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Demon Prince, Pazuzu

Demon Prince, Pazuzu

Pazuzu is the king of the demons of the wind, and son of the god Hanbi. He represents the southwestern wind, the bearer of storms and drought.

Often depicted as a combination of animal and human parts. He has the body of a man, the head of a lion or dog, eagle-like taloned feet, two pairs of wings, a scorpion’s tail, and a serpentine penis.


Pazuzu is the god of the southwest wind known for bringing droughts and famine during dry seasons, and locusts during rainy seasons. Recent research suggests Pazuzu may have been associated with a cold, northeasterly wind. Pazuzu was said to be invoked in amulets which combat the powers of the malicious goddess, and hated rival, Lamashtu, who was believed to cause harm to mother and child during childbirth. Although Pazuzu, himself, is an evil spirit, he drives away other evil spirits, thus protecting humans against plagues and misfortunes.

Pazuzu is a 7-ft.-tall hawk-headed humanoid. His feathers are red and gold, fading to black at the tips. Four large wings protrude from his shoulders. His eyes are white, with deep red or blue pupils. His hands are great claws and his feet are talons. Pazuzu is one of the only demon princes that seems to be on good terms with the powerful dukes and arch devils of Hell. A demon of somewhat ambiguous malevolence. He was feared for his greed and strength, but is also recognized as a legitimate protection against pestilence.

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Pazuzu, Demon Prince of the Lower Aerial Kingdoms
Large outsider (chaotic, evil, extraplanar, obyrith)
SymbolPazuria, or a twisted bird talon
Cosmic Rank15 (18 Pazunia)
HD80d8 + 1,440 + 160 (2,240)
Speed100 ft., Fly 200 ft. (perfect)
AC89 (+15 deflection, +19 Dexterity, +46 natural, -1 size) touch 43, flat-footed 70
BAB/ Grapple+80/+101
Attack+9 chaotic power, everdancing, keen, speed, vile, vorpal, wind blast, greatsword, Pazuria +109 melee (3d6 + 42 + 3d6 chaotic + 3d6 slashing + 1 vile/17-20/x2), or talon +96 melee (1d6 + 17 plus Pazuzu Talons (see below))
Full attack+9 chaotic power, everdancing, keen, speed, vile, vorpal, wind blast, greatsword, Pazuria +109/+109
+104/+99/+94 melee (3d6 + 42 + 3d6 chaotic + 3d6 slashing + 1 vile/17-20/x2), and 2 talons +96 melee (1d6 + 17 plus Pazuzu Talons (see below)), and 4 wings +91 melee (1d6 + 8), OR +9 chaotic power, everdancing,
keen, speed, vile, vorpal, wind blast, greatsword, Pazuria +109/+109/+104/+99/+94 melee (3d6 + 42 + 3d6 chaotic + 3d6 slashing + 1 vile/17-20/x2), and 2 talons +96 melee (1d6 + 17 plus Pazuzu Talons (see below)), and 2 claws +91 melee (1d6 + 8), and 4 wings +91 melee (1d6 + 8)
Space/reach10 ft./ 10 ft.
Aero Dive, Aura of Servile Avians, Breath Weapons, Rake (3d8 + 24 plus Pazuzu Talons), Red Wind, Spell-like Abilities, Summon Avians, Summon Tanar’ri, Sundering Dive, Temptation, Wind Stroke
Darkvision 60ft., DR 40/Epic Good and cold iron, DR20/-, Energy Resistance to Acid 40, Cold 40, Fire 40, Immunity to Electricity and Poison, Immunity to Ability Damage, Ability Drain, Energy Drain, Mind- Affecting Effects, Petrification, and Polymorphing, Fast Healing 30, Low-Light Vision, Ravaged Form (Pazuzu Talons), Ravaged Form (Wings of Pazuzu), Regeneration 15, SR 77, Telepathy 1000 ft., true seeing
SavesFort +66, Ref +67, Will +58
AbilitiesStrength 44, Dexterity 49, Constitution 46, Intelligence 35, Wisdom 30, Charisma 41
SkillsBalance +110, Bluff +104, Concentration +104, Diplomacy +101, Disguise +101, Escape Artist +117, Forgery +98, Gather Info 101+, Hide +101, Intimidate +101, Knowledge (Arcana) +98, Knowledge (religion) +98, Knowledge (the planes) +98, Listen +96, Move Silently +105, Sense Motive +96, Spellcraft +98, Spot +96, Survival +96, Tumble +115
FeatsAbility Focus (Red Wind), Agile , Cleave, Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Dark Speech, Dodge, Fly-by Attack, Great
, Great Fortitude, Greater Weapon Focus (greatsword), Greater Weapon Specialization (greatsword) Improved
, Improved Initiative, Improved Sunder, Improved Trip, Iron Will, lightning reflexes, Mobility, Multi Attack, Power Attack, Skill Focus (Balance), Skill Focus (Bluff), Spring Attack, Weapon Focus (greatsword), Weapon Specialization (greatsword), Whirlwind Attack
Epic FeatsBlinding Speed, Epic Dodge, Epic Fortitude, Epic Reflexes, Epic Skill Focus (Escape Artist), Epic Toughness (x8), Epic Weapon Focus (greatsword), Epic Weapon Specialization (greatsword), Epic Will, Dire Charge, Improved Fly-By
, Improved Initiative, Improved Whirlwind Attack , Superior Initiative
OrganizationSolitary (unique) or group (Pazuzu, 10 advanced anzu (30 HD), 5 advanced balors (35 HD), or group (Pazuzu, 5 advanced anzu (30 HD), or 15 fiendish rocs)
AlignmentChaotic Evil


Demon Prince, Pazuzu

Pazuzu always starts off the battle by flying. He then dives upon them with his deadly diving abilities. When on the ground, he leads with his great sword. Against multiple foes he’ll use his breath weapons to full effect, especially the locust swarm version. When dealing with weak minded he first makes a suggestion for them to join him. He then makes another suggestion making them say his name 3 times. Once finished, he uses Temptation. He may aid them one day, but in the long run Pazuzu always returns for their soul at a later date. Pazuzu’s also loves to use his poisonous talons to lower a creature¬ís Dexterity (as well as their Reflex saves) in order to destroy them with his abilities, which require Reflex saves.

Aero Dive (Ex): When diving on a creature, Pazuzu can also send forth a powerful blast of razor-sharp winds dealing and extra 5d10 points of slashing damage. Treat the damage from his sword as a critical. Reflex save DC 69 halves (Dexterity-based). Huge or smaller creatures, who fail their save are knocked down and stunned for 2d4 rounds. Gargantuan or larger creatures are stunned for 2d4 rounds.

Aura of Avians (Su): All creatures with a natural Fly speed feel a strange bond of attraction to Pazuzu. Before such a creature takes any hostile action against Pazuzu, it must succeed a Will save DC 65. Failure indicates the creature’s attack fails and its actions wasted. This aura extends to a radius of 300 ft. The DC is Charisma-based.

Breath Weapons (Su): Pazuzu can spit forth one of two breath weapons, which are composed of either a swarm of locusts or an acidic vapor.

– Pazuzu spits forth swarms of locusts in a 120 ft. cone dealing 34d6 points of biting damage to any creature within range. Reflex save DC 68 halves (Constitution-based). Along with the initial damage, Pazuzu can also make the swarm of locusts occupy 1 square. He can spit forth up to 6 swarms of locusts (all of which must be created so that each swarm is adjacent to at least 1 other swarm). He can also cause them to occupy the area of other creatures. The locusts attack any creature occupying the squares and can pursue those that flee, dealing 5d10 points of biting damage each round. Reflex save DC 68 halves (Constitution-based). The locusts stay around for 10 rounds before flying away.

– Pazuzu spits forth a 90 ft. cone of acidic poisonous vapor dealing 22d8 points of acid damage to any creature within range. Reflex save DC 68 halves (Constitution-based). The creatures also take 3d4 Strength and Dexterity damage from the poison. Fortitude save DC 68 halves (Constitution-based). A minute later, a second Fortitude save DC 68 (Constitution-based) must be made to avoid the secondary damage of 3d4 Constitution damage.

Note: Pazuzu can only use one breath weapon every 1d4 rounds.

Rake (Ex): Whenever Pazuzu successfully attacks with his talons he latches on and deals an extra 3d8 + 24 plus Pazuzu Talons.

Ravaged Form (Pazuzu Talons): Pazuzu’s talons secrete a deadly poison, which slows creatures allowing him to overwhelm them with his speed. Whenever Pazuzu makes a successful attack with his talons, the targeted creature must succeed a Fortitude save DC 68 (Constitution) or be slowed as the spell (CL80). Only a greater restoration spell of at least 60th level can stop this effect.

Ravaged Form (Wings of Pazuzu): Pazuzu’s four red wings release a deadly poisonous mist whenever he flaps his wings. As a standard action, he can flap his wings and produce a poisonous mist with the range of a 60 ft. radius. Creatures in range must succeed a Fortitude save DC 68 (Constitution) or take 3d6 Dexterity damage (initial). A minute later, a second Fortitude save DC 68 (Constitution-based) must be made to avoid
the secondary damage of 3d6 Dexterity damage. Also, while Pazuzu is flying, any creatures, in his path of flight, suffer the same effects as stated above.

Red Wind (Su): As a standard action, Pazuzu can launch forth, a 100 ft. cone of razor-sharp feathers, at his foes. Any creatures caught within range take 10d10 slashing damage. Reflex save DC 68 halves (Constitution-based). Creatures must also make a Fortitude save DC 68 (Constitution) or take 1d6 Dexterity damage (initial) from his poisonous feathers. In the following round, a second Fortitude save DC 68 (Constitution-based) must be made to avoid the secondary damage of 1d6 Dexterity damage.

Spell-like Abilities: CL 80; DC 34 + spell level

At will: animate dead, astral projection, baleful polymorph, blasphemy, cat’s grace, charm monster, contagion, desecrate, detect law, detect
, detect magic, dominate monster, greater dispel magic, greater invisibility, greater teleport, gust of wind, insect plague, magic circle against law, magic circle against good, mass hold monster, mirage arcana, orb of acid, persistent image, poison, polymorph, power word stun, restoration, resurrection, slow, suggestion, symbol of fear, symbol of pain, symbol of persuasion, symbol of weakness, telekinesis, unhallow, unholy aura, unholy blight, wind walk, wind wall, wing bind

9/day: destruction, greater restoration, greater whirlwind, harm, plane shift, trap the soul, true resurrection.

3/day: wish.

Summon Avians (Sp): 10/day Pazuzu can summon 3d6 fiendish elder arrowhawks, 2d6 harpies (ranger 18), or 1d6 fiendish rocs.

Summon Tanar’ri (Sp): 5/day Pazuzu can summon 2d4 succubi (ranger 15), 4d6 vrocks, or 1d6 balors (ranger 20).

Sundering Dive (Ex): 20/day When diving on a creature, Pazuzu can surround his blade with pressurized wind. A Reflex save DC 69 must be made or the creature takes 10d10 points of slashing damage plus other effects. Failure to save indicates that the wind sheers his foe in half killing them instantly. The slain creature can only be raised normally after a miracle or wish spell has been casted. Huge or smaller creatures, who succeed on their save are still knocked down and stunned for 2d4 rounds. Gargantuan or larger creatures are stunned for 2d4 rounds.

Temptation (Su): A creature who says Pazuzu’s name 3 times in succession, a link between them and Pazuzu is established. For one minute, Pazuzu can examine the creature by way of detect good, detect law, detect thoughts, and tongues despite any distance (physical or planar) between them. He always uses Sense Motive to figure out whether the one who calls him is trying to entrap him. Pazuzu can use plane shift or greater teleport to get to the speaker’s location as long as he does it within one minute. Once he has arrived on the scene, the speaker asks for a favor. If Pazuzu agrees to aid the creature their alignment shifts automatically to chaotic evil. This means upon the creature’s death, they are doomed to the abyss. After aiding them, Pazuzu always waits a while before coming to collect their souls through force. Only a miracle or wish spell, followed closely by an Atonement spell of at least 60th level, can save them.

Wind Stroke (Ex): With a stroke of his blade, Pazuzu can let loose a 90 ft. cone of slashing winds as a standard action. This stroke deals 20d6 points of slashing damage. Reflex save DC 69 halves (Dexterity-based). Huge or smaller creatures, who fail their saves are knocked back 30 ft. and take 6d6 points of falling damage. They are also considered knocked down for 1 round. This attack can also be directed at flying creatures, knocking them from the sky if they fail their save. They take the same amount of damage as stated above.


Pazuria: Said to have been crafted from an anzu’s feather, Pazuzu is never without this sharp blade. It appears as a chipped greatsword, from where other weapons have banged up against it. However, the blade is extremely sharp allowing Pazuzu to ignore 25 points of a creature’s damage reduction. It functions as a +9 chaotic power, everdancing, keen, speed, vile, vorpal, wind blast, greatsword. While using this blade Pazuzu gains the following abilities:

– As a standard action, 30/day, Pazuzu can produce a tornado effect (DMG pg. 95).

– Those hit by this blade are unable to Fly by any means (magical or non-magical) for 1 hour. Fortitude save DC 67 (Strength-based) negates. If used against flying creatures, they fall to the ground if they fail their save. They take d10 damage for every 10 ft. the fall.

– Any wind-based spells or abilities, directed at Pazuzu, are automatically turned as if by a spell turning spell (CL 80)

See Also Demon Pazuzu, Anzu

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