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Ulpiano Checa (1860-1916) Title: Día de lluvia
en Paris

Air vehicles fly through the air. They are usually propelled by air currents, alchemical engines, magic, or in the case of larger air vehicles, a mix of air currents and alchemical engines or magic. Airships, because of their nature, travel though all three dimensions instead of two. When they ascend, they must do so at half their current speed. When air vehicles descend, they can (but do not have to) move at double their current speed. After the ascent or descent, treat the vehicle’s current speed as it was before making the ascent or descent.

Land Vehicles
CarriageCarriage, Armoured
Carriage, OrnateCarriage, Ornate Armoured
Chariot, LightChariot, Medium
Chariot, HeavyCart
Dog SledLitter, Collapsing
Pedal CartSled
Wagon, LightWaggon, Medium
Waggon, HeavyWaggon, Amphibious
Waggon, ArmouredWaggon, House
Waggon SailWaggon Sled
Land Vehicle Accessories
Spiked WheelsWheel Scythe
Water Vehicles
Bone SkiffCarrack
Collapsing BoatGalley
Sailing ShipSubmersible
WarshipWater Sleigh
471px Emile Friant Voyage a lInfini 1899
Émile Friant (1863-1932) Title: Voyage a l’Infini Date 1899
Water Vehicle Accessories
Axe OarBallista, Shipboard
Catapult, ShipboardDiving Bell
Drag AnchorDrums
Grapple PoleHull Armour
MooringsSea Ram
Sea Ram, DetachingShoring Deck
Winch, LightWinch, Medium
Winch, SturdyWool Bales
Air Vehicles
Alchemical Dragon 
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