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Prestige Classes

“Unlock Epic Powers and Transform Your Character with Prestige Classes!”

Girl Sword Warrior Katarina  - Pandared / Pixabay, Prestige Classes
Pandared / Pixabay

Prestige classes were introduced in third edition Dungeons and Dragons as a further means of individualizing a character. They expand upon the form of multiclassing and are inaccessible at 1st level, specifically meant to be multiclassed into from the base classes. To attain a specific prestige class, a character must first meet a number of prerequisites, such as certain feats or membership in a specific organization.

Prestige classes in Dungeons & Dragons typically have the following defining characteristics:

  1. Specialization: Prestige classes offer a unique specialization or thematic focus that isn’t available through standard character classes. They often have specific requirements, such as skill ranks, feats, or alignment, to qualify for entry.
  2. Requirements: To take levels in a prestige class, a character must meet certain prerequisites, which can include character level, skill ranks, feats, alignment, or other specific criteria. These requirements help ensure that only characters with a particular background or expertise can access the class.
  3. Unique Abilities: Prestige classes provide unique abilities, features, or powers that reflect the class’s theme or focus. These abilities enhance a character’s existing capabilities or grant them new options that align with the prestige class’s concept.

Overall, prestige classes are designed to allow players to specialize their characters further, diving into specific roles or thematic concepts that go beyond what basic character classes offer.

A. – Actor, Agent Of The Crown, Master Alchemist, Grand Alchemist of the Golden Cabel, Aerial Cavalier, Ambassador, AnchoriteAngelic Knight, Anointed of Styx , Arcane Champion, Archdruid, Avatar of Green Fire, Archmage, AssassinMaster Astrologer

B. – BarristerThe BastionBeast Lord , Beast Whisperer, Berserker, The Binder, Blessed of Aeolus, Bodyguard, Brawler,

C. – Cardinal of Asmodeus, Champion of the Deep, Chieftain, Chronicler, CityfatherComedianCommandoConspiracy Leader, Crusading FootpadCryptographer ,

D. – Dark Marshal, Dashing Swordsman, Death Dealer, Deep TrackerDemagogue, Demon Hunter, The Demonologist, Dervish, Despoiler, Despoiler of Lilith, Devolutionary, Diabolist, Diplomat, Discreet CompanionThe Divine ShardDog WarriorDominator of Belial, DreamerDuelist, Dwarf Clan Leader,

E. – Executioner ,

F. – Feral Maenad, Fetish Warrior, Fey Huntmaster, Fianna Eirinn

G. – Gaestatae, Gallant, Ghost Dancer, Giant Killer, The God’s Eye, The Godhead, Goodwife, Grand druid, Grove Defender

H. – Hadean Strider, Hand of God, Hellrazor, Hellknight, Herald of the Sea, Hermetic Mage, Horse Nomad, Hunter of Hera

I. – Imbolc Mage, Immortal, Imperial Senator, Infernal Speaker, Infiltrator of Beelzebub, Information Mage, Inquisitor

J. – Jotun Hermit, Justicar

K. – Keeper of the Secret Light, King’s Justice, King’s Longbowman, Kingmaker, Knight Commander, Knight Griffin, Knight Hospitaller (Knight of the Holy Church) , Knight Templar

L. – Lawkeeper, Legend, Living Blade, Lord Protector, Loremaster

M. – Magehunter, Martyr, Master Bowman, Master of Circles, Master Herbalist, Master of the Field, Master of the Hunt, Master Pankratiast, Master Spy, Master Of The Hunt Hound, Mogul of Dispater, Musical Composer

N. – Nature’s Avenger, Noble Defender, Noble Druid

O. – Officer of War, Olympic Paragon, Oneiromancer, Outlaw of Renown

P. – Palladian Defender, Peasant Hero , Penitent, Phobic Master, Pit Fighter, Planar Savage, Playwright, Poet, Politician, The Possessed, Priest King, Promethean Magos

R. – Religious Leader, Revolutionary, Rider Of The Golden Horde, Runner

S. – Sacred Huntresses, Sacred Smith, The Sacrifice, Scavenger, Scholar, Scion of the Storm, Scribe, Scottish Highlander, Sea Wolf, Shadow Champion, Shadowdancer, Skald, Soothsayer, Sovereign, Sovereign King, Spear Dancer, Spellbane, Steel Martyr, Stoic of Mephistopheles, Storm Lord, Stormrider, Sun-Chosen, Talon of Spite, Thaumaturgist, Thrall of Malcanthet, Toll Warden of Mammon, Tree Dancer, Troubadour,

T. – Talon of Spite

V. – Veil of Leviathan , Vitiate Maiden,

W. –Wanderer, Warlock, Wild Women, Witch Finder, Witch Guardian, Wizard Slayer, Wolf Brother, Wylderwitch

Z. – Zealot

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