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Oceania Npcs

Oceania Npcs

Oceania, the vast region encompassing the islands and nations of the Pacific Ocean, is a diverse and culturally rich part of the world. Its NPCs (Non-Player Characters) reflect this diversity, with a wide range of backgrounds, cultures, and stories. From indigenous islanders to dwellers of newly formed towns, Oceania’s NPCs offer a fascinating glimpse into the people and cultures that call this region home.

In this introduction to Oceania NPCs, we will explore the unique characteristics, customs, and challenges that NPCs in this region may face. Whether you’re delving into a role-playing game, crafting a story, or simply curious about the cultures of Oceania, these NPCs bring depth and authenticity to your narratives and adventures.

William Buckley
William Buckley (The Australian Escapee)

 Former convict, wilderness survivor, mediator.

William Dampier1 edited
William Dampier (Seafaring Explorer)

Explorer, Pirate, Privateer, Navigator, Naturalist

Mark Jeffreys 1 edited
Mark Jeffrey, “Big Mark”

 Former convict, burglar, grave digger

800px A strange apparition Ned Kellys last stand
Ned Kelly

Additional Director

Jeronimus Cornelisz
Jeronimus Cornelisz, Mutinous Sailor

Sailor, later mutineer

testimonial 3
Johnathan Doe

Marketing Director

testimonial 4


testimonial 1
Johnathan Doe

Additional Director

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