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Witch Racial Traditions Elf

By Nils Blommér - Nationalmuseum, Inventory number: NM 2162, Public Domain,
By Nils Blommér – Nationalmuseum, Inventory number: NM 2162, Public Domain,

Liber Mysterium
The Netbook of Witches and Warlocks

By Timothy S. Brannan and The Netbook of Witches and Warlocks Team

Elves were old when the world and mankind were still new. It should be no surprise then that histories of the elves and of witches have often met, intertwined, and drifted apart only to come back together many times. Some elves even claim that it was in fact the elfish race that created witchcraft and discovered its magic.

While human witches, in particular those of the Craft of the Wise, absolutely deny such theories, even they can acknowledge these secrets are buried so far back in time that no one may truly, if ever, know. An elven witch is given the same treatment as that of an elven sorcerer or druid.

Preferred Traditions: Elven witches, for reasons that should be clear, prefer the Faerie Tradition to all others. That is not to say that there are not elves in all of the other Traditions, for there are. Nor is it to say only elves join the Faerie Tradition, but the numbers of elves in the Faerie Tradition outnumber all of the other races combined more than twice over.

Preferred Covens: Elves value their individuality among all other things; as such they tend to be Solitaries. Some join covens usually made up of other elven witches or members of the Faerie Tradition.

Racial Perks: The nature of magic comes easily to elves. As such, there is usually no prejudice of any kind against elven witches within elven communities; and with the preponderance of elven wizards about an elven witch might be mistaken just for another type of wizard!

Racial Drawbacks: None

Racial Archetype, Kuruni: The Kuruni (“kuh-roon-ee” or “kuh-roo-nee”) is the elven witch, and nearly all witches within the elven community are Kuruni. The Kuruni are all member of the Faerie Tradition and follow all of the precepts of that Tradition. While magic using elves are fairly common, the Kuruni is still something of an enigma. Seeming old and young at the same time, one cannot help but feel this witch possesses some horrible knowledge that others were not meant to know.

Kuruni usually take a female elven deity as their Patron and honor her consort. Other Kuruni worship a being known as the Triune Goddess, an amalgam of the elven pantheon’s three main goddesses. In either case, the full coven of Kuruni will always number a multiple of three. Kuruni covens rarely meet and usually communicate with their sisters via magic or familiars. Kuruni can only be chaotic in alignment, but may be good, neutral or evil. The exact alignment is dependent on their racial sub-type, but not limited by it. The ritual tool of the Kuruni is the wand. She will use this in all of her spell casting.

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