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‘ Flambard’ – A two-handed sword that has gained renown as the hallmark weapon of German mercenary soldiers .Which they use to hew through the opposing pikemen and spearmen whose spears presented a difficult barrier for normal weapons and cavalry.

Used  to break up pike formations, first by smashing the pikes and then by hitting  the pikemen themselves.

A two-handed sword could span up to 6 ft. in length. It was initially a specialized weapon for the infantry, used for cutting or thrusting, to penetrate the enemy’s front line. After the introduction of firearms to the battlefield by the end of the 1500s, the role of the two-handed sword was generally limited to the ceremonial use of bodyguards and civic militia. The maker’s mark on the blade is similar to ones used by bladesmiths in Munich.

This two-handed sword has  a wavy blade that is especially useful for cutting through wooden weapons.

Source:  Pathfinder

1548 depiction of a Zweihänder used against pikes in the Battle of Kappel
1548 depiction of a Zweihänder used against pikes in the Battle of Kappel
Two-Handed Melee Weapons
WeaponCostDamage (S)Damage (M)CriticalRange IncrementWeightTypeSpecial
Flambard50 gp1d81d1019-20/x2—6 lbs.Ssunder

Benefit: If you  are proficient with this weapon, you gain a +4 bonus on any sunder attempts  made against weapons with a wooden haft; otherwise you may use this sword as  a bastard sword.

Weapon Feature(s): +4 sunder bonus vs. wood

Source  Adventurer’s Armory

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