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Ella Marie Tremaine (Cinderella)

“From Rags to Royalty: Uncover the Enchanting Tale of Cinderella, the Ultimate Fairytale Transformation!”

  • Alias: Ella Marie Tremaine (Cinderella)
  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Human
  • Occupation: Servant turned Princess
  • Religion: Unspecified, but likely follows the religious practices of her culture
  • Allies: Kind animals, particularly birds and mice, and her Fairy Godmother
  • Enemies: Her cruel stepmother and stepsisters
  • Abode/ Base of operations: Cinderella initially lives in her family estate but later resides in the prince’s castle
  • Nationality: France
  • Languages: French, (City of Colmar in Alsace)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Affiliation (s): Initially has no strong affiliations, but later becomes part of the royal court
  • Significant others: Cinderella’s parents, who pass away, leaving her in the care of her stepmother; the Fairy Godmother; Prince Charming, whom she marries

Cinderella is a young woman whose life takes a dramatic turn after the death of her parents. She is left in the care of her stepmother, who treats her as a servant, and her stepsisters, who are equally unkind. Despite her circumstances, Cinderella remains kind and compassionate, finding solace in her bond with the friendly animals that share her home.

Her life changes dramatically when an invitation to the royal ball arrives. With the help of her Fairy Godmother, she is transformed into a beautiful princess for the night. At the ball, she captures the heart of Prince Charming, but her time there is fleeting, and she must return home before the enchantment wears off. This sets the stage for the iconic scene in which the prince searches the kingdom for the owner of the lost glass slipper.

Cinderella’s story is one of resilience and hope, as she overcomes adversity and hardship through her innate goodness and the magical assistance she receives. She dreams of a life beyond servitude, a chance to be free and happy. Her fear stems from the possibility of remaining trapped in her current situation, under the oppressive rule of her stepmother. Her kind nature and longing for a better life drive her to seize the opportunity presented by the royal ball, ultimately leading her to her true love and a life of happiness in the royal court.

Medium Humanoid (Human), Neutral Good

Armor Class 11 (unarmored) Hit Points 45 (7d8 + 14) Speed 30 ft.

10 (+0)14 (+2)14 (+2)12 (+1)16 (+3)18 (+4)

Skills Perception +5, Persuasion +6

Senses Passive Perception 15

Languages Common

Challenge 3 (700 XP)

Fairy Tale Charm. She has advantage on Charisma (Persuasion) checks and Charisma saving throws.

Animal Friends. She has a natural affinity with animals. She can communicate with small animals as if under the effects of the speak with animals spell.

Magical Resilience. She has advantage on saving throws against spells and magical effects.

Actions Magical Dance. She performs an elegant dance that captivates her target. The target must succeed on a DC 14 Wisdom saving throw or be charmed for 1 minute. The charmed creature regards Cinderella as a friendly acquaintance and will not willingly harm her. The effect ends if Cinderella or her allies attack the charmed creature. The charmed creature can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on a success.

Enchanted Grace. She moves with grace and agility, allowing her to take the Disengage or Dash action as a bonus action on her turn.

Magical Slipper. Her iconic glass slipper is a magical artifact. If a creature wears the slipper, they gain the benefits of a haste spell for 1 hour. Once this ability is used, it cannot be used again until the next dawn.

Reactions Fairy Godmother’s Protection. When Cinderella is targeted by a harmful spell or effect, her Fairy Godmother intervenes. The spell or effect must succeed on a DC 15 Charisma saving throw or be negated.

Equipment Glass slipper (magical), Enchanted ball gown, Tiara, Carriage figurine (magical), Pumpkin (nonmagical)

Appearance and Surroundings Cinderella stands in her opulent ball gown, her glass slipper glinting in the light. Graceful and poised, she radiates an air of elegance and kindness. Surrounding her are her animal friends, who seem drawn to her presence, chirping and hopping about her feet. She stands in a grand ballroom, her surroundings adorned with majestic decorations, indicating a lavish celebration. Her mood is one of both wonder and a hint of longing, her gaze occasionally drifting towards the night sky.

Roleplaying Cinderella Cinderella is a gentle soul who radiates goodness and kindness. Her actions are motivated by her desire for love, freedom, and the chance to escape her past hardships. She remains optimistic even in the face of adversity and always believes in the power of dreams coming true. She is gracious, polite, and holds a sense of wonder for the world around her.

Creating Encounters with Cinderella

  • Cinderella might seek adventurers’ help to retrieve her lost glass slipper, leading to an enchanting adventure.
  • Villains may wish to steal Cinderella’s magical slipper for their own purposes, leading to a race against time to protect the artifact.
  • Cinderella could serve as a quest-giver, asking the party to attend a royal ball in her stead or assist in solving a problem at the palace.

Cinderella’s Story Hook Rumors spread of a magical ball hosted by a neighboring kingdom, where attendees are said to be granted a single wish. The party receives a delicate invitation bearing Cinderella’s crest, inviting them to the grand event. But something’s amiss, as the host has nefarious plans for the enchanted glass slipper that Cinderella holds dear. The adventurers must protect Cinderella and her slipper, ensuring that the ball’s magic remains pure.

Currently in the World

Cinderella Date ca 1880 Valentine Cameron Prinsep (1838-1904), Cinderella
Cinderella Date ca 1880 Valentine Cameron Prinsep (1838-1904)

Cinderella is a young woman with a kind and gentle demeanor, radiating an aura of grace and resilience. Her fair complexion carries a natural warmth, and her eyes, a deep shade of hazel, sparkle with hope and determination. Her chestnut hair falls in soft waves around her shoulders, often adorned with delicate ribbons or a simple headband. Despite the hardships she has endured, there’s a quiet strength in her posture and an unmistakable twinkle in her gaze.

Currently, Cinderella is kneeling by the hearth in the kitchen, a place that has become all too familiar to her. She wears a simple, tattered dress that has seen better days, yet her spirit remains untouched by the drudgery of her daily chores. The kitchen is dimly lit by the flickering fire, casting dancing shadows on the walls, but Cinderella’s presence seems to brighten the room. The aroma of freshly baked bread and simmering stew fills the air, a testament to her ability to create comfort even in difficult circumstances.

Despite her surroundings, Cinderella’s mood is one of quiet optimism. As she tends to her tasks, her mind often drifts to dreams of a better life, fueled by stories of love, magic, and transformation. Her eyes occasionally glance out of the small window, where the first rays of dawn hint at the promise of a new day. The song of birds in the distance and the rustling of leaves in the wind seem to echo her longing for a world beyond the confines of her current existence.

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