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Yamabushi Kōshō Tateishi in Kumano
Kōshō Tateishi in Kumano

A Yamabushi is a warrior priest who hones his skills of shamanic arts high atop foreboding mountains.

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Often called hermits, Yamabushis live in monasteries high atop mountains training in spiritual and martial combat. Yamabushis harnesses the power of three elements, Fire, Lightning and Earth to ensure their survival and to help defend their mountainous home. By focusing on the elements under the mountain, around the mountain and the mountain itself, a Yamabushi can conjure flames, lightning and travel through the earth.

In addition to their spiritual and martial training, Yamabushis spend most of their days in a meditative state. Meditation clears their minds to help them focus on their skills. It’s not uncommon to have Yamabushis meditate for hours on end, sometimes even days at a time.

To the Yamabushi, the mountain is not merely a home to protect, but a presence that is with them at all times, protecting them wherever they go. As the Yamabushi protects his mountainous home, as does the mountain in turn protect the Yamabushi.

Abilities: Yamabushis benefit from a high Wisdom, as most of his abilities rely on Wisdom to become more powerful. As a warrior priest Strength is likewise important, as a Yamabushi will fight with weapons enchanted with fire. A good Constitution is important for the usual hit point increasements, but also to benefit the Concentration skill, as many of the Yamabushi’s abilities require Concentration to work.

Races: Since humans are one of the most adaptable races, it’s not surprising that most Yamabushi are humans who have adapted to harsh cold environments.

Alignment: Similar to monks, Yamabushi’s training require strict discipline, so they are always lawful.

Hit Die: d8

Skills: Balance, Climb, Concentration, Craft, Heal, Knowledge (Geography), Knowledge (arcane), Knowledge (nature) Listen, Spot, Survival, and Tumble.

Skill Points at 1st level: (2 + Intelligence modifier) x 4.

Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 2 + Intelligence modifier.

10 20 2Inner Flame, Low-Light Vision
2 1303Shield of the Elements (Fire), Yamabushi’s Flame
3 2313 Earth Stride
4341 4Earth’s Embrace, Lightning Strike 2d6
53414Shield of the Elements (Lightning)
6 45 25 Lightning Strike 3d6, Hidden within the Earth
7 55 25 Shield of the Elements (Earth)
8 6626Lightning Strike 4d6
9 66 36 Ring of Fire
107 73 7Lightning Strike 5d6
11873 7Earth Glide (Standard action)
129848Lightning Strike 6d6
13 98 48 Weapons of Flame
14 109 49 Lightning Strike 7d6
15 119 59Earth’s Anger
16 1210 510 Lightning Strike 8d6
17 1210 510 Immortality of the Elements
18 1311 611 Lightning Strike 9d6, Earth Glide (Move action)
19 1411611Yamabushi’s Storm
20 1512 612 Lightning Strike 10d6

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: Yamabushi’s are proficient in all simple weapons plus the Katana and Wakizashi, Three-section-staff, and the Naginata. They are proficient in light and medium armour and shields (but not tower shields).

Inner Flame (Su): After resting for 8 hours you can channel you inner flame by meditating for 10 minutes and by succeeding on a Concentration check (DC 20). You can retry any number of times, but each attempt takes 10 minutes of meditation. After meditating you feel calm warmth within you. While in this state you are immune to the effect of altitude sickness or fatigue from thin air. You gain a +2 insight bonus to your fortitude saves against poison and disease. In addition you are considered to have Cold resistance 10 against the effects of cold dangers (DMG 3.5, pg. 302). This cold resistance doesn’t apply to cold damage. Inner Flame lasts for 24 hours.

Low-Light Vision (Ex): You gain Low-Light Vision. If you already possess Low-Light Vision you gain no further benefit.

Shield of the Elements (Su): By concentrating you can conjure up a shield of one of three types, Fire, Earth or Lightning. It takes a standard action to create a shield and it lasts a number of rounds equal to your Yamabushi class level + your Wisdom modifier (unless noted otherwise). Only one shield can be active at a time, any other shield currently active will dissipate when another shield is activated.

fire shield: A shield of fire envelopes around your body, protecting you from fire-based attacks while also dealing fire to those whom hit you. A fire shield grants you fire resistance 5 plus additional 5 points of fire resistance at levels 5, 10 and 15. Any creature striking you with its body or a handheld weapon deals normal damage, but at the same time the attacker takes 1d6 points of damage +1 point for every 4 Yamabushi levels. Creatures wielding weapons with exceptional reach are not subject to this damage if they attack you.

These flames do not harm you. You must make a Concentration check (DC 15) to conjure the fire shield.

Earth Shield: As an immediate action you can call up a wall of earth surrounding your whole body to block incoming attacks. You gain +1 deflection bonus per three class levels to your AC against the next attack or a +1 Dodge bonus per three class levels to your reflex saves (your choice at the activation of this ability).

You can activate this ability when it’s not your turn, but you must activate this ability before an enemy would make his attack roll to gain the benefits. For spells and effects that don’t require attack rolls (like fireball or breath weapons for example) you can activate this ability in response to the effect to gain the benefits. You must be aware of the attack and not be flat-footed. You are considered to have Improved Evasion when choosing the Dodge bonus to reflex saves against effects that would require reflex saves.

The earth shield is dissipated at the first attack or effect (whether or not it succeeds), otherwise the Earth Shield last until the beginning of your next turn.

For example, Kumano activates the Earth Shield to block an incoming-ranged attack, the shield successfully blocks the attack negating it and the shield dissipates afterwards. If that same attack wasn·t negated, the shield would still dissipate.

At 13th level, these bonuses are equal to half your class level (rounded down) instead.

Unlike most other shields, Earth Shield can be activated while another Shield of the Elements is in place, in which case the Earth Shield temporally overlaps the current shield for the time it is in effect. Afterwards, the current shield continues to exist.

You must make a Concentration check (DC 20) to successfully conjure the earth shield.

Lightning Shield: You create a sphere of red crackling lightning that surrounds your body. The lightning doesn’t deal damage in any way; it instead absorbs any electrical attack. For every 2 points of electricity damage that would have been dealt by an attack (other than your own), you heal 1 point of damage.

In addition, whenever you strike a foe with your Lightning Strike, the elements reward your efforts which strengthens your resolve healing you 1 hit point per die of damage you deal. For example, your lightning strike deals 2d6 points of damage, healing you 2 hit points, while 4d6 will heal you 4, 6d6 heals you 6 and so on. You must strike a foe that threatens you or your party in some way in order to gain this benefit.

You must make a Concentration check (DC 15) to conjure the lightning shield.

Yamabushi’s Flame (Sp): By concentrating on your inner flame (Concentration check DC 15), you are able to manifest a ball of red magical fire within the palm of your hand as a move action. The flame doesn’t give off heat. The flame gives off the equivalent brightness of a torch. As long as you hold the flame in your palm, it will last a number of hours equal to your Yamabushi level. You must have one hand free to use this ability.

As a standard action you can make a single touch attack (that doesn’t provoke attack of opportunity) and have the flames flare up damaging your opponent. The flames used in this manner deal 1d6 points of fire damage +1 additional point of fire damage per 2 Yamabushi levels (max +10). The flames used in the way are dispelled after a successful touch attack.

Starting at 3rd level you can transfer the flame to an object touched. This effect lasts a number of hours equal to your Yamabushi level. You can conjure the Yamabushi’s flame and touch an object as part of the same move action. You can effect any number of objects, but you must conjure a separate flame for each object to be effected. Starting at 9th level you can have the duration be permanent. Treat this as Continuous Flame for all purposes and effects with a caster level equal to your Yamabushi level. Like the spell you must include the material components (ruby dust worth 50 gp).

Starting at 4th level you can use the flame to enchant weapons for limited period of time. By touching a weapon of a willing target or an unattended weapon you give the flaming weapon special property to that weapon as it is sheathed in fire. This effect lasts a number of round equal to you Yamabushi level + your Wisdom modifier. You can conjure the Yamabushi’s flame and touch a weapon as part of the same move action. You can effect any number of weapons, but you must conjure a separate flame for each weapon to be effected.

Earth Stride (Ex): You are able to travel across difficult terrain that normally slows movement without any hindrance.

Earth’s Embrace (Su): You are able to call on the earth to provide you with nourishment for your mind, body and soul. As long as you rest for 8 hours on solid ground, you don’t need to eat or drink for the rest of the day. If your rest is interrupted, you must rest for an additional hour per interruption to gain this benefit.

Lightning Strike (Su): Upon reaching 4th level you can call lightning to strike vengeance upon your foes. As a standard action you can strike a single target within 30ft with an arc of red lightning, dealing 2d6 points of electricity damage +1 additional point per 4 Yamabushi class levels. The base damage increases an additional 1d6 per 2 Yamabushi levels to a max of 10d6 at level 20. Reflex saves for half (10 + Yamabushi level + Wisdom modifier).

Using this ability is taxing and can only be used once every 1d4 rounds.

You are immune to the effect of your own lightning strike (but not to other lightning strikes that produce similar effects, such as from another Yamabushi).

Hidden Within the Earth (Su): Starting at 6th level you are never without your items in a time of need. You are able to store items within the earth itself. By Concentration on one or more objects as a standard action (Concentration check DC 15 + 1 per 10 pounds) you cause the item(s) to sink into the earth. While in the earth the item is in a state of stasis, unaffected by the passage of time. You can store any number of items within the earth up to a limit of 5 pounds per Yamabushi level (max 100 at 20th level). Once stored, you can retrieve any number of the items stored as a standard action as long as you are with contact with solid ground.

Ring of Fire (Su): Once per encounter, as a full-round action you can produce hot intense flames that strike anything within 20ft, centred on yourself. This attack deals 1d6 points of fire damage per 2 Yamabushi levels (max 10d6 at level 20). Those effected can make a Reflex save for half (DC 10 +1/2 your Yamabushi level + your Wisdom modifier). You are immune to this attack.

Earth Glide (Su): One of the most powerful techniques taught by Master Yamabushi’s is the ability to move through the earth and end up in a new location. As standard action you can travel through the earth and transport yourself and gear up to a medium load to a new location within 5ft per Yamabushi class level (max 100ft at level 20). You must immerge in an unoccupied space; otherwise you are pushed aside to a random unoccupied space nearby. You don’t need a line of sight to use this ability, but you must choose your distance in feet before using the ability. If you are unable to transport yourself to an unoccupied Spot within your chosen limit (such as going through a wall but end up within another wall) you are shunted out of the earth to the nearest unoccupied Spot. You take 1d6 points of damage per 10ft of space you are forcibly shunted through (minimum 1d6).

Starting at 18th level you can use this ability as a move action, but only once per round.

Weapons of Flame (Su): As a standard action you can enchant your weapon with bright yellow flames with a successful Concentration check (DC 20). This gives your weapon the Flaming and Flaming Burst special weapon properties. Unlike the Yamabushi’s Flame ability, you can only enchant your own weapon with this ability. If you let go the weapon for whatever reason the flames dissipate, otherwise this lasts a number of hours equal to your Yamabushi class level + your Wisdom modifier. You must have Inner Flame channelled in order to use this ability.

Earth’s Anger (Sp): You are able to call upon the fury of the Earth itself. Earth’s Anger works exactly like the Earthquake spell, and is usable once per day.

Immortality of the Elements (Ex): As the elements last for all eternity, so does the Yamabushi. At 17th level you have no maximum age and can never die of old age.

Yamabushi’s Storm (Su): Once per day, you are able to summon multiple bolts of red lighting that arc from your body striking hapless foes. You summon a number of bolts of lighting for every four Yamabushi levels (max 5 at level 20). Each of these bolts deal 5d10 points of electricity damage to any target within 60ft, Reflex save for half (10 + Yamabushi level + Wisdom modifier).

New Feats

Extend Lightning

You are able to strike targets father away with your lightning.
Perquisite: Wisdom 13, Lightning Strike Class Ability
Benefit: Double the range of both your Lightning Strike and Yamabushi’s Storm abilities.

Recover Lightning

You can strike with lightning more often.
Perquisite: Wisdom 13, Lightning Strike Class Ability
Benefit: You wait 1 round less before using the lightning strike ability again, but always at least 1 round.

Empower Lightning

Your lightning strike deals more damage.
Perquisite: Wisdom 15, Extend Lightning, Recover Lightning, Lightning Strike Class Ability
Benefit: You deal an additional +1 electricity damage per 2 Yamabushi levels.
Normal: Originally the Lightning Strike has +1 additional electricity damage per 4 Yamabushi levels.

Hold the Flame

You can strike multiple times with the flame you conjure.
Perquisite: Wisdom 13, Concentration ranks 4, Yamabushi Flame Class Ability
Benefit: You can strike more than once with your Yamabushi’s flame without it dissipating. You can strike 3 times before the flame threatens to dissipate. Every attack after the third, make a Concentration check (DC 15 +1 per attack after the fourth). If you fail the Concentration check, the flame dissipates as normal.

Roaring Flames

Your Yamabushi’s Flame deals more damage.
Perquisite: Wisdom 15, Hold the Flame, Yamabushi’s Flame Class ability
Benefit: Your Yamabushi’s flame deals an additional 1d6 point of fire damage. Additionally you receive a +4 bonus to your Concentration checks to keep the flame from dissipating.

Enhanced Shield of the Elements

You have mastered the true potential of the Shield of the Elements.
Perquisites: Wisdom 15, Shield of the Elements Class feature
Benefit: Choose one of the shields you can create when you choose this feat.
If you chose fire, your fire shield can strike opponents with long reach. The flames extend out to 10ft feet.
If you chose earth, add your Wisdom modifier to the bonuses you gain for activating the earth shield.
If you chose lightning, your lightning shield heal ability score damage. For every 5 points of lightning damage you would receive you heal 1 point of ability damage. Additionally, you can heal ability drain, requiring 20 points of damage you would receive to heal 1 point of ability drain. You must choose whether to heal hit points, ability damage or ability drain at the time of attack, you can’t combine them (even if there are more damage left over).

For example, Kumano get struck by a lightning bolt spell and chooses to heal the ability damage to his Wisdom that he received from a wraith earlier. The attack does 23 damage; enough to heal 4 points of ability damage, 1 point of ability drain or heal 12 hit points. He chooses to heal ability damage (2 points), and any left over is wasted.
Special: You can take this feat multiple times, but each time you must choose a new element.

Cleansing Fire

Your inner flame provides more protection from poison and disease.
Perquisite: Constitution 13, Wisdom 13, Inner Flame Class ability
Benefit: The bonuses granted by your inner flame against disease and poison each increase by 2, to a total of +4. Additionally, you can cure any poison or disease currently affecting you. To do so, you must extend you inner flame. As always, you most rest for 8 hours before you can channel your inner flame again.

Ignite the Flames

You can enchant the weapons of your allies near you in fire in one powerful motion.
Perquisite: Wisdom 15, Yamabushi level 4
Benefit: Once per encounter you can enchant your allies weapons (as well as your own) in moments notice. When you enchant your weapon with your Yamabushi’s Flame class ability, all allies within 30 ft of you also receive the same benefit. The flames are weakened in this way and because of that, the ability lasts for a number of rounds equal to half your Yamabushi level + your Wisdom modifier. You must decide to use this feat at the time you enchant your weapon.
Normal: You must take a separate move action for each weapon to effect those with Yamaushi’s flame. They also have a duration equal to your class level + your Wisdom modifier.

Reactive Shield

You can erect a Fire or Lightning Shield in a moment’s notice.
Perquisite: Concentration 8 ranks, Wisdom 15, Shield of the Elements Class feature
Benefit: As an immediate action you can activate your fire shield or your Lightning Shield.
Doing so requires greater Concentration increasing the DC for the Concentration check to 20.
Normal: Activating a Fire or Lightning Shield is a standard action and requires a Concentration check 15.

Duel Elements

With sheer force of will you can have your fire and lightning elemental shields up simultaneously.
Perquisite: Yamabushi level 12, Wisdom 15, Concentration 15 ranks
Benefit: By making a Concentration check DC 20 you can opt to erect the fire elemental shield and the lightning elemental shield with the same standard action. If you have the same shield already affecting you the new shield overlaps the previous one. If you fail this check no shield is erected.
Normal: Activating a Fire or Lightning Shield is a standard action and requires a Concentration check 15.

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