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Emohawk Polymorph II

Emohawk Polymorph II

An Emohawk appears as a small, puppet-like grotesque creature otherwise similar to a polymorph.

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Originally Posted by R.M.G.C.L.F. of the Wizards Community forums.

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Emohawks are a smaller, less agressive variety of polymorph. They are half-domestic, and many can be tamed and used as pets.

Emohawk Diminutive Shapeshifter (G.E.L.F.) HD 2d8+2(11hp) Initiative +2 Speed 5ft AC 16(+2dex,+4 size) Attacks Headsucker+3 melee or bite+2 melee Damage Headsucker 1 plus personality drain, bite 1d4-2 Face/Reach 1ft/0ft Special Attacks personality drain, alternate form Special Qualities Horrific appearance, SR7, Darkvision60ft, Fire and Acid resistance 5 Saves Fort+4,Ref+5,Will+4 Abilities Str7,Dex15,Con13,Int2,Wis13,Cha4 Skills Spot+4, Listen+4, Disguise+14, Hide+3 (+10 bonus to Disguise due to alternate form ability, +3 racial bonus to Escape Artist checks) Feats Weapon Focus(headsucker) Climate/Terrain Any Organization Solitary, master (one plus 1 gelf humanoid or humanoid), flock(2-4) CR 1 Alignment Always Neutral Treasure None Advancement 3-4hd(diminutive), 5-6hd(tiny)


  • Like all polymorphs, emohawks sneak about, disguised as animals and objects, waiting for somebody to happen upon them, attacking and draining them, then returning to a disguised form so as to catch the next target unawares.
  • Personality Drain(su) Unlike a true polymorph, an emohawk preys more upon personality facets than emotions.
    With a successful headsuck attack, an emohawk can stun its target for 1d6 rounds, deal 1 permanent Charisma drain from the resulting personality sapping, and alter them by removing their most powerful facet.
  • Appearance A snappy dresser, at least 5 ranks in knowledge(fashion) or Craft(seamstress), or at least two outfits both of which cost 30 gold or highe and Charisma of 13 or higher. Recieves -8 penalty to Charisma, and automatically fails all such checks.
  • Bitterness must be somebody with Charisma score of 5 or lower. The person actually recieves a Charismatic inversion. Subtract current Charisma score from 10 and add the result to 12 for new Charisma. However, the character becomes insanely altruistic, and tends to go through irrational measures to be kind and pleasant. They suffer a -2 penalty to AC and must make a will save dc:17 to back down from any confrontation, and tend towards the most radical measures possible.
  • Noble character with an extreme good tendancies, usually paladin or cleric of a good god. The character’s alignment shifts to chaotic evil effectively, they must make a will save dc:15 to not attempt to pick pocket a fellow, lie when asked for important information, or betray a comrad.
  • Brave Characters with high will saves, any special resistance to fear. The character becomes a simpering coward. They are constantly shaken, and suffer a -5 penalty to saving throws against fear, and must make a will save dc:15 to take the offensive or go first in line.
  • Free-willed A character with chaotic alignment and a will save bonus of +5 or higher or the Iron Will feat. The character shifts to lawful, becomes boring and predicatable giving others a +10 bonus to Sense Motive checks against them and automatically failing all perform, Intimidate, and Diplomacy checks. They suffer a -4 penalty to will saves and a -8 to saves against mind control.
  • Tricky Character with at least 4 ranks in two of the following: Bluff, Hide, Move Silently, Open Lock, Disguise, or pick pocket, and evil or chaotic alignment. The evil or chaotic alignment portion reverses, and they become extremely open, revealing information when asked, automatically failing all Bluff, Hide, Move Silently, Disguise, and pick pocket checks.
  • Sageous Intelligence or Wisdom 15 or higher. Reduce said score to 9, suffer -2 penalty to all knowledge, Spellcraft, and Concentration checks.
  • Each facet drained beyond the first incurs a -2 penalty to Intelligence and Wisdom. The effects can be repressed for one day with a Lesser restoration spell, but it takes a remove curse spell or healing the ability drain to end the effect. It can also be ended by killing the emohawk and consuming a stew made from the pulsating luminous blue sack inside its body. The sack can be eaten raw to the same effect, but it is far less appetizing. Knowing this requires a knowlege(dungeoneering) check dc:18.
  • Alternate Form(su) As per the polymorph spell, except the emohawk assumes only the forms of animal-type creatures or inanimate objects, none of which can be more than one size category larger than it. Unlike its greater polymorph kin, it does not remain animate in object form. A slain emohawk reverts to its true state.
  • Emohawk Familiars and Animal Companions An emohawk can become a familiar or an animal companion at level 2(?), even a pet with a successful Handle Animal check. In all of these cases, in addition to the normal master Creature symbiosis, it bestows a -2 penalty to Charisma, due to its sapping of its masters emotional and personal energies. An emohawk familiar grants its master an emotion-sapping power of their own through its empathetic link. Once per day they can use a supernatural ability that functions as a calm emotions spell, healing 1d4hp if they successfully remove any emotional effects.
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