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Susanoo and the water dragon

Susanoo, (Susa-no-O-no-Mikoto; also romanized as Susano’o, Susa-no-O, and Susanowo) in Shinto is the god of the sea and storms.

Susano’o is the brother of Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun, and of Tsukuyomi, the god of the moon. All three were spawned from Izanagi, when he washed his face clean of the pollutants of Yomi, the underworld. Amaterasu was born when Izanagi washed out his left eye, Tsukuyomi was born from the washing of the right eye, and Susano’o from the washing of the nose.

Susano’o is curiously also known as “Susanowa”, although that may be an incorrect transcription of the name. He is infamous for his connotations as the god of evil and serpents and having been thought to cause storms, having dominion over the sea.

Sources tell of long-standing rivalry between Susano’o and his sister. When he was to leave Heaven by orders of Izanagi, he went to bid his sister goodbye. Amaterasu, suspicious, proposed a challenge on the Spot: each of them was to transform an object of the other’s into people. Amaterasu created three women from Susano’o’s sword while he created five men from her necklace. Claiming the men were hers because they were born of her necklace, Susano’o destroyed her rice fields, hurled a flayed pony at her loom, and killed one of her attendants in a fit of rage. Amaterasu, in fury and grief, hid inside Ama-no-Iwato, the “heavenly rock cave”, thus effectively hiding the sun for a long period of time.

Though she was persuaded to leave the cave, Susano’o was punished by being banished from Heaven. He descended to the province of Izumo, where he met an elderly couple. Seven of their eight daughters had been devoured by the eight-headed serpent Yamata-no-Orochi and it was about to come for the eighth, Kushi-inada-hime. After the couple promised their daughter’s hand in marriage to Susano’o, he agreed to slay Orochi. With the aid of eight bowls of sake (one for each head), Susano’o decapitated the monster once it had fallen asleep.

From one of Orochi’s tails, Susano’o pulled out a sword, which he named Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi (“Heaven’s Cloud-Gathering Sword”), later known as the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi. The sword was presented to Amaterasu as a reconciliation gift and was later given to her descendant Ninigi along with the Yata-no-Kagami (a mirror) and magatama (sacred jewels) as proof of his divine right to rule.


While Amaterasu is enshrined at Ise Shrine, Susano’o is enshrined in Izumo, where he descended when banished from heaven. Izumo is home to the oldest shrines in Japan and is held in the same regard as the most sacred shrine in Japan, Ise Shrine.

Roleplaying Notes

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Susa-no-O-no-Mikoto, Susa-no-O, Susanowo, Raging Storm
Murakumo planted in a storm cloud or Kusanagi brimming in lightning
Home Plane: The Palace of Storms
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: chaos, rain, storms, thunder, serpents
Worshippers: samurai, clerics, barbarians, rangers, good dragons
Cleric Alignment: CN, CG
Domains: chaos, good, storm, ocean
Favoured Weapon: nodachi (kusanagi) and pronged sword(murakumo)

Divine Rank 17
medium outsider (chaotic ,good, extraplanar)
HD25d10 (samurai)+ 275 + 20d8(ranger)+ 220 + 20d8(monk)+ 220 (1285 hp)
Initiative+21(13 + 8 Superior Initiative)
AC98 (+20 Dexterity +16 deflection bonus +0 size +17 DvR+ 20 natural+4 monk) touch armor 61 flat-footed 72
BAB/ Grapple+65/+80
Attack+ 8 nodachi (Murakumo)+96(4d8 +65 + 3d6 electric/17-20/x3 +9d6 electric), + 8 pronged sword (Kusanagi)+110(5d8+ 65+ 3d6 electric/18-20/x3 + 9d6 electric), unarmed+85(5d6+ 55), or + 60 ranged touched
Full attack+ 8 nodachi (Murakumo)+96/+91/+86/+81/+76(4d8 +65 + 3d6 electric/17-20/x3 +9d6 electric),
+ 8 pronged sword (Kusanagi) +110/+105/+100/+95 (5d8+ 65+ 3d6 electric/18-20/x3
+ 9d6 electric), unarmed+85/+85/+85/+80/+75/+70 (5d6+ 55), or + 60 ranged touched
Special attacksAlter Reality, domain powers, spell-like abilities, salient divine abilities, travel, favored enemy( dragons), kiai smite20/day, stare down, mass stare down, ki strike(adamantine), quivering palm, flurry of blows
Special qualitiesDarkvision 120ft, DR 40/ epic and adamantine, fast healing 32, Frightful Presence, Divine aura (DC 43, 17 miles), divine immunities, a resistance, immortality, Spell Resistance, acid resistance 37, fire resistance 37, fast movement, still mind, purity of body, wholeness of body, diamond body, diamond soul, slow fall(any distance), timeless body, empty body, perfect self, SR 81
Savesfort+66, ref+77, will+61 *Susanoo receives a +17 bonus on all saving throws
AbilitiesStrength 43 Dexterity 50 Constitution 33 Intelligence 35 Wisdom 37 Charisma 42
Skillsappraise+68, balance+88, bluff+66, Climb+73, concentration+90, craft+75, diplomacy+82, handle animal+80, heal+66, intimidate+70, jump+92, knowledge (arcana) +83,knowledge (nature)+77, listen+68, speak
+76, spellcraft +61, survival+75, swim+66, tumble+80, Wilderness Lore+80
FeatsAcrobaticAgile , AlertnessAnimal AffinityAthleticCombat Expertise, improved disarm, Improved TripWhirlwind Attack , Combat ReflexesDodgeMobilitySpring AttackImproved InitiativeImproved Unarmed StrikeStunning FistPower AttackCleaveGreat Cleave, weapon proficiency (nodachi), weapon proficiency(pronged sword) , Weapon Focus (nodachi), Weapon Specialization (nodachi), Weapon Focus (pronged sword), Weapon Specialization (pronged sword), Greater Weapon Focus (nodachi), greater weapon specialization (nodachi), Greater Weapon Focus (pronged sword), greater weapon specialization (pronged
Epic featsBlinding SpeedImproved Combat ReflexesImproved Ki Strike, improved Stunning
Improved Whirlwind Attack , Superior InitiativeEpic Weapon Focus (nodachi), Epic Weapon specialization (nodachi), Epic Weapon Focus (pronged sword), Epic Weapon Specialization (pronged sword),
EnvironmentThe Palace of Storms or Izumo
Treasurequadruple standard, Kusanagi ,Murakumo, crown of Orochi
Alignmentchaotic good

Storm clouds gather in the sky overhead. Seconds later, a huge flash of lightning strikes the ground. Just then you see a tall Japanese man with long, wild, black hair. He is handsome and dressed in platinum samurai armor of elaborate design. Upon his head rests a crown of peculiar-shaped horns. In his hand, he holds a massive pronged sword. This is no doubt, Susanoo, the god of chaos and storms.

Susanoo is known for his rages. It was because of his rage that he was banned from Tengoku, the Japanese heaven. He is the brother of Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess, and Tsukiyomi, the God of the Moon. Long before he was exiled, Susanoo was probably the must respected out of all deities. One thing, however, ruined his good image. It was his rage. Whenever things didn’t go his way he flew into a rage, destroying anything in site. For this, Izanagi ordered Susanoo to leave Tengoku until he could control his anger. Susanoo flew into an incredible rage. He hurled lightning across the heavens, killing good creatures and deities alike. Only Amaterasu had enough power to push him out of heaven. She succeeded in stripping Susanoo of his divine power and hurled him to earth . Ashamed of her brother, she retreated to a cave and hid herself, putting the world in darkness.

Years later, she emerged from the cave and brought light to the world once more. Meanwhile, stripped of his powers, Susanoo roamed the earth performing good deads trying to get Amaterasu to forgive him. It would be many years before Susanoo performed his greatest deed, saving a princess and slaying Orochi. He battle this creature for 8 days and finally slayed the evil serpent. From its tail he pulled out the Kusanagi. Amaterasu finally accepted her brother, and gave him his divine powers back. However, he could not return to Tengoku because the other deities did not trust him. But Amaterasu managed to get the deities to allow him to visit whenever he wanted. He now resides in Limbo in his Palace of Storms. Whenever Tengoku is in trouble, he is there to lend a hand.

Divine abilities

Alter Reality: Susanoo’s divine power grants him the following benefits:
Susanoo can use the wish spell to duplicate any spell or supernatural effect related to his portfolio. This ability costs Susanoo no XP, and requires a standard action to implement. Susanoo can use Alter Reality to cast any cure spell at will as a standard action. Susanoo has unrestricted access to the Alter Size salient divine ability.

Immunities: Susanoo is immune to polymorphing, petrification, or any other attack that alters his form. He may change his own form, though. She is immune to energy drain, ability drain, or ability damage, and is immune to mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, and morale effects). She is immune to electricity and sonic energy.

Susanoo is also immune to disease, poison, stunning, sleep, Paralysis, death effects, and disintegration, as well as, banishment, binding, dimensional anchor, dismissal, imprisonment, repulsion, soul bind, Temporal Stasis, Trap the soul, and turning and rebuking.

Domain powers: Susanoo can use any domain power 17 times per day as a 17th level caster.

  • Chaos-Susanoo can cast chaos spells at +1 caster level.
  • Good-Susanoo can cast good spells at +1 caster level.
  • Ocean- Susanoo can breath under water.
  • Storm-electric resistance 5.

Divine Aura (Ex): Susanoo’s mere presence can deeply affect mortals and beings of lower divine rank. Susanoo’s divine aura extends 17 miles around him. Susanoo chooses the size of the radius and can change it as a free action. If Susanoo chooses a radius of 0 feet, his aura power effectively becomes non-functional.

Susanoo can make his own worshipers, beings of his alignment, or both types of individuals immune to the effect as a free action. The immunity lasts one day or until he dismisses it. Once affected by an aura power, creatures remain affected as long as they remain within the aura’s radius. Susanoo can choose from the following effects each round as a free action:

  • Daze: Affected beings just stare at Susanoo in fascination. They can defend themselves normally but can take no actions.
  • Fright: Affected beings become shaken and suffer a –2 morale penalty on attack rolls, saves, and checks. The merest glance or gesture from Susanoo makes them frightened, and they flee as quickly as they can, although they select the path of their flight.
  • Resolve: Susanoo’s allies receive a +4 morale bonus on attack rolls, saves, and checks, while his foes receive a –4 morale penalty on attack rolls, saves, and checks.

All divine aura effects are mind-affecting abilities. Mortals and other deities of lower rank can resist the aura’s effects with successful Will saves; the DC is 43. Susanoo is immune to the auras of others of equal or lower rank. Any being that makes a successful saving throw against Susanoo’s aura becomes immune to that aura power for one day.

Travel: Susanoo can use greater teleport as a spell-like ability at will, as the spell cast by a 20th-level character, except that he can transport only himself and up to 1700 pounds. Susanoo can also use greater planeshift as a spell-like ability at will, as the spell cast by a 20th-level character, except that he can only transport himself and up to 100 pounds of objects.

Immortality: Susanoo is naturally immortal and cannot die from natural causes. He does not age, and he does not need to eat, sleep, or breathe. He is not subject to death from massive damage. The only way for Susanoo to die is through special circumstances, usually by being slain in magical or physical combat. He risks permanent destruction if slain on his home plane and if the attacker succeeds in a rank check. Otherwise, he reforms within hhis divine realm after one year per hit die.

Other Divine Powers

Susanoo automatically receives a “20” on any attack roll, check, or save. Susanoo inflicts the maximum possible numeric value for all attacks and effects. Susanoo and does not treat the roll of a “1” on a d20 as an automatic failure.

Senses- Susanoo can see, hear, touch, and smell at a distance of 17 miles. As a standard action, he can perceive anything within 17 miles of his worshipers, holy sites, objects, or any location where one of his titles or name was spoken in the last hour. He can extend his senses to up to 20 locations at once. He can block the sensing power of deities of his rank or lower at up to 2 remote locations at once for up to 17 hours.

Portfolio Sense: Susanoo senses all storms, serpents, and any event involving one of chaotic alignment, the instant it happens and 17 weeks into the past and the future.

Automatic Actions: Susanoo can take any free action if the DC for the task is 30 or lower. He can perform up to 20 such free actions each round.

Create Magic Items: Susanoo can create any kind of magic item.

Combat: Susanoo’s natural weapons and any weapon he wields are treated as epic , good, and adamantine weapons for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

Spell-Like Abilities: Susanoo can use any domain spell he can grant as a spell-like ability at will. His effective caster level for such abilities is 65. Susanoo receives a +17 bonus on all his caster level checks.The saving throw DC for such abilities is 53 + the spell’s level.
At will- detect law, detect evil, protection from law, protection from evil, invisibility purge, alter self, chaos hammer, clairaudience/clairvoyance, cure critical wounds, dispel evil, dispel law, freedom of movement, fly, protection from evil, protection from law, magic circle against evil, magic circle against law, wind wall, word of chaos, cloak of chaos, greater dispel magic, chain lightning, heal, bull’s strength, cat’s grace, banishment, control weather, Ball Lightning

6/day-storm of vengeance

Salient Divine Abilities: Alter Form, Alter Reality , Alter Size, Clearsight, Divine Battle Mastery, Call Creatures (good dragons), Clearsight, Divine Battle Mastery, Divine Blast, Divine Fast Healing, Divine Shield, Divine Storm, Energy Burst(electric), Energy Storm (electric), Shiftform, Stride, Wave of Chaos, The Storm That Shook The Earth(SDA), Bolt of Susanoo(SDA), Storm of Fury(SDA)

The Storm That Shook The Earth(SDA): Susanoo stabs his sword into the ground with great force raising bolts of lighting from the ground. The ability deals 30d8 damage. Half the damage is electric the other is divine. In lightning bolts spread out in a 120ft. radius. Reflex DC is equal to 15+ ½ HD +Charisma bonus. If successful the victim takes half damage. Can be used 10/day every 1d6 rounds.

Chaos Bolt of Susanoo(SDA): Susanoo gathers divine energy in his hand and launches it at his foe in the form of a bolt. It deals 20d8 divine damage. Reflex DC is equal to 15+ ½ HD +Charisma bonus(63). If successful the victim takes half damage. Evil foes hit by this bolt must then succeed on a will save (DC (58) 10+ ½ HD+ Charisma bonus) or their alignment switches to chaotic good and they become fanatic followers for Susanoo. This effect lasts until the end of the battle or until the creature dies. After the effects wear off at the end of the battle, the effected creature must succeed a fortitude save (DC (58) 10+ ½ HD + Charisma bonus) or die. Can be used 17/day every 1d8 rounds.

Storm of Fury(SDA): Susanoo forms a storm cloud overhead. He stands upon it and hurls bolts of lightning at his victims. Reflex DC (10+ ½ HD) (42) (no damage). He hurls 10 bolts per round for 5 rounds which means the victim must succeed on 10 reflex saves. Each bolt deals 3d8 points of divine damage. Can be used 10/day every 2d6 rounds.


Murakumo : This sword appears as a nodachi with a handle that has a platinum dragon design coiling around it. This is a + 8 lightning blast, keen, mighty cleaving, speed nodachi. This sword deals 96 points of damage plus 3d6 lightning damage (or triple that on a critical hit). also Susanoo can also release a wave of lightning bolts in a 60ft cone dealing 20d6 points of electric damage. Reflex DC (50) (10+ ½ HD + 8 enhancement bonus) half damage. (major artifact)

Kusanagi : Susanoo pulled this sword from the tail Orochi, an 8 headed dragon. This sword appears a greatsword with a 4 prongs jutting out of both sides. The handle appears as a collection of 8 draconic tails twisted to form a handle. This is a +9 lightning blast, keen, mighty cleaving, surestriking pronged sword. It deals 110 points of damage plus 3d6 lightning damage (or triple that on a critical hit). It has the ability to kill dragons or other reptilian creatures instantly if they fail a will save(DC (58) 10+ ½ HD+ Charisma bonus), this ability comes into effect on every successful critical hit. The prongs on the sword can also shoot rays of energy.(1 at a time) Susanoo can control which one to use. Using this ability counts as a full action. Reflex DC (10+ ½ HD) (42) (no damage). (major artifact)

  • -red ray- 60ft line of 10d8 fire damage
  • -blue ray- 60ft line of 10d8 electric damage
  • -green ray- 60ft line of 10d8 acid damage
  • -white- 60ft line of 10d8 holy damage
  • -black- 60ft line of 10d8 unholy damage
  • -golden-brown- 60ft line of 10d8 earth(bludgeoning) damage
  • -light blue- 60ft line of 10d8 cold damage
  • -wind ray- 60ft line of 10d8 wind(slashing) damage

Crown of Orochi: this item appears to be made of 8 antlers when in actuality they are the horns of Orochi. When Susanoo wears this crown he gains a +20 sacred bonus on Animal Affinity, Diplomacy, Handle Animals, Intimidate , and Ride (Dexterity)skill checks when dealing with dragons.(minor artifact)

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