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Chronos, the Lord of Time, Grandfather Time

By Giovanni Francesco Romanelli -, Public Domain,, Grandfather Time
By Giovanni Francesco Romanelli –, Public Domain,

Chronos is the Greek personification of time, often depicted as an old man with a long beard and a scythe.

  • Pantheon: Greek Pantheon
  • Deity Title: Chronos, the Lord of Time
  • Deity Symbol: An hourglass, a sickle
  • Home Plane: The Temporal Prime, a plane between time and space
  • Deity Level: Greater Deity
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Aliases: Khronos, Kronos, Saturn
  • Superior: None
  • Traditional Allies: Ananke, Helios, Hecate
  • Traditional Foes: Zeus, Hera, Poseidon
  • Divine Artifact: The Time Scythe, a powerful weapon that can manipulate time
  • Servants: The Horae, the Three Fates
  • Servitor Creatures: Time elementals, clockwork constructs
  • Sacred Animal: Serpent
  • Manifestations: Shimmering portals in time, echoes of laughter, sounds of a ticking clock
  • Signs of Favor: Miracles that defy time, time manipulation, visions of the past and future
  • Worshipers: Timekeepers, historians, astrologers, philosophers, rulers, judges
  • Cleric Alignments: Lawful Neutral, Lawful Good, Lawful Evil
  • Specialty Priests: Chronomancers, Timekeepers, Temporal Judges
  • Holy Days: The solstices and equinoxes, the beginning and end of each year
  • Portfolio: Time, fate, history, progress, judgement
  • Domains: Knowledge, Law, Time, Repose
  • Favored Weapon: The Time Scythe
  • Favored Class: Wizard
  • Favored Race: Human
  • Duties of the Priesthood: Keeping accurate records of history, interpreting omens, performing rituals to manipulate time, passing judgement on those who disrupt the natural flow of time
  • Major Cult/Temple Sites: The Temporal Prime, the Great Clock of Olympus, the Island of Crete
  • Benefits: Access to time manipulation, divine knowledge of history, visions of the future, protection from disruptions in the natural flow of time.

Chronos is a towering figure, standing at over ten feet tall. His body is muscular and imposing, with skin that appears to be made of stone. He has a long beard that reaches down to his waist, and his hair is wild and unkempt, cascading down his broad shoulders. His eyes are a piercing blue, and seem to contain the wisdom of the ages. Chronos is often depicted holding a large hourglass or a scythe, symbols of the fleeting nature of time.

As a god of time, Chronos is responsible for overseeing the flow of time itself. He is a being of great power and knowledge, and his presence is felt throughout the universe. He is known for his unyielding nature and his adherence to the natural order of things. Chronos understands that time is both precious and fleeting, and he seeks to ensure that it is used wisely.

Born from Chaos and Void, Chronos is a being of immense power and age. He is responsible for the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, and works tirelessly to ensure that this cycle remains unbroken. Though his methods may seem harsh, he believes that they are necessary to maintain the natural order of the universe. Chronos is not a being to be trifled with, and those who seek to cheat the natural flow of time often find themselves facing his wrath.

Chronos’ ultimate goal is to ensure that the universe remains in balance. He understands that time is a precious commodity, and that it should not be wasted. He seeks to ensure that all things are given their proper time, and that they are able to live and die according to the natural order of things. Though he may seem cold and unfeeling, he is driven by a sense of duty and responsibility, and is always working towards the greater good.

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On this Thread

The Grandfather is one of the most enigmatic beings in the multiverse. A creature of all ages, he is the physical manifestation of time itself, both everywhere and nowhere at once. He comes and goes seemingly at a whim, sometimes leaving peace in his wake, sometimes havoc, and sometimes seeming to ignore the material world completely. His motives are beyond the scope of mortal minds, and even the gods do not attempt to control him. His avatar takes the form of an aged man, wandering across the planes in what appears to be an aimless fashion, guarding time and watching each moment pass.

The Grandfather
Medium outsider (Native)
Hit Dice12d8-12 (42 hp)
Speed50 ft. (10 squares)
34 (+1 Dexterity, +15 insight, +8 natural), touch 26, flat-footed 33
Base Attack/Grapple+12/+10
Attack+27 melee touch (Flight of Time)
Full Attack+27 melee touch (Flight of Time)
Space/Reach5 ft./5 ft.
Special AttacksTurn Back the Hands, Flight of Time
Special QualitiesDR 15/epic, Fast Healing 10, Immunities, A Stitch in Time, Deathless, One with Time, Precognition, Time Stands Still, Time Waits for No Man, Timeless Knowledge, tongues, true seeing, Walk Through Time
SavesFort +22, Ref +26, Will +40
AbilitiesStrength 6, Dexterity 12, Constitution 8, Intelligence 24, Wisdom 40, Charisma 26
SkillsConcentration +13, Decipher Script +22, Gather Information +23, Heal +30, Intimidate +23, Knowledge (arcana) +52, Knowledge (history) +55, Knowledge (religion) +52, Knowledge (the planes) +52, Listen +30, Move Silently +16, Sense Motive +30, Sleight of Hand +16, Spot +30, Spellcraft +22
FeatsImproved Initiative, Ability Focus (Flight of Time), Iron Will, Skill Focus (Knowledge [history]), lightning reflexes
Challenge Rating21
Advancement13+ HD (Medium)


While potent, the Grandfather does not attack if unprovoked. Destroying a creature to further his own goals is something that he would never dream of doing. Only those who provoke his ire by attempting to meddle with the natural flow of events will receive the full force of his anger.

A Stitch in Time (Ex): At the beginning of every encounter the Grandfather gains a pool of 9 Spin points. By spending a Spin point as an immediate action, the Grandfather may completely ignore any damage or effects from any and all spells, power, attacks, abilities, or natural hazards. This immunity lasts until the beginning of his next turn.

Deathless (Ex): The Grandfather does not die. If reduced to 0 or fewer hit points, he disappears, reforming elsewhere in the multiverse 1 round later. He will not, however, pursue those who defeated him unless they manage to provoke his ire a second time. They have bought the time they need at a high price, and he will give it to them.

Flight of Time (Ex): The touch of the Grandfather causes his foes to rapidly age, crippling them and eventually reducing them to dust. Any creature who is subject to this attack must make a Fortitude save (DC 33) or advance one age category. A successful save leaves the creature fatigued. Creatures of Venerable age who fail this saving throw are destroyed as if by a disintegrate spell, and cannot be brought back to life by mortal means. If a creature is destroyed through the use of this ability, the Grandfather gains a point of Spin. The Grandfather may never have more than 9 points of Spin at a time.

Immunities: The Grandfather is immune to negative energy, ability drain, energy drain, death effects, disease, poison, Paralysis, stunning, sleep, fatigue, mind affecting attacks, and exhaustion.

One with Time (Ex): The Grandfather may move through time and space at will, as if using the spell greater teleport, only with no restrictions on planar travel. Additionally, he may teleport through the timeline to any time, although he will never encounter himself (although he can be within the same timeline as himself–the Grandfather is exempt to the basic rules of logic with regards to time). Finally, all his abilities are treated as being Extraordinary abilities, as time overcomes even the power of magic.

Precognition (Ex): The Grandfather sees ahead in time, gaining an exceptional insight into things to come. He adds his Wisdom bonus as an Insight bonus to all attack rolls, saving throws, initiative, and to his armor class. The Grandfather is also never caught flat-footed, and is always considered to have rolled a 20 on his initiative check.

Time Stands Still (Ex): The Grandfather may take an additional standard action each round.

Time Waits for No Man (Ex): The Grandfather is constantly surrounded by a field of shifting time. Combat that seems to take merely seconds can take hours or even years. Each round after the beginning of the encounter, roll a d10 to see how much time has elapsed in the outside world.

Designer’s Note on Time Waits for No Man


There is no set radius listed here, simply to keep party unity. Use what you consider the beginning of the encounter to determine the effect, and hit all party members even remotely involved equally, as it’s hard to adjudicate a party when one or two members suddenly phase a year into the future, leaving the other’s behind. This sort of separation should be used sparingly, and only if it would further the plot.

Time’s Passing
d10 ResultAmount of Time Elapsed
1-2No time
3-41 round
51 minute
61 hour
71 day
81 week
91 month
101 year

Timeless Knowledge (Ex): The Grandfather receives a +30 Insight bonus on all Knowledge checks.

tongues (Ex): The Grandfather can communicate with any creature that has a language.

Turn Back the Hands (Ex): Once per round, as a Swift Action, the Grandfather may turn time backwards. Every enemy within 60ft of the Grandfather must make a Will save (DC 31) or gain 1 negative level and be slowed as the spell for 12 rounds.

true seeing (Ex): The Grandfather sees all things as they are. His vision functions exactly as the spell true seeing.

Walk Through Time (Ex): For the Grandfather, all things will fade away in the eons to come, and, as such, they cannot stand in his way even now. The Grandfather is treated as incorporeal whenever it would be beneficial for him to be so. He may also freely choose to ignore the effects of any spell or ability with a duration other than instantaneous.


15(The Planes) This figure bears a striking resemblance to the traditional representation of Father Time.
30(The Planes This may well be the Grandfather, a legendary being who supposedly watches over the passing of the hours. It is said that his touch is death.
45(The Planes) This is the Grandfather, lord and master of the ages. He floats through time effortlessly, and can reduce even the strongest of heroes to grave dust. His presence alone erodes the spirit, if he wills it to be so.
Designer’s Note on why all the powers are Extraordinary
As an immensely powerful being, the Grandfather (the incarnation of Time itself) shouldn’t be able to be stopped by simply mortal magic. As such, his powers are an inherent part of his being, and cannot be negated by simple things like mere anti-magic.

Currently in the World

Chronos is a deity of time, and as such, he has existed since the beginning of the universe. He is a complex figure, feared by many and revered by some, and his motivations are often shrouded in mystery. Chronos’ appearance is imposing, with a body that seems to be made of living, swirling sand. He has no distinguishable features, and his form is constantly shifting and changing, as if he is a living embodiment of time itself.

Chronos’ power is immense, and his influence can be felt in every corner of the world. He is responsible for the flow of time, ensuring that the past, present, and future all move forward in an orderly fashion. His control over time is so great that he is said to be able to bend it to his will, slowing it down or speeding it up at a whim.

In the 1450s, Chronos is particularly interested in the progress of humanity. He sees the rise of the Renaissance and the Age of Exploration as a critical moment in the development of the world, and he is eager to see how it will play out. He watches as explorers set sail across the oceans, discovering new lands and cultures, and as artists and thinkers push the boundaries of knowledge and creativity.

Chronos is not a deity who often intervenes directly in the affairs of mortals. He sees himself as a passive observer, simply watching as time marches on. However, he is not without a sense of responsibility for the world he oversees. He is always seeking to maintain the balance of the cosmos, and he will not hesitate to take action if he feels that the natural order of things is being disrupted.

At the heart of Chronos’ motivations is a desire to see the world continue to progress and evolve. He understands that change is an inevitable part of the flow of time, and he seeks to guide it in a way that benefits all living things. Though he is often seen as a cold and distant figure, he has a deep love for the world and all its inhabitants.

As he watches the events of the world unfold, Chronos is constantly working to ensure that time moves forward as it should. He is always vigilant, watching for any disruptions in the flow of time that could have catastrophic consequences. He knows that the world is a delicate balance, and that the slightest change can have far-reaching effects.

Chronos is a deity of immense power and influence, and his actions and decisions have shaped the course of history in countless ways. Though his ultimate goals may be shrouded in mystery, there can be no doubt that he is a force to be reckoned with, and that his influence will be felt for all eternity.

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