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Green Witch

By Frederick Stuart Church - [1], Public Domain,, Green Witch
By Frederick Stuart Church – [1], Public Domain,

The Green witch refers not to the color of the witch or what she wears, but her belief systems. Practitioners known as Green witches are dedicated to preserving the elements of nature.

Liber Mysterium
The Netbook of Witches and Warlocks

By Timothy S. Brannan and The Netbook of Witches and Warlocks Team

These witches also take on druidic practices as part of their spiritual journey. Most often they split their druid and witch levels evenly, starting out as witches.

These witches are most often members of the Classical Traditions, in particular Celtic Classical, but it is not uncommon to see members among the Faerie, the Tempestarii or even an Amazon or two. Green witches are most often Solitaries. They view their religion as one of both witch and druid beliefs. Their patron is the Great Mother Goddess embodied in nature herself. They also revere the God as the Summer Lord. They view nature as both a creative and destructive force; a mother that gives and takes away. Because of this most Green witches remain somewhat neutral in their alignment. Very rarely is an evil Green witch found.

Green Witch Level Progression
Character LevelClass LevelsBABFort SaveRef SaveWill SaveSpecial Abilities/Powers Gained
1Wch 1+0+0+0+2Create Talisman, Bonus feat, Witch Spells
2Wch 1/Drd1+0+2+0+4Nature Sense, Animal Companion, druid Spells
3Wch 2/Drd 1+1+3+0+5Summon Familiar
4Wch 2/Drd 2+2+4+0+6Woodland Stride
5Wch 3/Drd 2+2+4+1+6 
6Wch 3/Drd 3+3+4+2+6Trackless Step
7Wch 4/Drd 3+4+4+2+7Bonus Feat
8Wch 4/Drd 4+5+5+2+8Resist Nature’s Lure
9Wch 5/Drd 4+5+5+2+8 
10Wch 5/Drd 5+5+5+2+8Wild Shape (1/day)
11Wch 6/Drd 5+6/+1+6+3+9 
12Wch 6/Drd 6+7/+2+7+4+10Wild Shape (2/day)
13Wch 7/Drd 6+7/+2+7+4+10Occult Power
14Wch 7/Drd 7+8/+3+7+4+10Wild Shape (3/day)
15Wch 8/Drd 7+9/+4+7+4+11 
16Wch 8/Drd 8+10/+5+8+4+12Wild Shape (large)
17Wch 9/Drd 8+10/+5+9+5+12 
18Wch 9/Drd 9+10/+5+9+6+12Venom Immunity
19Wch 10/Drd 9+11/+6/+1+9+6+13Bonus Feat
20Wch 10/Drd 10+12/+7/+2+10+6+14Wild Shape (4/day)
Green Witch Spell Progression
 Witch Spells (+Coven Spell) druid Spells
Character Level012345012345
231    31    
341+1    31    
441+1    42    
542+114  2     
642+114  21    
752+11+14  21    
852+11+15  32    
953+12+11  532   
1053+12+11  5321  
1153+12+11+1  5321  
1253+12+11+1  5332  
1363+13+12+11 5332  
1463+13+12+11 64321 
1564+13+12+11+1 64321 
1664+13+12+11+1 64332 
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