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Although this smiling, red-haired creature looks much like an ape, its posture is as upright as a man’s. It wears a loincloth made of seaweed and clutches a hollow gourd in one hand.

Source Demiurge113
Originally posted on Probing the Membrane of Science

Despite their great intelligence, the ape-like humanoids known as the shojo have no civilization to speak of. Their talent with brewing potions, poisons and assorted tinctures has never led them to develop an economy, they prefer to sleep under the stars than in any sort of permanent dwelling, and they eschew honor and hard work for days spent drinking and making merry. Although many scholars consider this contrast between their mental capacity and their indolence a contradiction, the shojo see it as merely a logical consequence of their intelligence – they have deliberately chosen to abandon responsibility for fun.

A shojo most closely resembles an orangutan, except that the males never grow the enlarged cheek pads of a mature orangutan male. Shojo society, such as it is, is egalitarian and free-wheeling, with the most respect more typically coming to those that have invented a new recipe for sake or devised some clever game than the oldest, wisest or strongest. Shojo are native to remote tropical islands, where they have grown quite skilled at transforming fruits, coconuts, shellfish and bird’s eggs into both potent liquors and alchemical items of all sorts. Each shojo maintains a catalog of recipes and formulae to refer to, and some claim that the first human alchemists learned their trade from these mischievous ape-men.

Interactions between humanoids and shojo may proceed in a number of ways. Trade between shojo bands and ship’s crews are typically mutually beneficial. Alcohols of the civilized world are especially prized to the shojo, and if they are unable to obtain it fairly, most shojo will not hesitate to steal it. The only time shojo fight to the death is in defense of their homes, but a riled shojo is a terrifying foe indeed.

Shojo CR 6
XP 2,400

CN Medium monstrous humanoid

Init +4; Senses low-light vision, Perception +12
AC 20, touch 15, flat-footed 15 (+4 Dexterity, +1 Dodge,+5 natural)

hp 66 (7d10+28)

Fort +6, Ref +9, Will +7

Defensive Abilities rolling Dodge
Speed 30 ft., Climb 20 ft., Swim 20 ft.

Melee 2 slams +10 (1d6+3)

Ranged thrown item +11 (varies)

Extracts Prepared CL 6th

2nd – blur, bull’s strength, fire breath* (DC 16), resist energy

1st – bomber’s eye*, expeditious retreat, identify, shield, true strike
Special Attacks
kill or cure, rend (2 slams, 1d6+4)
Strength 16, Dexterity 19, Constitution18, Intelligence 15, Wisdom 14, Charisma 9

Base Atk +7; CMB +10; CMD 25

Feats Brew Potion, Dodge, Mobility, Point Blank Shot

Skills Climb +11, Craft (alchemy) +16, Knowledge (nature) +9, Perception +12, Spellcraft +9, Stealth +14, Survival +12, Swim +11; Racial Bonuses +4 Craft (alchemy)

Languages Aquan, Common

SQ master brewer
Environment warm coastlines and forests

Organization solitary, pair or party (3-8)

Treasure standard (potions and alchemical items, formula book, other treasure)
Extracts (Sp) A shojo can prepare and use extracts as a 6th level alchemist.
Kill or Cure (Su) Three times per day as a full-round action, a shojo can infuse a draught of alcohol with magical energy. To the shojo, or to any creature the shojo designates as a swift action, drinking this draught has the same effects as a dose of restorative ointment. Any other creature must succeed a DC 17 Fortitude save or be affected as if by wolfsbane. Unused draughts expire after 24 hours, reverting back into ordinary alcohol. The save DC is Intelligence based.  

Master Brewer (Ex) A shojo may use the Craft (alchemy) skill to brew any form of alcohol. A shojo never takes penalties for making alchemical items without the use of an alchemist’s lab.

Rolling Dodge (Ex) Once per round, when a shojo is missed by a melee attack, it may take a 5-foot step as an immediate action. The shojo’s movement in the next round is reduced by 5 feet.
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