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Western NPCs

Pecos Bill1

Get ready to meet the heroes, outlaws, chiefs, and traders who shape the legends of the untamed West. Let their stories unfold as we explore the captivating world of these Western NPCs, where the clash of cultures creates a vibrant and turbulent landscape.

Step into the rugged world of the Wild West, where dusty towns, treacherous outlaws, intrepid pioneers, and proud Native Americans coexist on the untamed frontier. In this diverse and captivating land, you’ll encounter a colorful cast of characters from all walks of life, each with their own stories to tell. From resilient lawmen upholding justice to skilled trackers guiding their tribes through the wilderness, the NPCs of the Wild West embody the rich tapestry of cultures and histories that define this era.

Peter Alston

Highwayman, Counterfeiter, River Pirate

Johnny Appleseed edited

Orchard Planter, Wanderer

P.T. Barnum edited

“The Greatest Showman”, Showman, Entertainer, Entrepreneur

By Baker Co., Chicago - The Authentic Life of Billy, the Kid from Princeton University, Public Domain,

 (a.k.a. Henry McCarty a.k.a. William H. Bonney) Outlaw, Gunslinger

Judge Roy Bean1 edited

 “Law West of the Pecos”

Sheriff John Behan edited

Former sheriff

Black Hawk edited

Tribal Chieftain, Warrior

Daniel Boone edited

The Wilderness Pioneer

Charlie Bowdre edited

Gunslinger, Outlaw, ‘Legend of the Wild West’

Jim Bowie

Frontiersman, Explorer, Fighter

Mercy Brown

 Vampire ‘The Night’s Temptress’

Captain Seth Bullock

Lawman, military officer, community leader.

Paul Bunyan edited

Giant ‘The Great Lumberjack’

John Carter

Warlord of Barsoom, Prince of Helium (Former Confederate cavalry officer, Adventurer, Warrior)

Butch Cassidy edited

The Infamous Outlaw, (Outlaw, leader of the Wild Bunch gang)

Billy Claibourne edited
Billy Claibourne

also known as “The Kid”, Outlaw cowboy, drover, miner, and gunfighter

Billy Clanton

“The Arizona Outlaw”, Cowboy, Cattle Rancher

ke Clanton

“The Notorious Cowboy”, Cowboy, Outlaw

William Frederick "Buffalo Bill" Cody

Showman, Buffalo hunter, Army scout, Pony Express rider

Cordwood Pete edited
Peter Bunyan

Dwarf “Cordwood Pete”

Ichabod Crane1 edited
Ichabod Crane

 “The Schoolmaster”

Crazy Horse
Crazy Horse

Tribal Warrior, Leader,

Davy Crockett 1 edited
Davy Crockett,

King of the Wild Frontier

Custer edited
Lieutenant-Colonel George Armstrong Custer

“The Daring Cavalry Commander”

Emmett Dalton edited
Emmet Dalton

“Outlaw Turned Writer”

Timothy Dexter
Timothy Dexter

The Unconventional Merchant

John Domingo
John Domingo

The Black Constable

Dorothy Gale edited
Dorothy Gale

(Oz’s greatest hero)

James Earp
James Earp

“The Frontier Lawman”

Morgan Earp 1 edited

” the Frontier Enforcer”, Lawman, Deputy Sheriff

Virgil Earp edited

“Wyatt’s Right Hand”, Lawman and Deputy Sheriff

Wyatt Earp edited
Wyatt Earp

“The Lawman of the West”

Febold Feboldson edited
Febold Feboldson

“the Unyielding Giant of the Great Plains”

Robert Ford1 edited
Robert Ford

 ‘The Betrayer’

Mike Fink edited
Mike Fink

‘King of the Keelboatmen’

Huckleberry Finn edited
Huckleberry Finn

Adventurer, River Rambler

Pat Garrett edited
Pat Garrett

 Lawman, sheriff, and bounty hunter.

Geronimo1 edited

the Apache Warrior Chief

John Wesley Hardin edited
John Wesley Hardin

Additional Director

The Harpe brothers edited
The Harpe brothers


John Henry1 edited
John Henry

“Steelhammer”, Legendary Steel Drivin’ Man


“the Peaceful Unifier”

Wild Bill edited

 “Wild Bill Hickok”

Doc Holliday edited
John “Doc” Holliday

 Former dentist turned gunslinger

Frank James1 edited
Frank James

The Outlaw Enigma

Jesse James edited
Jesse James

 Outlaw, Gang Leader

Jigger Johnson 1 edited

Guardian of the Wilderness

Casey Jones edited
Casey Jones

 ‘The Rebuilt Railmaster’

Johnny Kaw1 edited
Johnny Kaw

‘Harvester of the Heartland’

Madame LaLaurie2 edited
Madame LaLaurie

Socialite, Madame

Marie Laveau2 edited
Marie Laveau

Additional Director

Liver Eating Johnson
Liver-Eating Johnson

‘ The Crow Killer’

Nat Love
Nat Love

‘“Deadwood Dick”, the Frontier Legend’

Joe Magarac edited
Joe Magarac

“The Steel Man”,  Steelworker, Hero of the Steel Mills

Jack McCall1 edited

Buffalo hunter, Saloon-goer, Murderer

Frank McLaury

The Gunslinger, Outlaw of the Wild West

Tom McLaury

Rustler and Gambler


Marketing Director

Fredericka "Mother" Mandelbaum

‘The Queen of Thieves’

Joaquin Murrieta1 edited
Joaquin Murrieta

 The Robin Hood of El Dorado

Annie Oakley edited
Annie Oakley

“Little Sure Shot”

Pecos Bill edited
Pecos Bill

“King of the Cowboys”

Etta Place1 edited
Etta Place

Outlaw, member of Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch

Pocahontas edited

‘Native American Icon’

Potato Creek Johnny

Prospector and Gold Miner

Qagwaaz1 edited

The Wise Wanderer

Belle Gunness
Belle Gunness

“The Black Widow of the Midwest.”

Bass Reeves edited
Bass Reeves

“The Lone Ranger of the Indian Territory”

Chief Red Cloud edited

The Fierce Chief

Rip Van Winkle

“The Eternal Dreamer”

Buckshot Roberts edited

the Resolute Gunfighter

Sitting Bull
Sitting Bull (Tatanka Iyotake)

Hunkpapa Lakota Chieftain

John Slaughter edited

Lawman of the Southwest

Slue Foot Sue1 edited
Slue-Foot Sue

‘the Legendary Rodeo Queen’

Reverend Henry  Weston Smith

“The Faithful Pioneer of the Wild West”

Belle Starr edited

“The Bandit Queen”

testimonial 2
Alexander McSween

Executive Director

Stormalong 3 edited

“the Colossal Captain of the Seas”, Legendary Sailor and Adventurer

The Sundance Kid1 edited

“The Outlaw Maverick”


 “the Salem Witch”, Witch, Fortune Teller, Spiritual Advisor

Poker Alice Tubb edited
Alice ” Poker Alice” Tubbs

 Gambler; Brothel operator; Rancher

John Tunstall

“Cattle Baron of Lincoln County.” Cattleman, Businessman

Yanauluha edited

‘The Ancient Seer’

testimonial 4


Emperor Norton edited
Joshua Norton “Emperor Norton”

 AKA ” “Norton I., Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico”.Self-Proclaimed Emperor

testimonial 2
ohnathan Doe

Executive Director

testimonial 1
Johnathan Doe

Additional Director

Western npcs
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