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Domain Abundance

Domain, Abundance
Abraham van Beyeren (Holland, 1620 – 1690) Banquet Still Life, 1667

Celtic Druids and the Tuatha de Dannan

By Dominique Crouzet Full netbook can be found on the followng website

Dom of D20 / D&D 3e Netbooks and Downloads.

This is the typical domain of the Dagdha (with his mighty cauldron). At low level it bring about food, and then at higher levels whole feasts, and eventually life.

Granted Power: When resting, you heal 2 hp per character level per day of light activity and 3 hp per level per day of complete rest, instead of the usual 1 hp per level per day. This can be further boosted by the Heal skill to 3 hp per level per day of light activity and 4 hp per level per day of complete rest.

Abundance Domain Spells

1. Goodberry: 2d4 berries each cure 1hp (max 8hp/24 hrs).
2. Create Food and Water. Feeds three humans (or one horse) / level.
3. Plant Growth. Grows vegetation, improves crops.
4. Minor Creation. Creates one wood or cloth object.
5. Major Creation: As minor creation, plus stone or metal.
6. Heroes’ Feast. Food for one creature/level cures and blesses.
7. Regenerate. Subject’s severed limbs grow back.
8. Magnificent Mansion: Door leads to extradimensional mansion.
9. Clone: Duplicate awakens when original dies.

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