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The British Isles Characters

Detective Frederick Abberline edited
Detective Frederick Abberline


Jack DawkinsThe Artful Dodger
Jack Dawkins, “The Artful Dodger”

 Pickpocket and leader of a gang of young thieves

Adam Bell
Adam Bell

 Outlaw, Archer

Adam the Leper edited
Adam “The Leper”

 Leader of an outlaw gang

Margaret Aitken edited
Margaret Aitken, “The Great Witch of Balwearie”

Accused Witch, Manipulator, Deceiver

Alice Kyteler2 edited
Alice Kyteler “The Witch of Kilkenny”

Wealthy landowner, healer, and accused witch


Minstrel, troubadour

Allan Quatermain edited
Allan Quartermain

“The Great White Hunter, The King of the Wild”, Adventurer, Explorer, Hunter, Guide

Alexander Selkirk edited
Alexander Selkirk


Amelia dyer1893 edited
Amelia Dyer

Executive Director

Arthur a Bland edited
Arthur a Bland

Marketing Director

Jerry Abershawe edited
Louis Jeremiah Abershawe

“The Laughing Highwayman”

Beauchamp Bagenal edited
 Beauchamp Bagenal

‘the Dashing Duelist’ Politician, socialite, adventurer

Jeremy Bentham
Jeremy Bentham

Philosopher, Jurist, Social Reformer

 Theresa Berkley: Mistress of the Whip
 Theresa Berkley: Mistress of the Whip

Dominatrix, proprietor of a high-class flagellation brothel

Bevis of Hampton, By John William Waterhouse -, Public Domain,
Bevis of Hampton

Additional Director

Billy Bones edited
Captain William Bones ‘Billy Bones’

Pirate, Sea Dog

Blind Pew edited
David ‘Blind Pew’

Pirate, Ringleader

testimonial 3
Burke and Hare

Marketing Director

Squire Richard Cabell3
Squire Richard Cabell, “Dirty Dick”

Squire, landowner and Devil Worshiper

Professor Challenger
Professor Challenger

(Jurassic Adventurer)

Captain Nemo edited
Captain Nemo

(Master of the Abyss)|

Smollett edited
Captain Alexander Smollett

Captain of the Hispaniola ship

Giacomo Casanova
Giacomo Casanova

Marketing Director

Charles Mohun
Charles Mohun

(Duelist Baron of Okehampton)

Sir Charles Sedley 1 edited
Sir Charles Sedley

5th Baronet, Poet, Dramatist, and Libertine

Claude Duval edited
Claude Duval

Highwayman, Gentleman of the Road

Rosa Coote edited
Rosa Coote

(Mistress Rosa)

Man Warrior Mask Face Mask Cape  - 20543339 / Pixabay
Timothy Tiny Tim Cratchit


Damaris Page edited
Damaris Page

(The Brothel Empress)

Daniel Dancer edited
Daniel Dancer

(The Miserly Hermit)

Jenny Diver edited
Jenny Diver

(Pickpocket and Thief)

David of Doncaster
David of Doncaster

Cobbler, Outlaw, Merryman

Dorian Gray edited
Dorian Gray

‘the Eternal Enigma’,  Socialite, Aristocrat

Dr.Dolittle1 edited
Doctor John Dolittle

Marketing Director

Doctor Victor Frankenstein
Doctor Victor Frankenstein

Additional Director

Fu Manchu
Doctor Fu Manchu

(The Devil Doctor)

testimonial 2
Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Executive Director

Doctor Livesey
Doctor Livesey

 the Resolute Medic, Physician and Surgeon

Eadric the Wild 1 edited
Eadric the Wild

Defender of the Woodlands, Rebel leader, freedom fighter

testimonial 4
Ebenezer Scrooge


testimonial 2
Eustace Folville

Executive Director

Eustace The Monk
Eustace The Monk

Mercenary, pirate, outlaw

Elizabeth Cresswel
Elizabeth Cresswell

Brothel proprietor, socialite

Fanny Murray edited
Fanny Murray

(The Siren of the Thames)

Judge George Jeffreys
Judge George Jeffreys

(The Hanging Judge)

Guy Fawkes1
Guy Fawkes

(The Gunpowder Plotter)

Lady Katherine Ferrers
Lady Katherine Ferrers “The Wicked Lady”

Aristocrat, Highwaywoman

John Fian edited
John Fian


George Robert FitzGerald edited
George Robert Fitzgerald aka Fighting Fitzgerald

Landowner, Duellist,

Mary Frith1 edited
Mary Frith “Moll Cutpurse”

Pickpocket and fence

Sir Francis Drake edited
Francis Drake

Explorer, Privateer, Navigator

Francis Walsingham edited
Sir Francis Walsingham

(The Spymaster)

Francis Charteris1 edited
Francis Charteris

“The Rape-Master General”

Lord Dashwood edited
Francis Dashwood

(Founder of the Hellfire Club)

testimonial 1
Friar Tuck

Additional Director

Sir Charles Sedley edited
George Augustus Selwyn

“The Black Bishop”

Gilbert Whitehand edited
Gilbert Whitehand

Gilbert with the White Hand

Lady Godiva edited
Lady Godiva

Countess of Mercia

testimonial 1
Guy of Gisbourne

Additional Director

The Invisible Man 1 edited
Doctor Hawley Griffin, (The Invisible Man)


King Herla
King Herla

The Timeless Sovereign

Hereward the Wake
Hereward the Wake

Nobleman and Military Leader

Charles Hitchen edited
Charles Hitchen

Additional Director

By Johannes Gehrts -, Public Domain,
 Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe

Executive Director

Mary Jeffries edited
Mary Jeffries, the Deceptive Madame

Madam and procuror

Edmund Kean
Edmund Kean

“The Great Kean, the Tragic Actor”

Lawrence Talbot edited
Lawrence Talbot

“The Wolf Man”

testimonial 2
Richard at the Lee

Executive Director

testimonial 3
Little John

Marketing Director

Lola Montez
Lola Montez, the Enchanting Muse of Elegance and Intrigue

Dancer, Courtesan, Actress

testimonial 4
Lancelot Blackburne (Archbishop of York)


James Lowther edited
James Lowther, 1st Earl of Lonsdale

“Wicked Jimmy”, Politician, Landowner

Captain Macheath, the Swashbuckling Scoundrel
Captain Macheath, the Swashbuckling Scoundrel

“Mack the Knife”, Highwayman, Robber, Outlaw

testimonial 3
Jacob Marley

Marketing Director

By Sidney Paget - The Strand Magazine, Public Domain,
Professor James Moriarty

“The Napoleon of Crime”, Criminal mastermind, Professor of Mathematics (cover identity)

John Mytton, “Mad Jack”
John Mytton, “Mad Jack”

Eccentric and Landowner

Grace OMalley edited
Grace O’Malley Pirate Queen

“The Dark Lady of Doona”

84b33a212529fd77ece8c02c51bd1aab edited
Matthew Hopkins

‘The Witchfinder General’

Much the Millers Son edited
Much the Miller’s Son

“Unlikely Hero”

William Plunkett edited
William Plunkett


testimonial 4


Adam Orleton
Adam Orleton, The Bishop of Hereford

Diplomat, Clergy, Royal Administrator

Witch of Berkeley1
Morgana Ravenswood

“The Witch of Berkeley”

John Rann 3 edited
John Rann, “The Dandy Highwayman”

“Sixteen String Jack”, Highwayman

Jack the Ripper, “The Shadowed Menace.”
Jack the Ripper, “The Shadowed Menace.”

 Surgeon, Solitary serial killer

Robin Hood edited
Robin Hood

Additional Director

testimonial 3
Sarah Rachel Russell

Marketing Director

Michael Scot 1 edited
Michael Scot, Archmage of the Mystic Arts 

Scholar, Philosopher, Astrologer, Alchemist, reputed Sorcerer

Portrait of Giovanni Battista di Castaldo by Antonis Mor edited
William de Wendenal, High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire

(Epic Toll Warden of Mammon)

Jack Sheppard
 Jack Sheppard 

“Honest Jack”

Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes


Colonel Sibthorps edited
Colonel Sibthorp

(Politician, Member of Parliament)

By N. C. Wyeth - Transferred from en.wikisource to Commons by Billinghurst using CommonsHelper., Public Domain,
Long John Silver

Pirate Captain, Former Quartermaster

Bill Sikes
Bill Sikes, the Ruthless Ruffian

Criminal, Thief, Enforcer

Dick Turpin1 edited
Richard ‘Dick’ Turpin

(Highwayman Legend)

Agnes Waterhouse edited
Agnes Waterhouse

(Cunning Witch, Agnes of the Forest)

Jonathan Wild edited
Jonathan Wild

“The Thief Taker General”

Sir Charles Sedley 5th Baronet edited
John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester

 ‘The Wicked Earl’

John Dee edited
John Dee, ‘Dr. Dee, The Queen’s Conjurer’

Scholar, Alchemist, Advisor

testimonial 2
Worzel Gummidge

Executive Director

testimonial 3
Mary Poppins

Marketing Director

testimonial 1
Johnathan Doe

Additional Director

List of fictional, historical and mythological characters suitable for adventures on the British Isles

The British Isles Characters
British Isles Characters – AI Generated Artwork – NightCafe Creator

A – Detective Frederick Abberline, Jack Dawkins “The Artful Dodger”Adam BellAdam “The Leper”Margaret AitkenAlice KytelerAlan-a-Dale,  Allan QuartermainAlexander SelkirkAmelia DyerArthur a BlandLouis Jeremiah Abershawe “The Laughing Highwayman”

B – Beauchamp BagenalJeremy BenthamTheresa Berkley, Bevis of HamptonBilly BonesBlind PewBurke and Hare

C – Professor ChallengerCaptain NemoCaptain Alexander SmollettGiacomo CasanovaCharles MohunCharles SedleyClaude DuvalColonel SibthorpRosa Coote, Timothy Tiny Tim Cratchit

D – Damaris PageDaniel Dancer, Jenny Diver, David of DoncasterDorian GrayDoctor John DolittleDoctor Victor FrankensteinDoctor Fu ManchuDoctor Jekyll and Mr HydeDoctor Livesey,

E – Eadric the WildEbenezer ScroogeEustace FolvilleEustace The MonkElizabeth “Old Mother” Cresswell

F – Fanny MurrayJudge George Jeffreys “The Hanging Judge”Guy Fawkes, Lady Katherine Ferrers ‘The Wicked Lady’, John Fian, George “Fighting” FitzgeraldMary Frith “Moll Cutpurse”Francis DrakeSir Francis Walsingham “The Spymaster”,  Francis CharterisFrancis DashwoodFriar Tuck

G – George Selwyn, Gilbert WhitehandLady GodivaGuy of Gisbourne, Doctor Hawley Griffin “The Invisible Man”

H –King Herla, Hereward the Wake, Charles Hitchen

I – Ikey “The Fagin” Solomon Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe

J-   Mary Frances Jeffries

K – Edmund Kean

L –  Lawrence Talbot “The Wolf Man”, Richard at the Lee,  Little JohnLola Montez,  Lancelot Blackburne (Archbishop of York), James Lowther,

M – Jacob Marley, Professor James Moriarty, “Mad” Jack Mytton,

O- Grace O’Malley “The Dark Lady of Doona”, Adam Orleton (The Bishop of Hereford)

R – Morgana Ravenswood “The Witch of Berkeley, John “Sixteen String Jack” Rann, Jack the RipperSarah Rachel Russell

S – Long John Silver,

T – Richard ‘Dick’ Turpin

W- Jonathan Wild “The Thief Taker General”, John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester

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