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Stargate (1994)

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It Will Take You A Million Light Years From Home

Sealed and buried for all time is the key to mankind’s future.

It will take you a million light years from home. But will it bring you back?

Poster/DVD for Stargate.

Stargate is a 1994 science fiction adventure film the film is the first release in the Stargate franchise. The plot centers on the premise of a “Stargate“, an ancient ring-shaped device that creates a wormhole enabling travel to a similar device elsewhere in the universe. The film’s central plot explores the theory of extraterrestrial beings having an influence upon human civilization.


  • Kurt Russell as Colonel Jack O’Neil, a career U.S. Air Force Special Operations airman, who suffers a period of suicidal depression after his son accidentally shoots and kills himself with O’Neil’s own pistol. When his commission is reactivated, he willingly enters the Stargate, fully aware that he will likely not survive to return to Earth.
  • James Spader as Dr. Daniel Jackson, an archaeologist and linguist, who finds little acceptance of his theory that the Great Pyramid of Giza was not built by the pharaohs of the Fourth Dynasty. Actor James Spader was intrigued by the script because he found it “awful”, but he accepted the role for the money.
  • Jaye Davidson as Ra, a powerful alien in human form. After voyaging across the universe, searching for a new host that could sustain his dying body, Ra took the form of a curious adolescent boy and enslaved the people of his planet (Earth). Using a Stargate, he transported people from Earth to another planet (where much of the film is set) until the humans on Earth rebelled and buried their Stargate.
  • Kelly Vint Castro as Young Catherine Langford, the daughter of Professor Langford. She is in the opening scene and finds the necklace that will later lead her back to the Stargate
  • Viveca Lindfors as Dr. Catherine Langford, the civilian leader of the Stargate project who was present when the gate was uncovered in Giza in 1928, where her father gave her the amulet depicting the Eye of RaStargate was Viveca Lindfors’ penultimate film.
  • Alexis Cruz as Skaara, the son of Kasuf and brother of Sha’uri. Skaara and his friends aid O’Neil and his men to fight Ra.
  • Mili Avital as Sha’uri, the daughter of Kasuf. Kasuf offers Sha’uri to Daniel Jackson in marriage as a gift.
  • Erick Avari as Kasuf, the local leader of the people living in a city near the Stargate, and the father of Sha’uri and Skaara
  • Leon Rippy as Lieutenant General W. O. West, the commanding officer of the facility housing the Stargate device
  • John Diehl as Lt. Colonel Kawalsky, O’Neil’s second-in-command
  • French Stewart as Lt. Ferretti, a member of O’Neil’s team
  • Richard Kind as Dr. Gary Meyers, a doctor researching the gate
  • Rae Allen as Dr. Barbara Shore, a doctor researching the gate
  • Derek Webster as Lt. Brown, a member of O’Neil’s team
  • Carlos Lauchu as Anubis, the captain of Ra’s personal guard
  • Djimon Hounsou (credited as Djimon) as Horus, a personal guard of Ra
  • Christopher John Fields as Lt. Freeman, a member of O’Neil’s team
  • Jack Moore as Senior Airman Reilly, a member of O’Neil’s team
  • Steve Giannelli as Lt. Porro, a member of O’Neil’s team

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