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By Nikolai Yaroshenko - Unknown source, Public Domain,, Gypsy
By Nikolai Yaroshenko – Unknown source, Public Domain,

The Gypsy is a traveler, they have reputations of being liars and thieves, as well as a being dabblers in magic. Some civilizations shun gypsies, most are wise to keep a low profile.

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Designers Note :This was not to be a historical interpretation of gypsies, rather it is inspired by multiple forms of folklore, legends and movies, as well as the 2nd Ed. Ravenloft Campaign Setting.

Adventures: Gypsies live to travel, exploration appeals to them like like few others.

Abilities: Like most spellcasters a high Constitution is important, however they benefit from having high Dexterity scores and Charisma improves their curses and spells, a high Intelligence will allow a gypsy to benefit from additional spells known and more skill points.

Alignment: Despite the general opinion of them gypsies may be of any alignment, however most lean towards chaotic good.

Religion: Gypsies commonly worship gods, it is rare to see a godless gypsy. Most favour gods of Travel and Luck.

Background: Gypsies are usually born into travelling tribes, occasionally they are separated from the others or choose to leave on their own.

Races: Gypsies are usually of human stock, but elves are known to travel amongst them. Half bred races such as half orcs, half elves or plane touched can usually find a home among the gypsies.

Other Classes: Gypsies work well with other roguish classes, as well as rangers and scouts.

Starting Age:As Wizard
Starting Gold: 5d4 x10 (125 gp)
Hit Dice: 1d6
Skills Per Level: 6+Intelligence mod x4 Lv 1, 6+Intelligence mod Lv 2+
Class Skills: Balance (Dexterity), Bluff (Charisma), Climb (Strength), Concentration (Constitution), Craft (Intelligence), Hide (Dexterity), Listen (Wisdom), Move Silent (Dexterity) Perform (Charisma), Profession (Intelligence), Sleight of Hand (Dexterity), Spellcraft (Intelligence), Spot (Wisdom), Survival (Wisdom), Tumble (Dexterity) and Rope Use(Dexterity).
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Gypsies are proficient in dagger, club, staff, light crossbow, sling, spear, and short spear. Gypsies are proficient in light armor andno shields.

01+0+0+2+2Knife Fighting, Sudden Strike +1d6
02+1+0+3+3Gypsy Curse 1x Day, Folklore
03+2+1+3+3Family Secret
04+3+1+4+4Fortune Telling
05+3+1+4+4Sudden Strike +2d6
06+4+2+5+5Gypsy Curse 2x Day
07+5+2+5+5Family Secret
08+6/+1+2+6+6Greater Gypsy Curse (-4)
09+6/+1+3+6+6Sudden Strike +3d6
10+7/+2+3+7+7Gypsy Curse 3x Day
11+8/+3+3+7+7Family Secret
12+9/+4+4+8+8Improved Fortune Telling
13+9/+4+4+8+8Sudden Strike +4d6
14+10/+5+4+9+9Gypsy Curse 4x Day
15+11/+6/+1+5+9+9Family Secret
16+12/+7/+2+5+10+10Eternal Curse
17+12/+7/+2+5+10+10Sudden Strike +5d6
18+13/+8/+3+6+11+11Gypsy Curse 5x Day
19+14/+9/+4+6+11+11Family Secret
20+15/+10/+5+6+12+12Dire gypsy Curse (-6)

Knife Fighting: Gypsies are exceptionally well trained in the use of knifes, whenever wielding a dagger or knife they gain a +1 competence bonus on attack and damage roles, further a gypsies level counts as fighter levels for the purpose of determining the feats they can select to use with knifes and daggers, they may select fighter only feats for their knifes.

Sudden Strike: Like a rogue the gypsy is able to take advantage of a foe who has let his guard down, though to a lesser degree. Whenever the gypsy attacks a foe who is flat-footed the gypsy deals it’s additional damage.

Spellcasting: The gypsy is a spontaneous arcane caster and uses it’s Charisma modifier to determine bonus spells per day and spell Dcs. The gypsy uses the witches spell list, and knows one spell of each spell level plus their Intelligence modifier from that list that she is capable of casting. Gypsies suffer no arcane spell failure for wearing light non-metal armour.

Gypsy Curse: Once per day as a free action the Gypsy can unleash a curse upon a foe. The target must be visible to the gypsy and within 60 feet. A gypsy can choose a standard curse which imposes a -2 to attack roles, saving throws, damage roles, ability checks and skills checks to the recipient. Or may choose a more specific curse (see bestow curse variant in Book of Vile Darkness Pg 28). A target can negate the curse by making a will save Dc 10+1/2 gypsy level +Charisma modifier, a failed save puts him under the curse for 1 hour.

Folklore: Gypsies are told from a young age stories of the hungry dead, the wild beasts and the creatures beyond the mist that surround their homes. As a gypsy continues her travels she becomes able to apply that knowledge to identify undead, fey and lycanthropes. The gypsy makes a special check, 1D20 with a bonus equal to half her gypsy level plus her Intelligence modifier. The result functions as the appropriate knowledge check such as arcana, religion or planes.

Fortune Telling: 1xday per Charisma modifier the gypsy may perform an Augury spell.

Greater Gypsy Curse: The gypsies curse increases in power, now it can bestows a -4 instead of a -2 or the gypsy can choose two bestow curse effects, or one of the Bestow Greater Curse variant effects.

Improved Fortune Telling: The Gypsy may 1 time per week per Charisma modifier perform a commune spell.

Eternal Curse: To one that has truly wronged a gypsy she may choose to make its effects permanent. The gypsy must have a piece of the intended victim such as a lock of hair, or a possession such a scrap of clothing. Performing an eternal curse requires a ritual that last 1 hour and cost the gypsy 500 gp and 1,000 exp. Once completed the victim, which the gypsy need not be able to see or within any particular distance (so long as they are still on the same plane) must succeed a will save Dc 10 + Gypsy Level +Charisma modifier or suffers the effect of gypsy curse with a permanent duration. The gypsy can dismiss the effect at any time, however unless amends are made towards her or her people, most likely she will not.

Dire Gypsy Curse: The Gypsies curse now has a more potent effect, it can bestow a -6 penalty instead of a -4 or the gypsy may select 3 bestow curse effects, or 1 bestow curse and 1 Bestow Greater Curse

Family Secret: Gypsies have strong ties to their families, as they walk the path of the gypsy, they secrets of their ancestors empower them. At character creation, the player decides which one of the eight family secrets he will benefit from when he gains his family secrets. Once chosen it cannot be changed. Occasionally one not born of a gypsy family takes the path of a gypsy, he will not receive the family secrets class feature until he finds a gypsy family to join, in which he will undergo a short ritual that involves becoming a blood brother and he is welcomed into the family, this ritual only takes about an hour to complete, but usually a full day of celebration takes place afterwards.

Family Secrets

Blade Dancer

Knife Weapon Blade Gun Hand  - Mikewildadventure / Pixabay
Mikewildadventure / Pixabay

While all gypsies are trained with knifes, your family shows incredible skill and grace, to members of your bloodline the blade is truly an extension of yourself.

Lv 3Bonus Feat, Dual Dagger Fighting.
Lv 7Bonus Feat
Lv 11Bonus Feat
Lv 15Bonus Feat
Lv 19Bonus Feat

Bonus Feat: The Gypsy gains a few tricks along her travels, when a Gypsy gains a bonus feat she may select a feat from the following list so long as she meets all prerequisites.

Blind Fight, Combat Expertise, Far shot, Greater Weapon Focus, greater weapon specialization, Improved critical, Improved Disarm, Improved Feint, Improved Precise Shot, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Quick Draw, Two Weapon Defense, Two Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization.

Dual Dagger Fighting: The gypsy gains the benefits of Two Weapon Fighting while wielding daggers of knifes.

Eldritch Blood

Your family was born of gypsy and witch, you show more magical talent than other gypsy members.

Lv 3Eldritch Knowledge
Lv 72 additional 0 and 1st level spells per day
Lv 112 additional 2nd and 3rd level spells per day
Lv 152 additional 4th and 5th level spells per day
Lv 192 6th level spells per day

Eldritch Knowledge: Rather than knowing a handful of spells, you know all magic’s available to you; you have the entire spell list as spells known.

Additional Spells: You gain access to more magic per day as well as higher-level spells than your other gypsy kin.

Moon Touched

Moon Night Mountain Moonlight  - Imstudio1989 / Pixabay
Imstudio1989 / Pixabay

Your family lineage was known for the hunting of the lycanthropes, one of your ancestors contracted the curse, and your family has a touch of it’s strength.

Lv 3Fury of the Beast 1 x day, Claws of the Beast
Lv 7Maw of the Beast, DR 2 Silver
Lv 11Fury of the Beast 2 x day, Call of the Beast,
Lv 15Hide of the Beast, DR 4 Silver
Lv 19Fury of the Beast 3 x day, Resilience of the Beast

Fury of the Beast: One time per day as a free action, you may call upon your family curse, this grants you a +2 to Strength and Dexterity for a number of rounds equal to your Constitution modifier.

Claws of the Beast: While under the effects of your Fury of the Beast, your fingernails extend into talons dealing 1d6+ Strength modifier in damage and have a crit range of 19-2 x2.

Maw of the Beast: While under the effects of your Fury of the Beast, your mouth enlarges and fills with canine fangs, you can make a bite attack dealing 1d8 + 1 1/2 your Strength modifier.

Damage Reduction: Whenever dealt damage by a physical attack from a non-silver weapon you ignore some of that damage, at level 7 this is 2 at level 15 it is 4.

Call of the Beast: When you use your Fury of the Beast you let out a howl that attracts wolfs to your side, in 1d4 rounds a number of wolfs equal to your level arrive, these wolfs function as summoned creatures.

Hide of the Beast: While using your Fury of the Beast, your skin grows a tough fur that grants you a natural Ac bonus of +3 or increases your natural Ac by +3 if you already possess it.

Resilience of the Beast: While using your Fury of the Beast, you recover from wounds far more quickly gaining fast healing 2.

Fey Friend

Your family has ties to the realm beyond the mist, your blood carries the secret of fey magic and can attract their allegiance.

Lv 3Fey Animal, DR 1/cold iron
Lv 7Spell Resistance 10 +1/2 level
Lv 11Fey Magic, DR 2/cold iron
Lv 15Fey Companion
Lv 19Fey Wings, DR 3/cold iron

Fey Animal: You have attracted a creature from the realms beyond the mist, this creature may be any normal 1/2 hit dice animal, except it has an Intelligence of 10, can speak, has Damage Reduction 1/cold iron and small wings with a fly speed of 20 and a good maneuverability. This creature is your friend and companion; it will prefer to avoid combat. If slain it is not replaced.

Damage Reduction: You have some of the fey resilience within your granting you damage reduction from physical attacks not made of cold iron.

Spell Resistance: Like most fey you are protected from magic, you gain Spell Resistance equal to 10 + half your gypsy level.

Fey Magic: All spells from the enchantment and illusion school you cast have a +2 to there save Dcs.

Fey Companion: You have attracted a second creature from the faerie realm, this time a true fey, a pixie has chosen to be your companion. Like the fey animal, if slain is not replaced.

Fey Wings: You grow a large pair of butterfly wings, these wings grant you a fly speed of 30 with a good maneuverability. If you already have wings, they are replaced with the butterfly wings, however you use the better speed and maneuverability of the two.

Hunters Guile

Your clan excels and using ambush tactics, sworn to protect their families your posses the means to take advantage of your foes.

Lv 3Bonus Skill Trick, Sudden Strike +1d6
Lv 7Bonus Skill Trick
Lv 11Bonus Skill Trick, Sudden Strike +2d6
Lv 15Bonus Skill Trick
Lv 19Bonus Skill Trick, Sudden Strike +3d6

Bonus Skill Trick: You may select any skill trick from the following list as long as you meet the prerequisites, these do not count against your maximum skill tricks per level.

Acrobatic Backstab, Escape Attack, Hidden Blade, Mosquito’s Bite, Shrouded Dance; Spot the Weak Point, Sudden Draw, Timely Misdirection, and Tumbling Crawl.

Sudden Strike: Your sudden strike increases in effectiveness; this damage is added to your normal sudden strike.

Seers Gaze

Your family the gift of foresight, you can rarely be caught off guard and can gaze into the fate of yourself and allies.

Lv 3Uncanny Dodge (Dexterity to Ac), Fortune Telling +1 x day
Lv 7Favorable Fate
Lv 11Evasion
Lv 15Uncanny Dodge (No Flank), Fortune Telling +2 x day
Lv 19Favorable Fate

Uncanny Dodge: At level 3 you retain your Dexterity modifier to Ac even when caught flat footed, at level 15 you can no longer be flanked.

Fortune Telling: At levels 3 and 15 you gain an additional use of your fortune telling ability.

Favorable Fate: At level 7, you gain a +1 luck bonus to all saving throws, further any allies within 15 feet of you benefit from this bonus. At level 15 any allies within 10 feet of you function as though they have the evasion class feature.

Evasion: At level 11 you gain the benefits of the evasion class feature.

Improved Evasion: At level 23 you gain the improved evasion class feature.

Trap Sense: At level 27 your heightened sense of awareness allows you to prepare for traps, you gain the trap sense ability.

Evil Eye

Your family was once wronged, it took revenge by bestowing a hex upon an entire family, your blood bears that vengeance and the power to imbue more powerful hexes.

Lv 3Vengeful Hex
Lv 7Touch of Sorrow 2 x day
Lv 11Lingering Suffering
Lv 15Wave of Grief 1 x day (add Wave of Grief to spell list)
Lv 19Hateful Hex

Vengeful Hex: When using your gypsy curse the save Dc is increased by 2, suffer when using your Touch of Sorrow or Wave of Grief ability gained later, the Dc is increased by 2.

Touch of Sorrow: 2 Times per day as a standard action you may make a touch attack that provokes an attack of opportunity, if successful your victim makes a saving throw Dc 11+ 1/2 gypsy level + Charisma modifier or suffers the effects of the Sorrow spell. (See Book of Vile darkness pg. 104.) You Also add the sorrow spell to your spell list.

Lingering Suffering: When using your gypsy curse, a victim that fails his saving throw endures it effect for an additional 24 hours.

Wave of Grief: as a standard action you may as a spell like ability, cast Wave of Grief, the dc is 13+ 1/2 level + Charisma modifier. You also add Wave of Grief to your spells known list. (see Book of Vile Darkness pg. 109)

Hateful Hex: When using your Gypsy Curse you may apply an additional -2 penalty to the effects, or choose an additional Bestow Minor Curse effect from the book of Vile Darkness.

Healers Hands

Your family was known for their mercy and compassion, you are able to channel positive energy.

Lv3Healing Touch 1x day
Lv7remove disease 1 x Week
Lv11Healing Touch 2 x day, Talisman of Fortune
Lv15remove disease 2 x Week
Lv19Healing Touch 3 x day

Healing Touch: You are able to channel a small amount of positive energy into healing magic; this heals half your gypsy times your Charisma modifier to a single person touched. Using the Healing Touch is a standard action.

Remove disease: One time per week, you are able to perform a ritual to cleanse a disease that ails another. This ritual takes 1 hour to complete, and requires 25 gp worth of special incense. After the ritual is complete the disease is removed.

Talisman of Fortune: A gypsy is a able to make a small talisman, this requires a Craft jewellery check Dc 15 and the expenditure of 1,000 experience as well as 250 gp worth of materials. A gypsy may create as many as she wants, but only 1 per day. This talisman allows the gypsy to turn undead as a cleric of 4 levels lower 1 time per day per Charisma modifier. Only the gypsy who made the amulet can use it to turn undead. A gypsy can willingly give or loan this talisman to another, which will grant them a +1 luck bonus on all saving throws. If the talisman is unwillingly taken from the gypsy the person is convinced it is a talisman of luck, but actually bestows a -1 penalty to all saves.

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