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From Early Wonders to Galactic Epics: The Mind-Blowing Evolution of Science Fiction Movies and Television

Pre 1920’s Science fiction Movies

YearFranchiseFilmIMFDbRotten Tomatoes
1902 A Trip to the Moon8.2/10100%
1904 The Impossible Voyage  
1916 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea6.2/10

1920’s Science fiction Movies

YearFranchiseFilmIMFDbRotten Tomatoes
1924 Aelita (Soviet)6.6/10100%
1927 Metropolis8.3/1097%

1930’s Science fiction Movies

YearFranchiseFilmIMFDbRotten Tomatoes
1932 Island of Lost Souls7.4/1093%
1933 The Invisible Man 

1930’s Science fiction Serials

1936 – Flash Gordon (serial)

1950’s Science fiction Movies

1960’s Science fiction Movies

By Reynold Brown -, Public Domain,
By Reynold Brown –, Public Domain,

1960’s Science fiction Television Shows

1970’s Science fiction Movies

1970’s Science fiction Television Shows

1980’s Science fiction Movies

YearFranchiseFilmIMFDbRotten Tomatoes
1980 Alien 2: On Earth 3.7/10 
1980 Altered States6.9/1084%
1980 Battle Beyond the Stars5.6/1045%
1980 Flash Gordon 6.5/1080%
1980 Saturn 35.2/1025%
1980Star WarsThe Empire Strikes Back8.7/1094%
1980 Without Warning5.1/10 
1981 Escape from New York7.2/1086%
1981 Firebird 2015 AD3.3/10 
1981 Galaxy of Terror5.1/1033%
1981Mad MaxThe Road Warrior7.6/1093%
1981 Outland6.6/1056%
1982 Blade Runner8.1/1090%
1982 Forbidden World5.2/1060%
1982 Nightbeast4/10 
1982Star TrekII: The Wrath of Khan7.7/1087%
1982 The Thing8.1/1084%
1982 TRON6.8/1074%
1982 Xtro5.6/1043%
1983 2019, After the Fall of New York5.6/10 
1983AnimatedFight! Iczer One
1983 Prisoners of the Lost Universe3.8/10 
1983AnimatedSavior of the Earth4.2/10 
1983 Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone5.5/1025%
1983 Space Raiders4.7/10 
1983Star Wars Return of the Jedi8.3/1082%
1983 Stryker  
1983 The Deadly Spawn6/10 
1984  Dune 6.5/1052%
1984 Runaway 7/1087%
1984Star TrekIII :The Search For Spock6.7/1080%
1984 – Terminator Terminator Terminator 8/10100%
1984 The Last Starfighter6.8/1074%
1984 The Ice Pirates5.7/109%
1985 Back to the Future    
1985 Enemy Mine  
1985 Explorers  
1985 Galaxy Invader  
1985 Lifeforce  
1985Mad MaxBeyond Thunderdome  
1985 Starchaser: The Legend of Orin  
1986 America 3000  
1986Alien Aliens
1986 Eliminators (1986 film)4.7/10 
1986 Flight of the Navigator6.9/1083%
1986 From Beyond (film)  
1986 Star Slammer (Prison Ship)  
1986Star TrekIV : The Voyage Home  
1986 The Fly  
1986 The Transformers: The Movie  
1987 Innerspace  
1987 Lily C.A.T.  
1987Predator Predator (film)  
1987 R.O.T.O.R.2.7/10 
1987 Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity  
1988 Akira (animated)  
1988 Killer Klowns from Outer Space  
1988 Pulse  
1988The Blob (1988)
1988 They Live  
1989 Alienator  
1989 DeepStar Six  
1989 Leviathan  
1989 Slipstream  
1989Star TrekStar Trek V: The Final Frontier
1989The Abyss
1989Star TrekStar Trek V: The Final Frontier

1980’s Science fiction Television Shows

1990’s Science fiction Movies

1990’s Science fiction Television Shows

2000’s Science fiction Movies

2000’s Science fiction Television Shows

2010’s Science fiction Movies

2010’s Science fiction Television Shows

2020’s Science fiction Movies

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