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Great Alcyoneus (eldest and mightiest of the Gigantes)

Alcyoneus, Primordial Giant
  • Alias: The Chaos Titan,
  • Gender: Male,
  • Race: Giant Gigantes,
  • Occupation: Titan of Chaos and Destruction,
  • Religion: None (Primordial being),
  • Allies: Giants, monstrous creatures, chaotic entities,
  • Enemies: Gods, heroes, defenders of order,
  • Abode/Base of operations: The Abyss,
  • Nationality: None (Primordial being),
  • Languages: Primordial, Giant,
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil,
  • Affiliation(s): Forces of chaos, rebellion against divine authority,
  • Significant others: None.

In the ancient annals of mythology, Alcyoneus stands as a formidable figure, a colossal giant with indomitable strength and an insatiable hunger for power. Towering above all others, his massive frame and commanding presence strike fear into the hearts of gods and mortals alike. Born from the primordial forces of chaos, Alcyoneus embodies raw, unbridled might, driven by a relentless desire to usurp the dominion of the gods and reshape the world in his own image.

Driven by a deep-rooted resentment for the gods, Alcyoneus seeks to overthrow their rule, believing that the divine pantheon’s power and authority have gone unchecked for far too long. He resents their control over mortal destinies and yearns to bring chaos and upheaval to the orderly fabric of the cosmos. With each step he takes, Alcyoneus leaves destruction and devastation in his wake, unleashing his wrath upon the world as he seeks to carve out his own path of supremacy.

Alcyoneus possesses an insatiable hunger for power, desiring to claim his rightful place as the ruler of all realms. Fuelled by an unwavering belief in his own invincibility, he marches forward, challenging the gods themselves in his quest for dominion. He gathers an army of monstrous creatures and enigmatic beings, rallying them to his cause with promises of liberation from the divine chains that bind them.

While his motivations may be driven by ambition and a thirst for control, Alcyoneus also harbors a deep-seated resentment and bitterness stemming from his own origins. As a child of chaos, he feels cast aside and overlooked by the gods, fueling his desire to prove his worth and secure his position as a force to be reckoned with. His actions are fueled by a mix of personal vendetta, a lust for power, and an unwavering determination to reshape the world according to his own chaotic design.

In the face of this titan of destruction, the gods and mortals must unite, putting aside their differences to confront the imminent threat that Alcyoneus poses. The fate of the realms hangs in the balance as heroes rise to challenge the colossal might of Alcyoneus, for only through their courage and valor can the world hope to withstand the tempest of chaos that he seeks to unleash.

Alcyoneus – AI Generated Artwork – NightCafe Creator

Huge giant, chaotic evil

Armor Class 18 (natural armor)

Hit Points 450 (30d12 + 270)

Speed 40 ft.

30 (+10)10 (+0)29 (+9)12 (+1)16 (+3)14 (+2)

Saving Throws Str +18, Con +17, Wis +10

Skills Perception +10

Damage Resistances bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from nonmagical attacks

Condition Immunities exhaustion, frightened

Senses darkvision 120 ft., passive Perception 20

Languages Giant, Primordial

Challenge 24 (62,000 XP)

Legendary Resistance (3/Day). If Alcyoneus fails a saving throw, he can choose to succeed instead.

Titanic Regeneration. At the start of his turn, Alcyoneus regains 20 hit points. If he takes fire or radiant damage, this trait doesn’t function at the start of his next turn. Alcyoneus dies only if he starts his turn with 0 hit points and doesn’t regenerate.

Siege Monster. He deals double damage to objects and structures.


Multiattack. Alcyoneus makes three attacks: one with his greatclub and two with his fist or rock throw.

  • Greatclub. Melee Weapon Attack: +18 to hit, reach 15 ft., one target. Hit: 34 (4d12 + 10) bludgeoning damage.
  • Fist. Melee Weapon Attack: +18 to hit, reach 10 ft., one target. Hit: 32 (4d10 + 10) bludgeoning damage.
  • Rock Throw. Ranged Weapon Attack: +10 to hit, range 60/240 ft., one target. Hit: 38 (7d8 + 10) bludgeoning damage.

Lair Actions

On initiative count 20 (losing initiative ties), Alcyoneus takes a lair action to cause one of the following effects:

  • The ground shakes, causing each creature within 60 feet of Alcyoneus to make a DC 20 Dexterity saving throw or be knocked prone.
  • He unleashes a deafening roar. Each creature within 120 feet of Alcyoneus must make a DC 20 Constitution saving throw or be stunned until the end of their next turn.
  • He summons a boulder from the earth. A boulder lands in an unoccupied space within 60 feet of Alcyoneus and remains there until the end of his next turn. Any creature that starts its turn within 10 feet of the boulder takes 18 (4d8) bludgeoning damage.


Uncanny Dodge. When Alcyoneus is targeted by an attack, he can use his reaction to halve the attack’s damage against him.

Legendary Actions

Alcyoneus can take 3 legendary actions, choosing from the options below. Only one legendary action option can be used at a time and only at the end of another creature’s turn. Alcyoneus regains spent legendary actions at the start of his turn.

Rock Smash. Alcyoneus makes a fist attack.

Roar of Dominion. Alcyoneus unleashes a thunderous roar. Each creature of his choice within 30 feet of him must make a DC 20 Wisdom saving throw or be frightened for 1 minute.

Ground Shudder. Alcyoneus stomps the ground, causing a tremor. Each creature within 15 feet of him must succeed on a DC 20 Strength saving throw or be knocked prone.


  • Greatclub: A massive club carved from a massive tree trunk, crackling with primordial energy.
  • Rock: A large, jagged rock imbued with earth elemental power.

Plot Hooks

  • The Rampaging Colossus: Alcyoneus, a colossal titan of immense strength and ferocity, has awakened from his ancient slumber and sets out on a rampage across the land. The players, hailed as heroes of the gods, are tasked with standing against this unstoppable force of destruction. They must seek out legendary weapons and artifacts capable of piercing the titan’s impenetrable hide, gathering the support of mythical creatures and demigods along the way. In their epic confrontation with Alcyoneus, they must strategize and exploit his weaknesses to bring him to his knees.
  • The Titan’s Enigma: Alcyoneus, known as the Riddlemaster, is a master of cunning and puzzles. The players find themselves drawn into a game of wits and intellect as they match wits with the titan. They must solve riddles, unravel complex puzzles, and navigate treacherous mazes within Alcyoneus’ realm. Each challenge brings them closer to understanding the secrets that lie at the heart of the titan’s enigmatic nature. As they delve deeper into the labyrinthine mysteries, they uncover hidden truths and ultimately face the ultimate riddle that could determine the titan’s fate.
  • The Defiant Rebel: Alcyoneus, a titan who defied the rule of the gods, seeks to overthrow the divine order and establish his dominion over mortals. The players, chosen by the gods as their champions, embark on a dangerous mission to thwart the titan’s rebellion. They must infiltrate Alcyoneus’ stronghold, navigating treacherous traps and battling his loyal followers. Along their journey, they encounter remnants of ancient divine artifacts and forge alliances with rebel deities who oppose Alcyoneus’ tyranny. Their ultimate goal is to confront the titan in a climactic battle and restore balance to the realms.
  • The Unbreakable Curse: Alcyoneus, cursed by the gods with eternal suffering, seeks to break free from his torment and exact revenge upon those who condemned him. The players become entangled in a web of divine curses, ancient rituals, and forbidden magic as they unravel the tragic tale of the titan’s curse. They must journey through realms of darkness and confront vengeful spirits, all while seeking a way to lift the unbreakable curse that binds Alcyoneus. Their choices and actions will determine whether they aid the titan in his quest for liberation or become his staunch adversaries.
  • The Echoes of Power: Alcyoneus, once a titan of immense power, was shattered and scattered across the realms by the gods in an act of punishment. The players embark on a quest to retrieve the scattered remnants of the titan’s essence, facing trials and challenges in each realm they visit. Along their journey, they encounter echoes of Alcyoneus’ former might, engaging in battles with fragments of his power and collecting the shattered pieces. As they gather the fragments, they must decide whether to restore Alcyoneus to his former glory or prevent his resurrection and preserve the fragile balance of power.
  • The Sealed Enigma: Alcyoneus, trapped within an ancient seal of divine origin, is the enigma that holds the key to unlocking a powerful secret. The players stumble upon the seal and become entwined in a race against time, seeking knowledge and artifacts that can unravel the mystery of the titan’s confinement. They must navigate treacherous temples, decipher cryptic inscriptions, and face guardians tasked with protecting the titan’s secret. As they unravel the layers of the enigma, they discover the true nature of Alcyoneus’ power and the consequences of his liberation.

Currently in the World

Alcyoneus, the Chaos Titan, stands at a towering height of 30 feet, his massive frame exuding raw power and darkness. His skin is ashen gray, covered in swirling patterns of black veins that pulse with chaotic energy. Jagged, obsidian horns protrude from his skull, framing his glowing red eyes that radiate malevolence. A tattered cloak made of shadowy tendrils wraps around his immense form, billowing with every movement.

Currently, he stands amidst a desolate wasteland, a manifestation of the chaos he embodies. The air crackles with unstable energy, causing the ground to tremble beneath his colossal feet. Dark storm clouds gather overhead, lightning arcing through the sky in erratic patterns. The surroundings are a twisted reflection of his inner turmoil, a chaotic realm where reality bends and warps.

His mood is one of primal rage and insatiable hunger for destruction. A twisted grin spreads across his face as he revels in the chaos around him, relishing in the havoc he unleashes. His eyes gleam with sadistic delight, fueled by the chaos that courses through his veins. Alcyoneus is an embodiment of unbridled chaos, his presence alone capable of instilling fear and awe in those who dare to face him.

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