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Domain Animal

Domain Animal
Aphrodite (1902; Dahesh Museum of Art, New York)

Granted Powers: You can speak with and befriend animals with ease. In addition, you treat Knowledge (nature) as a class skill.

Speak with Animals (Sp): You can speak with animals, as per the spell, for a number of rounds per day equal to 3 + your cleric level.

Animal Companion (Ex): At 4th level, you gain the service of an animal companion. Your effective druid level for this animal companion is equal to your cleric level – 3. (Druids who take this ability through their nature bond class feature use their druid level – 3 to determine the abilities of their animal companions).

Animal Domain Spells

  1. Calm Animals Calms (2d4 + level) HD of animals.
  2. Hold Animal Paralyzes one animal for 1 round/level.
  3. Dominate Animal Subject animal obeys silent mental commands.
  4. Summon Nature’s Ally IV* Calls creature to fight.
  5. Beast Shape III This spell allows you to assume the form of a Diminutive or Huge creature of the animal type.
  6. Antilife Shell 10-ft. field hedges out living creatures.
  7. Animal Shapes One ally/level polymorphs into chosen animal.
  8. Summon Nature’s Ally VIII* Calls creature to fight.
  9. Shapechange F Transforms you into any creature, and change forms once per round.

*Can only summon animals.

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