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Beauchamp Bagenal, the Dashing Duelist

“The Dashing Irish Rake: Unveiling the Scandalous Life of Beauchamp Bagenal!”

Beauchamp Bagenal, the Dashing Duelist
  • Alias: None known
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Human
  • Occupation: Politician, socialite, adventurer
  • Religion: Unknown
  • Allies: Various influential individuals from high society
  • Enemies: Those who oppose his hedonistic lifestyle or challenge his reputation
  • Abode/Base of Operations: Dunleckney, Muine Bheag, County Carlow
  • Nationality: Irish
  • Languages: English, possibly some knowledge of other European languages due to his travels
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Affiliation(s): Irish House of Commons (Represented Enniscorthy and County Carlow)
  • Significant Others:
    • Maria (Wife)
    • Sarah (Illegitimate child)

Beauchamp Bagenal, the enigmatic Irish rake, lives a life of adventure and indulgence. With his striking looks and inherited wealth, he captivates the hearts of many, earning the title of the handsomest man in Ireland. Born into privilege and inheriting vast estates at a young age, Bagenal embraces a lifestyle of pleasure-seeking and rebellion.

Known for his wild escapades and amorous affairs, Bagenal becomes a notorious figure in the social circles of his time. From engaging in duels with princes to captivating the attention of princesses, his reputation as a charmer and troublemaker precedes him. His Grand Tour across Europe is marked by daring exploits, such as intoxicating the Doge of Venice, eloping with a duchess from Madrid, and even scaling the walls of a convent in Lisbon.

At his residence in Dunleckney, County Carlow, Bagenal establishes a vibrant court-like atmosphere. He indulges in lavish entertainment, hosting extravagant parties where drinking and revelry take center stage. Known as “King” Bagenal, he commands attention with his autocratic demeanor and expects his guests to match his enthusiasm for the festivities.

While tales of his wildness and eccentricity abound, Bagenal’s reputation as a violent individual is somewhat exaggerated. Despite engaging in a few duels, his confrontations pale in comparison to the renowned duelists of his time. Bagenal’s witty and daring nature is demonstrated in an infamous duel against his own cousin, where he revels in the joy of his opponent’s missed shot.

In addition to his daring exploits, Bagenal also serves in the Irish House of Commons as a Member of Parliament for Enniscorthy and later for County Carlow. However, his political career takes a backseat to his pursuit of pleasure and the enjoyment of a life free from constraints.

Bagenal’s personal life is marked by his marriage to Maria and the birth of three children. Yet, his propensity for scandal and indiscretions leads to the knowledge of at least one illegitimate child, Sarah.

Driven by a desire for adventure and an insatiable appetite for excitement, Beauchamp Bagenal embraces a life of hedonism and revels in his reputation as a charming rogue. His pursuit of pleasure and freedom from societal norms defines his character and fuels his relentless pursuit of excitement and enjoyment.

Beauchamp Bagenal, the Dashing Duelist

Medium humanoid (human), chaotic neutral

Armor Class: 16 (studded leather) Hit Points: 136 (16d8 + 64) Speed: 30 ft.


Saving Throws: Dex +8, Con +7 Skills: Acrobatics +8, Deception +7, Insight +5, Perception +5 Senses: passive Perception 15 Languages: Common, French Challenge: 9 (5,000 XP)


Rapier. Melee Weapon Attack: +8 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 8 (1d8 + 4) piercing damage.

Pistol Shot. Ranged Weapon Attack: +8 to hit, range 30/90 ft., one target. Hit: 11 (2d6 + 4) piercing damage.

Dueling Finesse. Beauchamp adds his Dexterity modifier instead of Strength modifier to the damage roll when using a finesse weapon.

Parry. Beauchamp adds 3 to his AC against one melee attack that would hit him. To do so, he must see the attacker and have a melee weapon in hand.

Evasive Maneuvers (Recharge 5-6). As a reaction, when Beauchamp is targeted by an attack, he can choose to evade. He gains advantage on Dexterity saving throws and his movement speed increases by 10 feet until the start of his next turn.

Panache (3/Day). Beauchamp charms a creature within 30 feet of him. The target must make a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw or be charmed by Beauchamp for 1 minute. While charmed, the target treats Beauchamp as a trusted friend and ally. The charmed target can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on a success.


Beauchamp Bagenal is equipped with:

  • Studded leather armor
  • Rapier
  • Flintlock pistol (20 bullets)
  • Dagger
  • Fencing cloak (grants +1 AC)
  • Fine clothes
  • Signet ring
  • Courtier’s outfit
  • Perfume bottle
  • Coin purse (300 gp)


Duelist’s Charm. Beauchamp has advantage on Charisma (Persuasion) checks when interacting with aristocrats and members of high society.

Master of Revels. Beauchamp has proficiency in Performance and gains advantage on Charisma (Performance) checks when engaging in acts of entertainment or revelry.

Societal Connections. Beauchamp has extensive connections in high society and can use them to gain information, favors, or access to exclusive events.

Cunning Gambler. Beauchamp has advantage on Charisma (Deception) checks when gambling or playing games of chance.

Charming Presence. Beauchamp’s natural charisma grants him advantage on Charisma saving throws to resist being charmed or frightened.

Roleplaying Hooks

  • Beauchamp seeks worthy opponents to engage in thrilling duels and showcase his exceptional swordsmanship.
  • The notorious rake has a reputation for seducing the hearts of noble ladies and getting entangled in love triangles, leading to dramatic confrontations.
  • Beauchamp is the life of the party, always at the center of attention, regaling guests with tales of his wild adventures and hosting extravagant soirées.
  • He carries the weight of a dark secret from his past, which may involve a scandalous affair, a bitter enemy seeking revenge, or a hidden treasure.
  • The dashing duelist is known for his impeccable fashion sense and distinctive accessories, making him a trendsetter among the elite.
  • Beauchamp is an expert at deciphering social dynamics, manipulating others, and securing advantageous alliances, making him a valuable asset in political intrigues.
  • He has a penchant for collecting rare artifacts and fine wines, always on the lookout for unique treasures and exquisite vintages.
  • Beauchamp’s life is filled with high-stakes gambling, with rumors of a legendary gambling den where fortunes are won and lost.
  • The charming rogue is an ardent lover of music and art, often commissioning renowned artists and musicians to perform at his lavish gatherings.
  • Beneath his flamboyant exterior, Beauchamp hides a deep longing for true love and genuine connections, which may lead him on a quest for an elusive soulmate.

Currently in the World

Beauchamp Bagenal was a tall and strikingly handsome man, with a well-groomed appearance that exuded charm and confidence. He had a lean build and carried himself with an air of elegance and refinement. His eyes were a piercing blue, often sparkling with mischief, and his well-trimmed beard and mustache added to his charismatic presence.

Currently, Beauchamp Bagenal is attending a lavish social gathering in his opulent estate, Dunleckney. He is dressed in the finest tailored clothing, adorned with ornate jewelry that reflects his wealth and status. The surroundings are grand, with luxurious furnishings, chandeliers casting a warm glow, and a vibrant atmosphere filled with music and laughter.

Bagenal appears to be in high spirits, engaging in lively conversations with the guests, captivating them with his wit and storytelling. His magnetic personality draws people towards him, and he effortlessly holds their attention. His smile is infectious, and he exudes an air of joviality and flamboyance, creating an ambiance of revelry and indulgence.

Despite his jovial demeanor, there is a hint of mischief and a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. It is clear that Bagenal enjoys pushing boundaries and bending the rules of society. He thrives on the attention and admiration he receives, relishing in his reputation as a rake and adventurer. His current mood can be described as playful and confident, enjoying every moment of the extravagant affair.

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