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Alice “Poker Alice” Tubbs

Alice "Poker Alice" Tubbs
  • Alias: Poker Alice
  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Human
  • Occupation: Gambler; Brothel operator; Rancher
  • Religion: Not specified
  • Allies: Warren G. Tubbs (second husband), George Huckert (third husband)
  • Enemies: Those who challenge her at the card table, law enforcement
  • Abode/Base of Operations: Sturgis, South Dakota
  • Nationality: English (born in Devonshire, England)
  • Languages: English
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Affiliation(s): None specified
  • Significant others:
    • Frank Duffield (first husband, deceased)
    • Warren G. Tubbs (second husband, deceased)
    • George Huckert (third husband, deceased)

In the heart of the American West, there exists a woman whose name echoes through the dusty saloons and smoke-filled card rooms. Her name is Alice Tubbs, but she is better known as “Poker Alice.” With a piercing gaze and a deck of cards in her hands, she embodies the spirit of adventure and defiance that defines the Wild West.

Poker Alice is not just an ordinary gambler; she is a force to be reckoned with. Her life’s journey has been shaped by triumphs and tragedies, leading her down a path of risk and resilience. Born with an unyielding spirit in her soul, she navigates the treacherous world of gambling with a grace and cunning that few can match.

Driven by a thirst for excitement and a desire to carve her own destiny, Poker Alice immerses herself in the high-stakes world of poker and faro. She thrives on the adrenaline rush of each hand, skillfully manipulating the odds in her favor. Her sharp intellect and ability to read people like an open book have earned her a reputation as a formidable opponent. But beneath her formidable exterior lies a woman with her own dreams and ambitions.

Poker Alice seeks more than just fleeting victories and glittering piles of gold. Deep down, she yearns for a sense of freedom and independence that society denies her. In a world dominated by men, she challenges conventions and defies expectations, proving that a woman can thrive in a realm traditionally reserved for men. Through her victories at the card table, she seeks not only financial security but also a taste of the power and control that elude her in everyday life.

Yet, there is more to Poker Alice than meets the eye. Behind her stoic facade lies a complex blend of vulnerability and resilience. She carries the weight of her past, the loss of loved ones, and the scars of a life lived on the edge. Every card she plays and every risk she takes is a testament to her indomitable spirit and unwavering determination to overcome the odds.

As she continues her journey through the tumultuous landscape of the Wild West, Poker Alice strives to leave her mark on history. She dreams of building a legacy that transcends her lifetime, a story of a woman who defied expectations and left an indelible imprint on the untamed frontier. With every game she plays, she inches closer to her ultimate goal: to be remembered as more than just a name on a deck of cards, but as a legend of the West, Poker Alice, the woman who reshaped the game and changed the rules forever.

Poker Alice

Poker Alice Tubb

Medium Humanoid (Human), Neutral

Armor Class: 13 (natural armor) Hit Points: 82 (15d8 + 15) Speed: 30 ft.

12 (+1)16 (+3)12 (+1)14 (+2)14 (+2)16 (+3)

Saving Throws: Dex +6, Wis +5, Cha +6 Skills: Deception +6, Insight +5, Perception +5, Sleight of Hand +6 Senses: Passive Perception 15 Languages: Common Challenge Rating: 7 (2,900 XP)


Multiattack. Poker Alice makes two attacks: one with her Derringer Pistol and one with her Gambler’s Dagger.

  • Derringer Pistol. Ranged Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, range 40/120 ft., one target. Hit: 8 (2d4 + 3) piercing damage.
  • Gambler’s Dagger. Melee Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 6 (1d4 + 3) piercing damage.
  • Lucky Charm (Recharge 5-6). Once per day, Poker Alice can use her lucky charm to reroll any one attack roll, ability check, or saving throw and must use the new result.


Evasion. When Poker Alice is subjected to an effect that allows her to make a Dexterity saving throw to take only half damage, she instead takes no damage if she succeeds on the saving throw, and only half damage if she fails.

Uncanny Dodge. When an attacker that she can see hits her with an attack, Poker Alice can use her reaction to halve the attack’s damage against her.


  • Derringer Pistol (2d4, range 40/120 ft., loading)
  • Gambler’s Dagger (1d4)
  • Lucky Charm (Magic item granting the Lucky Charm ability)
  • Deck of Playing Cards
  • Cigar
  • Fancy Clothing


  • Lady Luck’s Favor: Poker Alice has advantage on all Sleight of Hand checks related to card manipulation or cheating.
  • Gambling Instinct: Poker Alice can add her proficiency bonus to any ability check or saving throw related to gambling or games of chance.
  • Fashion Diversion: As a bonus action, Poker Alice can make a Charisma (Deception) check contested by the Wisdom (Insight) check of one creature within 30 feet. If she succeeds, she gains advantage on her next attack roll against that creature.
  • Tactical Evasion: Once per short rest, when Poker Alice takes the Dash action, she can move through enemy spaces without provoking opportunity attacks.

Legendary Actions:

Poker Alice can take 3 legendary actions, choosing from the options below. Only one legendary action option can be used at a time and only at the end of another creature’s turn. Poker Alice regains spent legendary actions at the start of her turn.

  • Reload. Poker Alice reloads her Derringer Pistol.
  • Cunning Feint. Poker Alice makes a Charisma (Deception) check contested by the Wisdom (Insight) check of one creature within 30 feet. If she succeeds, the creature has disadvantage on its next attack roll against her.
  • Quick Draw. Poker Alice makes an additional attack with her Gambler’s Dagger.

Currently in the World

Poker Alice Tubbs, a woman in her late 60s, exudes a captivating presence as she sits at the poker table, engaged in a high-stakes game. Her piercing blue eyes, framed by a few silver strands of hair escaping her neatly tied bun, scan the room with an astute gaze.

Dressed in a tailored black suit adorned with intricate silver buttons, Alice commands respect with her poised posture and confident demeanor. Her weathered hands, adorned with a few well-worn rings, deftly shuffle the deck of cards, a testament to her years of experience.

Surrounded by the dimly lit saloon, the clinking of chips and murmurs of anticipation fill the air. The soft glow of flickering candlelight casts dancing shadows across the worn wooden table. A haze of tobacco smoke hangs in the room, adding an aura of mystery and nostalgia.

Alice’s focus is unwavering as she assesses her opponents, studying their every move and calculating the odds. A small smile plays on her lips, revealing a hint of her enjoyment in this exhilarating game of wits. The weight of the moment is palpable, yet she remains calm and collected, a master of composure.

Her confident poise is mirrored by the way she holds a cigar, which she occasionally lifts to her lips, savoring its rich aroma. The cigar’s fragrant smoke swirls around her, blending with the smoky ambiance of the saloon, further enhancing her enigmatic presence.

In this smoky, dimly lit saloon, Poker Alice Tubbs thrives. The intensity of the game fuels her spirit, her mind sharp and focused. She embraces the challenge, driven by the thrill of outsmarting her adversaries and walking away victorious.

With a flick of her wrist, Alice expertly reveals her hand, a winning combination that elicits gasps from the onlookers. The room erupts in a mix of admiration and envy, but Alice simply tips her hat, acknowledging the fleeting moment of triumph.

In this present moment, surrounded by the intoxicating energy of the saloon, Alice embodies the essence of a seasoned gambler. Her current mood is one of calculated confidence, blending seamlessly with the electric atmosphere of the game. She’s in her element, ready to conquer the challenges that lie before her and leave her mark on the annals of gambling history.

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