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“Come, now a roundel.” One of Arthur Rackham‘s illustrations to Shakespeare‘s en:A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Originally Posted by Tevish Szat of the Wizards Community forums.

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Fairies are the most common fey. They are also the smallest and the weakest. Fairies are generally jovial and kind, more than happy to lent a hand to good hearted mortals. The few evil fairies that there are enjoy playing malicious tricks. Fairies have smatterings of all sorts of knowledge and are decent musicians and singers.

Fine fey
Hit Dice1/8d6 (1hp)
Initiative(+10 Dexterity)
SpeedFly 30′ (perfect)
AC28 (+10 Dexterity, +8 size)
AttacksTouch +18 touch
DamageTouch 0 + shock
Face/Reach½-x½- /0-
Special AttacksShock touch
Special QualitiesSpell-like abilities, Light.
SavesFort +0, Ref +10, Will +2
AbilitiesStrength 1, Dexterity 30, Constitution 10, Intelligence 13, Wisdom 10, Charisma 11
SkillsKnowledge (Arcana)+4, Knowledge (Religion) +4, Knowledge (Local ) +4, Knowledge (Geography) +4, Knowledge (The planes)+4, Knowledge (Nobility and royalty) +4, Knowledge (History)+4, Knowledge (Nature)+4, Perform (Sing, two instruments) +3, Open Lock +13, Pick Pocket +13, Use Magic Device +3, Heal +3
FeatsWeapons Finesse, Iron Will.
Climate/TerrainAny forest
Organizationsolitary, pair, or flight (3-60)
Challenge Rating1/8
Alignmentusually chaotic (often good)


Fairies do not enter combat willingly, though they defend themselves from creatures around their size with a mild shock when needed. This is rate, as natural creatures will not harm fairies.

Shocking touch A successful touch attack deals 1 point of electricity damage.

Spell-like abilities 5/day- Cure minor wounds, Styptic.

1/day- Cure light wounds, Ghost sound.

Light It is hard, if not impossible, to normally see a fairy’s inner body, though they insist it is humanoid. This is because fairies constantly appear as little
glowing balls with wings because they shed light as a candle.

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