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 Son of Frankenstein
(1939) on IMDb

Son of Frankenstein (1939)

The black shadows of the past bred this half-man . . . half-demon ! . . . creating a new and terrible juggernaut of destruction !

Son of Frankenstein
The official theatrical poster for, Son of Frankenstein. The copyright is believed to be owned by Universal Pictures, and/or its graphic artist.

Son of Frankenstein is a 1939 horror film directed by Rowland V. Lee, and is the third entry in Universal Studios‘ Frankenstein series and the last to feature Boris Karloff as the Monster. It is also the first to feature Bela Lugosi as Ygor. The film is the sequel to James Whale‘s Bride of Frankenstein, and stars top-billed Basil Rathbone, Karloff, Lugosi and Lionel Atwill.

The film was a reaction to the popular re-releases of Dracula with Lugosi and Frankenstein with Karloff as a double-feature in 1938. Universal’s declining horror output was revitalized with this enormously successful film in which the studio cast both stars.

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