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Connor Hawke, Green Arrow

Green Arrow
Interior artwork from Green Arrow: Secret Files & Origins vol. 1, 1 (December, 2002 DC Comics). Art by Phil Hester.

Green Arrow (Connor Hawke)  is a DC Comics superhero. Created by Kelley Puckett and Jim Aparo, he first  appeared in Green Arrow (2nd volume) #0 (1994).

Meeting Ollie

Connor Hawke met Oliver  Queen after Ollie came to stay at the ashram where Connor had been studying  for some years. Ollie had previously retreated to the ashram decades before,  looking for peace after accidentally killing a criminal (in The Flash [2nd series]  #217). Ollie returned to the ashram under similar circumstances, haunted by the thought that he had killed his former best friend Hal Jordan, who he at the time believed had gone insane and become the villain  Parallax. Thanks to Connor,  who was a big fan of Green Arrow, Ollie was able to regain a semblance of inner  peace and venture out into the world again, especially after numerous attempts  on his life had been made.

Connor decided to journey  with Ollie, and created a costume similar to his. Connor served as Ollie’s sidekick,  also meeting with Eddie Fyers, the former federal agent that acted as a form  of counsel for Ollie. It was during this time that Ollie learned about his connection to Connor (albeit from the ghost of Hal Jordan): Connor was Ollie’s son, conceived  during Ollie’s stay at the ashram twenty years before, a truth that Eddie Fyers had already deduced. Ollie didn’t take it well and stormed off, agreeing to go undercover in an eco-terrorist group called the Eden Corps for the government. The mission turned out to be fatal for Ollie, as his arm was connected to a bomb in a plane that was headed for Metropolis. Rather than endanger Metropolis, and refusing to allow his arm to be amputated, he sacrificed himself to let the bomb explode away from the city. With his father dead, Connor decided to take up the mantle of Green Arrow and continue his hero’s work.

The new Green Arrow

Connor continued to travel with Eddie, accompanied at times by Connor’s martial arts mentor Master Jansen, as he tried to find his place not only in the hero world, but also in the legacy of Green Arrow. Akin to the friendship between his father and Hal Jordan, Connor became quick friends with the new Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, who himself was struggling to live up to a legacy. Connor also met Black Canary (Dinah Laurel Lance), Ollie’s former and longtime romantic interest,who gave him one of Ollie’s old bows, which Connor would use from then on (however, the news that Ollie was dead would send Black Canary, who was already suffering from a string of misfortunes – loss of income from the destruction of her florist shop and the loss of her superhuman ability – into a despair which would only be ended by her association with Oracle).

Besides making friends, he also came face to face with Lady Shiva, said to be the deadliest assassin in the world, and was able to fight her almost to a stand-still, making him one of the very few to have survived battle with her.

Connor also applied for membership in the JLA, taking his father’s place. On what would be his second interview, he single-handedly saved the League from the hands of the Key. Connor defeated the Key’s robots using his father’s old trick arrows since his own were destroyed. In the end, he knocked out the Key using the famous boxing glove arrow, and was accepted as a member of the League.

He would later be used by Batman as a “traitor” in the League in a ploy to defeat Lex Luthor’s Injustice Gang. Connor would leave the League afterward, feeling he was better suited for the street-level work and out of his element in the epic adventures of the Justice League, although he did remain on reserve status. He and Eddie would then return for a time to the ashram where Connor was raised, although they both often returned to the outside world, aiding Robin, Spoiler and Batgirl.

Return to action

When Ollie returned from the dead, Connor left the ashram and tracked him down. Connor and Ollie moved in together in Star City. The two live with Mia Dearden, a runaway that Ollie has taken in and trained as his new sidekick Speedy. Since returning to the superhero life, Connor has been wounded seriously twice, once by the villain called Onomatopoeia and once by Constantine Drakon, but he continues in his hero role. He is the voice of reason for Ollie, and the two have since formed a real father-son relationship.

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Connor Hawke, Green Arrow
Medium humanoid
 Wounds17 WP, 122 VP (14d8+42)
Speed30 ft.
AC27 (+10  defense, +7 Dexterity) touch 27, flat footed 17
Base Attack/Grapple+14/+17
AttackBow +34  ranged (1d8+16 17-20) or unarmed strike +32 melee (2d6+14)
Full AttackBow +34/+29/+24 ranged (1d8+16 17-20) or unarmed strike +32/+27/+22 melee (2d6+14)
Space/Reach5 ft. /5 ft.
Special AttacksStunning Fist (14/day, DC 22)
Special QualitiesMartial artist, master archer
SavesFort +12, Ref +16, Will +14
AbilitiesStrength 17, Dexterity 24, Constitution 17, Intelligence 15, Wisdom 21, Charisma 16
SkillsBalance +24, Bluff +11, Climb +11, Diplomacy +7, Gather Information +7, Hide +17, Intimidate +5, Jump +20, Knowledge (streetwise) +8, Knowledge (theology) +11, Listen +18, Move Silently +24, Sense Motive +22, Spot +18, Survival +10, Swim +13, Treat Injury +10, Tumble +26
FeatsCombat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Defensive Throw, Dodge, Fists of Iron, Improved Combat Expertise, Improved Critical (bow), Improved Critical (unarmed), Improved Trip, Far shot, Point Blank Shot, Power Attack, Precise Shot, Ranged Pin, Roundabout Kick, Stunning Fist, Weapon Finesse
Climate/TerrainStar City
OrganizationSolitary (Unique)
Challenge Rating15
AlignmentLawful Good

Martial Artist: Connor is an accomplished martial artist, rivaled only by the likes of Lady Shiva. He gains bonus fighter feats as a fighter of his hit die and unarmed damage and feats as a monk of his hit die.

  • Connor adds his Wisdom modifier to his attacks and damage, both unarmed and armed.
  • Connor retains his Dexterity bonus while flat footed.
  • Missing Connor with a melee attack provokes an attack of opportunity from Connor.
  • Connor gains a +6 bonus to attack and damage rolls when fighting unarmed.

Master Archer Connor possesses incredible skill with the bow. He gains a +5 bonus to attacks and damage when wielding any type of bow. He never suffers attacks of opportunity for firing a bow while threatened.


Bow This bow is an old bow Ollie used to use and has a +3 enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it. It allows up to a +5 bonus damage from a high Strength modifier, and those without at least a +3 Strength modifier take a -1 penalty to attacks for every point of difference.

Razor Head Arrow Creatures struck with this arrow suffer 1 point of damage every round until it is removed. Removing the arrow is a full round action that deals 2d6 points of damage unless a Heal check (DC 17) is made as part of the action.

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