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Frigga, All-Mother, Queen of Asgard

Frigga, All-Mother, Queen of Asgard
  • Pantheon: Norse Pantheon
  • Deity Title: Frigga, All-Mother, Queen of Asgard
  • Deity Symbol: A golden spinning wheel or a distaff
  • Home Plane: Asgard, the celestial realm of the Aesir gods
  • Deity Level: Greater Deity
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Aliases: None
  • Superior: None (Part of the Aesir pantheon)
  • Traditional Allies: Odin, Thor, Freyr, Baldr, Heimdallr, Bragi, Tyr
  • Traditional Foes: Loki, Jormungandr, Fenrir, Surtr
  • Divine Artifact: None mentioned
  • Servants: Valkyries, handmaidens
  • Servitor Creatures: None mentioned
  • Sacred Animal: None mentioned
  • Manifestations: Visions, divine omens, protective auras, motherly embrace
  • Signs of Favor: Calm winds, golden sunlight, abundance in harvests, blessed unions
  • Worshipers: Mothers, wives, expectant mothers, those seeking love and stability, seers, weavers
  • Cleric Alignments: Lawful Good, Neutral Good
  • Specialty Priests: Nurturers of Fate, Weavers of Destiny
  • Holy Days: Midsummer, Winter Solstice, Mothers’ Day
  • Portfolio: Marriage, motherhood, wisdom, prophecy, weaving, protection, nurturing, fate
  • Domains: Life, Light, Knowledge, Protection
  • Favored Weapon: None mentioned
  • Favored Class: Cleric, Druid
  • Favored Race: Humans, Aesir
  • Duties of the Priesthood: Conducting marriages, offering guidance to families, interpreting omens, caring for the needy
  • Major Cult/Temple Sites: Temple of Frigga in Asgard, Shrine of the Spinning Wheel in Vanaheim
  • Benefits: Divine blessings in family matters, protection from harm, wisdom and insight, visions of the future, skilled weaving and textile work.

In the grand halls of Asgard, there stands a regal figure, adorned in garments of celestial beauty, radiating an aura of wisdom and grace. Frigga, the Queen of the Aesir and wife of Odin, captivates all with her dignified presence. Her long, flowing hair shimmers like the golden rays of the sun, and her eyes, the color of deep emeralds, hold an all-knowing gaze that pierces through the veil of fate itself.

Frigga is the All-Mother, protector of the home and hearth, and a beacon of maternal love and wisdom. As the goddess of marriage, she holds the sacred bond of wedlock close to her heart and blesses those who seek her guidance in matters of love and family. She is a symbol of unwavering devotion and a nurturing spirit, fiercely protective of her children and the realms she watches over.

In the tapestry of Asgard’s divine affairs, Frigga plays a vital role. With her gift of prophecy, she glimpses the threads of destiny, foreseeing the fate of gods and mortals alike. Her knowledge extends beyond the present and into the future, making her a powerful ally to Odin in his decisions as the All-Father of the Aesir.

But beneath her calm exterior lies a heart that has known both joy and sorrow. Frigga has faced the pain of loss and has been the guiding force behind her family’s struggles, using her wisdom to navigate through the challenges that threaten the Nine Realms. Her loyalty to her husband, her children, and her people is unwavering, and she will go to great lengths to protect the balance of the cosmos.

With her ethereal beauty and compassionate demeanor, Frigga commands respect and admiration from gods and mortals alike. Her presence radiates a sense of serenity and assurance, offering solace to those in need and inspiring bravery in times of adversity. As the Queen of Asgard, she holds the essence of motherhood and sovereignty, a beacon of hope and strength for all who call upon her name.

In the halls of Asgard, Frigga stands as a guardian of love, wisdom, and fate, weaving the tapestry of life and ensuring that harmony reigns in the cosmos. Her guiding light illuminates the path of the gods, while her tender touch nurtures the hearts of all under her care. As the All-Mother, Frigga’s purpose is to bring stability and love to the realms, guiding her children towards a future filled with harmony and prosperity.

Frigga, All-Mother, Queen of Asgard

Medium celestial, lawful good

Armor Class 22 (natural armor) Hit Points 675 (36d10 + 432) Speed 50 ft., fly 100 ft.

24 (+7)20 (+5)26 (+8)22 (+6)30 (+10)28 (+9)

Saving Throws Con +17, Wis +20, Cha +19 Skills Insight +20, Perception +20 Damage Resistances radiant; bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from nonmagical attacks Damage Immunities necrotic, poison Condition Immunities charmed, frightened, poisoned Senses truesight 120 ft., passive Perception 30 Languages All, telepathy 120 ft. Challenge 40 (205,000 XP)

Legendary Resistance (3/Day). If she fails a saving throw, she can choose to succeed instead.

Divine Magic. Frigga is a 20th-level spellcaster. Her spellcasting ability is Wisdom (spell save DC 28, +20 to hit with spell attacks). She has the following cleric spells prepared:

  • Cantrips (at will): guidance, light, mending, sacred flame, thaumaturgy
  • 1st level (4 slots): bless, cure wounds, protection from evil and good, shield of faith
  • 2nd level (3 slots): aid, lesser restoration, zone of truth
  • 3rd level (3 slots): beacon of hope, dispel magic, spirit guardians
  • 4th level (3 slots): death ward, divination, freedom of movement
  • 5th level (3 slots): commune, greater restoration, mass cure wounds
  • 6th level (3 slots): blade barrier, heroes’ feast, true seeing
  • 7th level (3 slots): divine word, etherealness, symbol
  • 8th level (2 slots): foresight, holy aura
  • 9th level (2 slots): mass heal, true resurrection

Divine Blessing. As the All-Mother and Queen of Asgard, Frigga’s presence grants divine protection to her allies. All friendly creatures within 60 feet of Frigga gain a +5 bonus to AC and saving throws.

Divine Fortitude. Frigga’s divine presence provides her with incredible fortitude and endurance. She has advantage on all saving throws against spells and magical effects.

Heavenly Queen. Frigga’s mere presence brings tranquility and inspiration. Friendly creatures within 120 feet of Frigga gain advantage on Wisdom saving throws and are immune to being frightened.


Divine Spear. Melee Weapon Attack: +17 to hit, reach 10 ft., one target. Hit: 36 (4d10 + 7) piercing damage plus 18 (4d8) radiant damage.

Guiding Light (Recharge 5-6). Frigga releases a burst of radiant energy in a 60-foot radius. All hostile creatures in that area must make a DC 28 Constitution saving throw, taking 45 (10d8) radiant damage and becoming blinded for 1 minute on a failed save, or half as much damage and not blinded on a successful one. Creatures can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of their turns, ending the blindness on a success.

Legendary Actions

Frigga can take 3 legendary actions, choosing from the options below. Only one legendary action can be used at a time and only at the end of another creature’s turn. She regains spent legendary actions at the start of her turn.

Healing Light. She casts a healing spell with a spell slot of 4th level or lower on herself or an ally within 60 feet.

Blessing of Fate. Frigga bestows divine guidance on an ally within 60 feet. The ally gains advantage on their next attack roll, ability check, or saving throw.

Divine Intervention (Costs 3 Actions). Frigga calls upon her divine power to intervene in a critical moment. She casts a spell of 6th level or lower without expending a spell slot.

Regional Effects

The presence of Frigga, the All-Mother, creates the following effects in the surrounding region:

Blessed Lands. Plants flourish, and the land becomes fertile within a 5-mile radius of Frigga’s presence. Crops yield bountiful harvests, and flowers bloom in vivid colors.

Divine Tranquility. Creatures within 10 miles of Frigga’s location have disadvantage on saving throws against being charmed or frightened. The atmosphere is calm and peaceful, promoting harmony among all living beings.

Queen’s Favor. Temples dedicated to Frigga in the region gain enhanced protection. All structures within these temples have their hit points doubled, and magical wards are strengthened.

Heavenly Watch. Frigga’s truesight extends to 1 mile around her. She is aware of any major disturbances or celestial events occurring in the region, granting her unparalleled vigilance.

These effects last as long as Frigga remains in the region, and they dissipate gradually over the course of a day after she departs.

3.5 Version

Frigg und ihre Dienerinnen. Frigg and her servants. The one on the right is presumably Gná, whom Frigg sends on errands. Behind her is presumably her horse, Hófvarpnir. The one sitting beside Frigg must be Fulla, who protects Frigg’s eski (box).

Frigga is the wife of Odin , queen of the Aesir, and goddess of the sky. One of the Asynjur, she is a goddess of marriage, motherhood, fertility, love, household management, and domestic arts.

Her primary functions are as wife and mother, but these are not her only functions. She has the power of prophecy although she does not tell what she knows , and is the only one other than Odin who is permitted to sit on his high seat Hlidskjalf and look out over the universe. She also participates in the Wild Hunt along with her husband, Odin. Frigg’s children are Baldr, Höðr her stepchildren are Hermóðr, Heimdall, Tyr, Vidar, Vali, and Skjoldr. Thor. Frigg’s companion is Eir, the gods’ doctor and goddess of healing. Frigg’s attendants are Hlín (a goddess of protection), Gna (a messenger goddess), and Fulla (a fertility goddess).

Though permitted to share the throne with Odin, Frigga spends most of her time in her house, Fensalir, spinning golden thread or weaving multicolored clouds. She often sends her followers to attend to the welfare of mortal wives, either taking vengeance on cruel husbands or assuring deserving worshipers of a blissful marriage. Her wishes often conflict with those of her warrior husband, and she will not hesitate to resort to trickery to get her own way.

Roleplaying Elements from

Deities & Demigods

By Rich Redman, Skip Williams, James Wyatt

The Lore of the GodsBook Two: The Asgardians

Lead Designers Steven Creech and Kevin Ruesch Lead Editor Steven Schend Creative Director Jim Butler Art Director Todd Morasch Illustrations Michael Nickovich Typesetter Joshua Gilchrist


Frigga’s hall in Asgard is Fensalir (“water falls”) .

Duties of the Priesthood

Priests of Frigga must be married women. They are expected to watch over their home and set a good example for other wives by not letting their husbands stray too far out of the marital fold. If the husband of a priestess of Frigga practices the common Norse custom of taking a second wife, the priestess must divorce him immediately. They must also serve as midwives.

One of Odin’s several wives, Frigga (frig-ga) is primarily concerned with the household and married love. She is a stately, gracious, and bountiful woman often invoked during childbirth and by those wishing to conceive. Her attempt to protect Balder was one of the few times she acted to change the future she perceived. She has three handmaidens named Snotra (‘Wisdom’), Syn (‘Denial’), and Vor (so wise nothing can be hidden from her).


Frigga’s cult focuses on birth and renewal. Her followers include ranchers, animal farmers, and married couples raising or conceiving children. They are equally comfortable in family homes and in the fields. The cult teaches followers to pay attention to the signs and omens around them in order to prepare for the future. Accepting fate does not mean that followers passively wait for events to overwhelm them.

Clergy and Temples

Frigga’s clergy are simple folks rooted in the realities of daily life. They understand the pressures of feeding a family and the concerns associated with childbirth. They work to assist and support the faithful, and to provide comfort when needed. The clergy often serve double duty as local midwives for both people and livestock. If wild animals are ill or injured, Frigga’s clergy travel the wilderness seeking, and dealing with, the source.

Frigga’s temples are just as strong and defensible as those of other Asgardians, but they tend to be simpler and smaller. They contain collections of scrying instruments, private rooms where clergy and faithful can confer, and small stores of healing supplies.

Those in rural areas may have wild animal hospitals. Communities of settled Halflings may have their own temple, or may share one with neighboring communities.

Visitors to Frigga’s temples find the comfort of a warm, dry place to rest. Those truly in need find that the clerics’ courtesy and generosity are bounded only by a desire to see the supplicant become self-sufficient.

Cleric 20/Wizard 20
Medium-Size outsider
20d8+160 (outsider) plus 20d8+160 (Clr) plus 20d4+160 (Wiz) (880 hp)
Initiative+13 (+9 Dexterity, +4 Improved Initiative)
Speed60 ft., fly 200 ft. perfect
AC75 (+9 Dexterity, +30 natural, +17 divine, +9 deflection)


Natural weapon (by animal form) +65/+60/+55/+40 melee; or spell +65 melee touch or +66 ranged touch *Always receives a 20 on attack rolls; roll die to check for critical hit.


Natural weapon by animal form +8 or by spell *Always does maximum damage.
Face/Reach5 ft. by 5 ft./5 ft.


Domain powers, salient divine abilities, spell-like abilities, turn undead


Divine immunities, DR 52/+4, fire resistance 37, sonic resistance 37, spontaneous casting of divine spells, understand, speak, and read all languages and speak directly to all beings within 17 miles, remote communication, godly realm, teleport without error at will, plane shift at will, familiar (cats), SR 49, divine aura (17 miles, DC 36).
Saves*Fort +57, Ref +58, Will +66. *Always receives a 20 on saves.
AbilitiesStrength 27, Dexterity 28, Constitution 27, Intelligence 32, Wisdom 44, Charisma 29.
  Skills* Alchemy +57, Animal Empathy +44, Bluff +50, Concentration +59, Control Shape +66, Craft (metalworking) +62, Craft (stoneworking) +62, Diplomacy +65, Gather Information +50, Handle Animal +58, Heal +63, Innuendo +46, Intimidate +52, Knowledge (Arcana) +62, Knowledge (history) +57, Knowledge (nature) +57, Knowledge (nobility and royalty) +57, Knowledge (the planes) +57, Knowledge (religion) +62, Listen +60, Ride (horse) +54, Scry +62, Search +52, Sense Motive +58, Spellcraft +62, Spot +60, Wilderness Lore +50. *Always receives a 20 on checks.


AlertnessBlind-Fight, CleaveCombat Casting, Combat Reflexes, Divine MightDivine Vengeance, DodgeEnergy Substitution (sonic), Eschew MaterialsCombat Expertise, Extend Spell, Extra TurningImproved InitiativeMobility, MultiattackPower Attack, Persistent spell, Reach Spell, Scribe Scroll, Sacred Spell, Silent Spell, Spell MasterySpring Attack, Still Spell.
Ability damage, ability drain, acid, cold, death effects, disease, disintegration, electricity, energy drain, mind-affecting effects, Paralysis, poison, sleep, stunning, transmutation, imprisonment, banishment.

Divine Abilities

Alter Form, Alter Reality, Alter Size, Arcane Mastery, Automatic Metamagic (quicken wizard spells), Call Creatures (animals), Clearsight, Divine Air Mastery, Extra Domain (Community), Extra Sense Enhancement (smell), Gift of Life, Grow Creature (animals), Increased Energy Resistance (sonic), Life and Death, Mass Life and Death, Mind of the Beast, Power of NatureShapechange, Speak with Creatures (animals), Spontaneous Wizard Spells, True Shapechange, Wound Enemy.


17/day turn or destroy earth creatures, or rebuke or command air creatures; 17/day use calm emotions;cast divination spells at +1 caster level. Add Sense Motive to your list of cleric class skills. Once per day as a free action, grants another person a bonus to Will saving throws equal to her Charisma modifier. This bonus lasts for 20 rounds.


Frigga uses these abilities as a 27th-level caster, except for divination spells, which she uses as a 28thlevel caster. The save DCs are 36 + spell level.

air walk, bless, chain lightning, clairaudience/ clairvoyance, control weather, control windscreeping doom, detect secret doors, detect thoughts, discern locationdivination, elemental swarm (air only), familiarityfind the path, foresight,gaseous form, heroes’ feast, honest wordsinner view, legend lore, lifeknot, lovers’ knot, mass heal, miracleobscuring mist, passionprayer, rapporttelepathic bond, refugerepel vermin, shield other, status, true seeing, sending, sympathy, whirlwind, wind wall.

Cleric Spells/Day: 6/11/10/10/10/ 10/8/8/8/8; base DC = 27 + spell level.

Wizard Spells/Day: 4/7/7/7/6/6/6/ 6/5/5; base DC = 21 + spell level.

Other Divine Powers

As a greater deity, Frigga automatically receives the best possible result on any die roll she makes (including attack rolls, damage, checks, and saves). She is immortal.

Senses: Frigga can see, hear, and touch at a distance of seventeen miles and smell at a distance of thirty-four miles. As a standard action, she can perceive anything within seventeen miles of any animal, her worshipers, holy sites, objects, or any location where one of her titles or name was spoken in the last hour. She can extend her senses to up to twenty locations at once. She can block the sensing power of deities of her rank or lower at up to two remote locations at once for 17 hours.

Portfolio Sense: Frigga senses anything that affects an animal’s welfare the instant it happens and seventeen weeks into the past and the future.

Automatic Actions: Frigga can use Animal Empathy, Handle Animal, Heal, Knowledge (arcane), Knowledge (religion), Knowledge (nature), Scry, Spellcraft, or Wilderness Lore as a free action if the DC for the task is 30 or lower. She can perform up to twenty such free actions each round.

Create Magic Items: Frigga can create any light or medium armor, any simple weapon, any bow, and any item related to animal care.

Currently in the World

In the splendor of Asgard, the divine realm of the Aesir, Frigga, the All-Mother, holds court over the intricate tapestry of fate. As the wife of Odin, the All-Father, and the Queen of the gods, she stands as a pillar of strength and wisdom. Her days are filled with tireless dedication to her family and the Nine Realms, as she seeks to maintain the harmony and balance that underpin the cosmos.

In the grand halls of the golden palace, Frigga is often found overseeing the affairs of Asgard with regal grace. She dispenses her counsel to the gods and mortals alike, her words carrying the weight of foresight and boundless love. Her wisdom is sought by all, for she possesses the gift of prophecy, seeing glimpses of the future that even the All-Father seeks to understand.

Beyond the celestial realm, Frigga’s love extends to the mortal realm of Midgard. As the goddess of marriage and motherhood, she watches over the bond of wedlock and the nurturing of families. Her heart swells with joy as she blesses unions with her divine favor, and she offers her guidance to those seeking love and stability. Yet, her compassion does not stop there, for she is also a protector of the innocent and a guardian of those in need.

Throughout the ages, Frigga’s influence has echoed in the lives of mortals and gods. Her actions reverberate across time, shaping destinies and weaving intricate patterns of fate. Her goal is to ensure that the balance of the Nine Realms is preserved, for she understands the delicate threads that tie all beings together. Her desires are simple yet profound – to safeguard the well-being of her family, her people, and the cosmos at large.

But behind her serene demeanor lies a heart burdened by the weight of knowledge. Frigga knows that the future is not set in stone, and even her visions cannot prevent tragedy. As she gazes upon the ever-changing tapestry of fate, she is haunted by the shadows of uncertainty. Yet, her resolve remains unshaken, for she knows that hope and love are the most potent forces in the universe.

As the world moves towards the 1450s, Frigga’s presence remains steadfast. Her love for her family and her realm endures, guiding her actions and decisions with boundless compassion and strength. She is a beacon of light in times of darkness, a source of wisdom and solace to those who seek her guidance.

With each passing day, Frigga’s tapestry of influence expands, weaving together the lives of gods and mortals alike. Her legacy as the All-Mother and Queen of Asgard is etched into the annals of history, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who have known her benevolence and grace. As the cosmos unfolds its secrets, Frigga remains a guiding force, a pillar of love and wisdom that stands firm against the tides of time.

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