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By Hermann Kern - Nagel Auktionen, Public Domain,, Clurichaun
By Hermann Kern – Nagel Auktionen, Public Domain,

You see a small, gruff looking humanoid, appearing to be a gnome with a rough beard, or perhaps a very thin dwarf. He gives you a tip of his tailored cap before tipping back and drinking an entire barrel of ale. He disappears in a cloud of smoke, cackling gleefully.

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Clurichauns are believed by many to be related to leprechauns, some they are simply leprechauns who’ve turned unseelie and their abandoned work. Clurichauns have only mischief on their minds for humans, and they try as hard as they can create hardships for most of the sentient humanoids. They will break into homes and consume food, especially alcohol, for sport. They use their abilities to kidnap domestic animals, treating them as their servants and mounts as they see fit then abandoning them.

Clurichauns appear as small, squat ugly men dressed in finery. Unlike the leprechauns leather apron and craftsmen’s gear, Clurichauns always dress with intent to impress. They have gold and silver buckles on their shoes, and their coats and caps have thread of silver brocade. They dress in blues and dark greens, usually, with blue stockings. While they do not work, they do always carry a hammer and other tools of the cobblers trade like leprechauns, though they rarely pick them up for anything but to fight.
Clurichauns, when recognized as fey, are often mistaken for leprechauns and those who catch a Clurichaun expecting to get a crock of gold are often sorry after the Clurichaun leads them on a wild chase through the forest only to teleport away, leaving their foolish pursuers stranded.

Clurichauns are said to be always drunk. They plague drunkards or dishonest servants who steal wine; if the victim attempts to move away from their tormenter, the clurichaun will hop into a cask to accompany them.

Small fey
Hit Dice3d6+6 (16hp)
AC15 (+1 Size, +2 natural, +2 Dexterity); Flatfooted 13, Touch 13
Base Attack/Grapple+1 /-4
AttackLight Hammer +5 Melee (1d3-1) or Light Hammer +5 Ranged (1d3-1)
Full AttackLight Hammer +5 Melee (1d3-1) or Light Hammer +5 Ranged (1d3-1)
Face/Reach5ft /5ft
Special AttacksQuaff, Spell-like Abilities
Special QualitiesLow Light Vision, DR 5/cold iron, Honest Day’s Work
SavesFort +2, Ref +6, Wil +5
AbilitiesStrength 9, Dexterity 17, Constitution 12, Intelligence 11, Wisdom 15, Charisma 19
SkillsAppraise +3(+5 for Cobbled goods), Craft (Cobblesmith) +10, Concentration +7, Bluff +7, Disguise +7(+9 to act in character), Handle Animal +7, Hide +10, Intimidate +9, Move Silently +7, Sense Motive +5
FeatsWeapon Finesse, Toughness
EnvironmentTemperate Forrest
Challenge Rating2
AlignmentChaotic Neutral
AdvancementBy character class


If pushed to fight, a Clurichauns can strike their their cobblers hammers, but rarely do so. Most seek to circumvent combat with clever tricks and fast talking. Though they are often nasty and dislikable, they can speak with a honeyed tongue when it suits them and many use Bluffs or intimidations to get out of combat. They will often disguise themselves as Gnomes or dwarves and trick passers-by into giving them money for drink. More than one party has been arrested or run out of town because a Clurichaun outdrank their patron’s pockets.

Quaff (Su) Clurichauns have a nearly bottomless appetite when it comes to drink. Swill, beer, ale, grog, what-have-you, it all goes down with incredible speed and with seemingly no effect. A Clurichauns can drink Alcohol seemingly endlessly and never get full, even if they’ve gorged themselves on food and other drink. If they can be fooled into drinking Alcohol served in a cold-iron tankard, however, they’ll be immediately full and not able to drink Alcohol again for a week and a day.

Spell-like Abilities

Caster Level 5th.

Honest Day’s Work If a Clurichauns can be fooled one of three ways, you can make a demand of them to perform a service. Tricking a Clurichauns to drinking Alcohol from a cold iron tankard or flask(see Quaff above), tricking them to pick up cold iron tools, or tricking them into drinking from sundown to sunup(and providing the vast quantities of Alcohol necessary) will earn you the right to make a demand of them. This request is to perform a single service. They cannot trick or twist the nature of the service and will not use it to retaliate against the requester, though they may retaliate later.

The most common demand it to Craft a pair of Clurichauns Slippers (see below). Crafting these slippers always takes a week and a day, and they are imbued with unique magic. Other services may be demanded from the Clurichauns, but they must be complete in only a single day. Releasing a Clurichauns from their demand without asking for anything will often earn the creatures grudging respect and he may offer a small service in return. However, this offered service is not bound by the above protections and many particularly vindictive or evil Clurichauns will use this to get back at those who have tricked or outsmarted them.

Skills Clurichauns have a +4 racial bonus on Craft (Cobblesmith) checks.

Clurichauns Slippers These finely crafted shoes are made of supple blue leather with silver buckles. The very first time they are put on they slide effortlessly onto the foot and size to fit their wearer. They provide a +2 competence bonus on Balance and Move Silently checks. They also provide a +2 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy checks when dealing with fey. Once a pair of Clurichauns Slippers has been put on, they will not fit any other character, though their owner may take them off and put them back on as they see fit. Attempting to force a pair of Clurichauns Slippers you don’t own onto your feet will destroy them.

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