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Sigurður Stefánsson, the Nordic Explorer

Sigurður Stefánsson, the Nordic Explorer
  • Alias – None known
  • Gender – Male
  • Race – Human
  • Occupation – Teacher, Historian, Explorer
  • Religion – Follower of the Norse Gods
  • Allies – Fellow scholars, researchers, and explorers; individuals interested in Viking history and Norse discoveries
  • Enemies – Potentially individuals who oppose or question the authenticity of his findings, or those who hold conflicting religious beliefs
  • Abode/Base of Operations – Former monastery of Skálholt, Iceland
  • Nationality – Icelandic
  • Languages – Icelandic, likely Danish and other languages relevant to historical research
  • Alignment – Neutral Good
  • Affiliation(s) – University of Copenhagen (as a former student), Skálholt monastery (as a teacher and researcher)
  • Significant Others – Family members, descendants of ancient Icelandic figures he may be connected to through his lineage

Sigurður Stefánsson, a young and adventurous teacher from Skálholt, possesses an intriguing lineage, tracing his roots back to a revered bishop of the same region. Fuelled by an insatiable passion for history and a deep curiosity about the ancient Norse discoveries, Sigurður embarks on a daring quest to unveil the hidden mysteries of the western Atlantic. His primary goal is to mark the sites of the long-lost Viking settlements, particularly the legendary Vinland, on a map, using the available documentary evidence as his guide.

Equipped with a strong academic background, Sigurður enriches his knowledge and understanding of the Vikings by studying at the prestigious University of Copenhagen. Armed with the invaluable knowledge gained during his time at the renowned institution, he returns to his homeland, where he assumes the role of a teacher at the former monastery of Skálholt. The monastery, steeped in religious and educational significance, becomes the perfect base for Sigurður’s continued research and exploration.

Driven by a desire to preserve the ancient legacy of his ancestors and enlighten future generations about the rich heritage of the Vikings, Sigurður devotes himself to meticulously mapping the sites of historical significance. With a combination of scholarly dedication and adventurous spirit, he ventures into the untamed reaches of the western Atlantic, meticulously marking the footprints of his ancient forefathers and the traces of their incredible voyages.

Sigurður’s life becomes a captivating tale of discovery and historical investigation, where he delves into the annals of history, piecing together fragments of the past to unlock the secrets of the Norse explorations. As he uncovers ancient truths and unravels the mysteries of Vinland and beyond, Sigurður’s determination to illuminate the Viking heritage in the western Atlantic becomes a beacon of knowledge and understanding for all who seek to learn about this fascinating chapter in history.

Sigurður Stefánsson, the Nordic Explorer

Medium humanoid (human), neutral good

Armor Class 12

Hit Points 110 (20d8 + 20)

Speed 30 ft.


Saving Throws Intelligence +7, Wisdom +9, Charisma +10

Skills History +7, Investigation +10, Perception +9, Survival +9

Senses passive Perception 19

Languages Icelandic, Old Norse, Runes

Challenge 12 (8,400 XP)

Nordic Heritage. Sigurður Stefánsson is deeply connected to his Norse roots, gaining advantage on all Intelligence and Wisdom checks related to Norse history, culture, and mythology.

Spellcasting. Sigurður Stefánsson is a 9th-level spellcaster. His spellcasting ability is Charisma (spell save DC 18, +10 to hit with spell attacks). He has the following spells prepared:

  • Cantrips (at will): message, prestidigitation, resistance
  • 1st level (4 slots): comprehend languages, detect magic, protection from evil and good, unseen servant
  • 2nd level (3 slots): locate object, suggestion
  • 3rd level (3 slots): dispel magic, sending
  • 4th level (3 slots): locate creature, stoneskin
  • 5th level (1 slot): legend lore


Runed Longsword. Melee Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 6 (1d8 + 2) slashing damage.

Nordic Mark. As a bonus action, Sigurður can mark a creature he can see within 60 feet. The marked creature has disadvantage on all saving throws against Sigurður’s spells and abilities until the end of his next turn.

Blessing of the Runes. Sigurður Stefánsson can use a bonus action to bless himself or a willing creature within 30 feet with the power of ancient runes. The target gains advantage on their next ability check or saving throw.

Legendary Resistance (3/Day). If Sigurður Stefánsson fails a saving throw, he can choose to succeed instead.


Runic Ward. When Sigurður Stefánsson is targeted by a spell or magical effect, he can use his reaction to invoke ancient runes and gain advantage on the saving throw against that spell or effect.

Lair Actions

On initiative count 20 (losing initiative ties), Sigurður Stefánsson takes a lair action to cause one of the following magical effects. Sigurður can’t use the same effect two rounds in a row:

  1. Mystical Insights. Sigurður gains advantage on his next spell attack roll.
  2. Runes of Protection. Sigurður and his allies within 30 feet gain temporary hit points equal to 2d8 + his Charisma modifier.
  3. Nordic Resilience. Sigurður and his allies within 30 feet gain advantage on saving throws against being frightened or charmed.


  • Runed Longsword
  • Explorer’s Pack
  • 3 Runes of Protection (consumable, grants resistance to a chosen damage type for 1 hour)

Currently in the World

Sigurður Stefánsson was a tall and lean man with an air of quiet intelligence about him. His piercing blue eyes often reflected his deep passion for history and exploration. His wavy blond hair, now slightly graying, was usually kept neat under a simple, well-worn hat. His weathered hands bore the marks of an explorer, calloused from years of handling maps, documents, and tools during his expeditions.

Currently, Sigurður sits in his study, surrounded by ancient tomes and maps strewn across the wooden table. The warm glow of candlelight illuminates the room as he meticulously examines one of his latest discoveries. His eyes light up with excitement as he uncovers new insights into the Norse explorations in the western Atlantic, particularly the fabled land of Vinland. His mood is one of eager determination, fueled by his quest to piece together the puzzle of Viking history.

The study, once a quiet corner of the Skálholt monastery, has now become a hub of knowledge and adventure under Sigurður’s stewardship. Viking artifacts and illustrations adorn the walls, serving as a constant reminder of the ancient world he is determined to uncover. A faint smell of old parchment and ink lingers in the air, a testament to the countless hours he spends pouring over historical records.

Outside the study’s window, the Icelandic landscape stretches out, a rugged and breathtaking vista of rolling hills and vast open spaces. The distant sound of the ocean echoes in the background, reminding Sigurður Stefánsson of the endless possibilities and uncharted territories that await his exploration. As he glances outside, a sense of awe and wonder washes over him, solidifying his resolve to honor his ancestors and the Norse Gods through his relentless pursuit of knowledge and discovery.

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