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Rogue, Barbarian

While the barbarian class covers the classic, primitive warrior, not everyone who hails from a rough environment believes a strong sword and sturdy shield are the best tools for dealing with tough circumstances.

The Quintessential Rogue
Author Michael Mearls
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Publish date 2002

The barbarian rogue is a trickster and troublemaker. In his tribe, he is the one all eyes turn to when the chief’s prize goat trots into camp with a coat of fur dyed pink. While such an action could earn a barbarian a stiff punishment, in some tribes the same rascal that collapses the shaman’s tent ties a hill giant’s boot laces together in battle or sneaks into an orc camp and steals their champion’s magic sword. This rogue combines a barbarian’s boundless energy and determination with an active, cunning mind.

Adventuring: If a barbarian rogue is not currently engaged in an adventure, he is about to become embroiled in one. Barbarians seek out challenges of all sorts, hoping to increase their prestige and test their wits while making a small fortune in the process. They may take up a cause or seek to battle evil, but most barbarians approach adventures as an opportunity to show off their wit and prove their resourcefulness.

Sometimes, barbarian rogues adventure purely for treasure, seeking to build up a fortune worthy of one of their brilliant mind and inventive wit. These barbarians see wealth as something the world owes them, leaving them willing to do whatever it takes to pad their coffers.

Role-Playing: Barbarian rogues are as wild and free as their more traditional fighting counterparts. They tend to be tricksters, always pulling jokes and pranks on their comrades that are not always well-received by the more staid and proper members of an adventuring band. They are also energetic, ready to dive head-first into a situation that promises excitement, fame, or wealth, though they prefer all three. Barbarian rogues often approach life with a reckless enthusiasm that spills over into allies, invigorating their friends and serving as a beacon of enthusiasm and
confidence even in the most dire circumstances.

Bonuses: The barbarian rogue grew up in the wilds with his clan or tribe, giving him access to several skills and abilities not normally associated with the rogue class. The barbarian rogue gains Handle Animal, Ride, and Wilderness Lore as class skills. He gains proficiency with all simple weapons and one martial weapons of his choice. He also gains +10 ft. to his movement when wearing light or medium armour. This movement bonus does not stack with the one granted by the standard barbarian class.

Penalties: Like their more traditional brethren, barbarian rogues begin play illiterate and must spend two skill points to learn how to read and write. His upbringing also denies him access to a few of the rogue class skills. The barbarian rogue may not spend skill ranks on Forgery, Innuendo, and Decipher Script. These talents are unknown in his simple culture. Finally, the barbarian rogue’s impulsive nature gives him a –2 penalty to all Will saves.

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