment (20% miss chance) against melee and ranged attacks. Nyx can see and reach through the shield, so it does not provide cover or concealment to opponents. Nyx may use a shield of shadows for up to 40 rounds per day. This duration need not be consecutive – Nyx may break it up into increments as small as 1 round if she so desires. Creating or dismissing the shield of shadows is a standard action.

– * Song of Nyx (unique salient divine ability): Nyx’s beautiful, haunting singing voice can make those who hear it stand lost in hopelessness or willingly do as she instructs. Any creature within 18 miles (to a maximum of 180 creatures at a time) able to hear Nyx’s song must make a Will save opposed by her Perform (sing) check result (DC 84). If its saving throw fails, the creature stands quietly and listens to the mournful song, taking no other actions, for as long as Nyx continues to sing and concentrate. While listening, a target feels an unearthly chill, suffering 3d8 points of profane damage and one negative level each round (a DC 44 Fortitude save negates the negative level). The creature does not react to this chill, and potential or even obvious threats to the creature do not break the effect, though taking any damage (besides the chill effect) or being affected by any otherwise harmful spell will end it. Every round a creature is affected, it may make another Will save (with a cumulative +5 bonus each time). If a creature’s saving throw ever succeeds, Nyx cannot attempt to affect that creature again for 24 hours. This is an enchantment (compulsion), mind-affecting ability, though it can affect creatures normally immune to mind-affecting effects. However, such creatures gain a +10 bonus on their Will saves.

– At will, Nyx can also choose to instill a mass suggestion effect in anyone fascinated by her song (Will DC 49 negates). She may also choose to affect those listening with a feeblemind effect (Will DC 49 negates) or a finger of death effect (Fort DC 51 partial). (All of which function as the spells, as cast by an 87th level sorcerer).

– Spell-Like Abilities: Nyx uses these abilities as an 87th-level caster, except for evil spells and divination spells, which she uses as an 88th-level caster, and evocation spells and transmutation spells (except spells from those two schools with the darkness descriptor), which she uses as an 86th-level caster. The save DCs are 54 + spell level, or 55 + spell level for enchantment spells, illusion spells, and necromancy spells*. Armor of Darkness, Blacklight, blasphemy, blindness/deafness, clairaudience/clairvoyance, create undead, Darkbolt, darkness, desecrate, detect secret doors, detect thoughts, discern location, dispel good, divination, earthquake, find the path, foresight, imprisonment, legend lore, secure shelter, magic circle against good, maw of stone, meld into stone, nightmare, obscuring mist, passwall, power word blind, power word kill, protection from good, prying eyes, summon monster IX (as evil spell only), true seeing, unholy aura, unholy blight. *Because she created the Shadow Weave, Nyx reaps both the benefits and the penalties of the Shadow Weave Magic feat for her spell-like abilities as well as her spells.

– Spells: As a 40th level sorcerer, or a 39th level sorcerer when using evocation or transmutation spells (except those with the darkness descriptor), +58/+57 vs. SR. Nyx may cast up to 6 epic arcane spells per day, up to DC 132.

– Sorcerer Spells Known (6/11/11/10/10/10/10/9/9/9/3/3/3/2/2/2/2; base DC = 27 + spell level, or 28 + spell level for enchantment spells, illusion spells, and necromancy spells;

– * Touch of Nyx (unique salient divine ability): Nyx’s touch has the ability to bring brief forgetfulness and solace or a total loss of memory. If she makes a melee touch attack (+64 bonus), she can choose to remove memories from that creature as far back as she desires, which could range from a matter of minutes to their entire lifetime. She may also choose only to remove specific memories, if she is aware of them (such as through her Know Secrets ability). The target is allowed a Will save (Will DC 44) to negate any of these effects.

– True Lies (Sp): Nyx can reach into a creature’s mind and modify a subject’s memories as the 4th-level bard spell modify memory. Nyx can use this ability 16 times per tenday. The modify memory works as if cast by a 69th level bard.

– Voice of Ineffable Evil (Sp): Nyx can command a creature as per the dominate monster spell 1/day as though cast by a 69th level sorcerer. This effect lasts one day. Unlike most spell-like abilities, voice of ineffable evil has a verbal component.

– Possessions:

Nyx carries disks of the night, +8 keen speed chakrams. Each time they strike a target, they create an Utterdark effect. On a critical hit, the target is permanently blinded (Fort DC 60 negates). Only a deity of equal or higher rank than Nyx can remove this blindness. (Caster Level: 69th; Weight: 6 lbs.) Nyx also carries two blades of loss, each +8 keen wounding short swords. Each hit afflicts the target with a crushing despair effect (Will DC 60), except that the penalties are cumulative. On a critical hit, the target is affected by soul’s treasure lost effectl (Will DC 60 negates). Only a deity of equal or higher rank than Nyx can restore the lost item. (Caster Level: 69th; Weight: 3 lbs.)

Other Divine Powers

– As a greater deity, Nyx automatically receives the best possible result on any die roll she makes (including attack rolls, damage, checks, and saves). She is immortal.

– Senses: Nyx can see (using normal vision or Darkvision), hear, touch, and smell at a distance of eighteen miles. As a standard action, she can perceive anything within ninteen miles of her worshipers, holy sites, objects, or any location where one of her titles or name was spoken in the last hour. She can extend her senses to up to twenty locations at once. She can block the sensing power of deities of her rank or lower at up to two remote locations at once for 18 hours.

– Portfolio Sense: Nyx senses any act of treachery or nihilism that takes place under cover of darkness eighteen tendays before it happens and retains the sensation for eighteen tendays after the event occurs.

– Automatic Actions: Nyx can use Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (history), Knowledge (nature), Knowledge (planes), or Knowledge (religion) as a free action if the DC for the task is 30 or lower. She can perform up to twenty such free actions each round.

– Create Magic Items: Nyx can create any kind of magic item that obscures the truth, such as an amulet of nondetection, or that creates magical darkness.


– Nyx’s avatars come in two forms: the Nightsinger and the Dark Dancer. The Nightsinger stands a bit more than 10 feet tall and wears voluminous robes to mask her feminine figure. She wears a mask of feathers that trail from her face into the dark recesses of her cowled cloak. She does not speak; instead, she singers her words in a voice filled with sorrow and loss. The Dark Dancer, by contrast, wears few clothes. She has a dancer’s figure, and her costume shows off her jet black skin, which is marked by fields of starlight. The 7-foot-tall woman dances alluringly, using a mix of erotic gyration and suggestive stares to convince others to serve her.

– Nyx rarely manifests, but when she does, it is a cause for great celebration among her cults, who fete her with dark dances, feasts, and erotic exultation.

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