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African Pantheon

The African Pantheon is a rich and diverse collection of deities that originate from various regions across the vast and multifaceted continent of Africa. These deities represent a wide range of aspects of life, from the earth and sky to love and war, and they are often connected to the spirits of ancestors and the natural world. The African Pantheon reflects the many different cultures and traditions of the continent, and their worship has endured through the ages, inspiring and sustaining generations of believers.

(The Trickster God Deity)
Yeenoghu edited
‘Prince of Yeenoghu ‘Prince of Gnolls”
Eshu edited
(Messengers of the Gods)
 (Goddess of love, beauty, fertility, and sweetness)
Shango edited
Shango (Sango)
(The God of Thunder, The Lord of Fire, The King of the Drum)
testimonial 4

The God of Disease and Healing

testimonial 2

The Warrior Goddess

testimonial 3

The Lord of War

testimonial 1

The Orisha of Hunting

  • Babalú-Ayé – The God of Disease and Healing
  • Obá – The Warrior Goddess
  • Ogun – The Lord of War
  • Oshosi – The Orisha of Hunting
  • Oya ( Iansã ) – The Powerful Goddess of Winds and Storms 
  • Yemayá (Yemanja) – The Mother of the Waters
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