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Cadmus, ‘The Dragon Slayer, The Founder of Thebes’

“Unearth the Legendary Tale of Cadmus: Dragon Slayer, City Founder, and Mythical Hero!”

By Hendrik Goltzius -, Public Domain,, Cadmus
By Hendrik Goltzius –, Public Domain,
  • Alias: The Dragon Slayer, The Founder of Thebes
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Human
  • Occupation: Hero, City Founder
  • Religion: Devotee of the Hellenic Pantheon
  • Allies: Athena (who guided and aided him), The Spartoi (warriors he formed an alliance with), various fellow adventurers and mortal heroes
  • Enemies: The dragon he faced during his quest, malevolent forces that opposed his vision for Thebes, and other mythical creatures that crossed his path
  • Abode/Base of Operations: Thebes, the city he founded and ruled
  • Nationality: Phoenician (originally from Tyre) but later became associated with Greek identity due to his heroic deeds in Greece
  • Languages: Phoenician, Ancient Greek, possibly other languages he encountered during his adventures
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, driven by a strong sense of justice and a desire to protect and nurture his people
  • Affiliation(s): The Olympian Pantheon, Thebes (the city he founded and ruled), and various heroic companions and allies
  • Significant others: Europa (his sister, whose abduction by Zeus prompted his heroic quest), and possibly other romantic interests encountered during his adventures.

In the ancient lands of Thebes, a valiant figure emerges, known as Cadmus. With a noble heart and unwavering determination, Cadmus embodies the quintessential hero archetype, setting forth on a journey that intertwines destiny and ambition.

As a character, Cadmus possesses an aura of resilience and wisdom beyond his years. His unwavering resolve stems from his love for his homeland and his unwavering desire to bring prosperity and security to his people. The weight of responsibility rests heavily upon his shoulders, yet he carries it with grace, knowing that his actions will shape the fate of Thebes and its inhabitants.

Cadmus, once a prince of the Phoenician city of Tyre, was thrust into his heroic odyssey when a terrible calamity befell his family. His sister Europa was abducted by Zeus in the form of a bull, and driven by filial love, Cadmus set forth on an epic quest to find her. This quest led him to the shores of ancient Greece, where his path became intertwined with myth and legend.

By Maxfield Parrish - [1], Public Domain,
By Maxfield Parrish – [1], Public Domain,

As he ventured further into the unknown, Cadmus encountered a monstrous dragon guarding a sacred spring. Instead of backing down, he faced the ferocious beast with unyielding courage and determination. Armed with a divine sword gifted by the goddess Athena herself, Cadmus confronted the dragon in a fierce battle that would forever be etched in history.

With the dragon vanquished, Cadmus found himself standing victorious, yet his journey had only just begun. Guided by the guidance of the goddess Athena, he sowed the teeth of the slain dragon into the earth, and from these teeth sprouted a fearsome band of armed warriors known as the Spartoi. Through cunning and diplomacy, Cadmus managed to unite the warriors into a formidable force, setting the foundation for a new era in Thebes.

But the path of a hero is fraught with challenges, and Cadmus faced his fair share of trials. He was embroiled in political intrigue and faced the wrath of gods and vengeful forces. However, every obstacle only served to strengthen his resolve, for his dream was not just to found a city, but to create a bastion of prosperity and peace where his people could thrive.

Through courage, wisdom, and a deep sense of purpose, Cadmus navigates the tumultuous waters of his destiny. As he strives to build a city worthy of his vision, he also seeks to instill the values of justice, unity, and reverence for the gods in the hearts of his subjects. Cadmus’ journey is not only a tale of heroism, but a testament to the indomitable spirit of mortals and their capacity to shape their own destinies.

Medium humanoid (human), Lawful Good

Armor Class 18 (Dragon Scale Mail) Hit Points 175 (20d8 + 80) Speed 30 ft.


Saving Throws Str +9, Con +8, Wis +8, Cha +9 Skills Athletics +9, History +7, Insight +8, Persuasion +9 Senses Passive Perception 14 Languages Phoenician, Greek,, Celestial Challenge 17 (18,000 XP)

Legendary Resistance (3/Day). If Cadmus fails a saving throw, he can choose to succeed instead.


Multiattack. Cadmus makes three melee attacks: two with his divine shortsword and one with his spear.

NameWeapon AttackDamageRange
Divine Shortsword.+9 to hit1d6+5 slashingMelee
Divine Shortsword (2nd attack).+9 to hit1d6+5 slashingMelee
Spear.+9 to hit1d6+5 piercingMelee or 20/60 ft.

Commanding Presence. As a bonus action, Cadmus can bolster the resolve of his allies. Allies within 30 feet gain advantage on their next attack roll or saving throw.

Dragon-Slayer’s Strike. Once per turn, when Cadmus hits a dragon or a creature with the dragon type with his divine shortsword, the target takes an additional 2d10 radiant damage.

Lair Actions

On initiative count 20 (losing initiative ties), Cadmus takes a lair action to cause one of the following effects:

  1. Summon Spartoi: Cadmus summons 2d4 Spartoi warriors to aid him in battle. The Spartoi act immediately after Cadmus and obey his commands.
  2. Inspiring Aura: Cadmus exudes an aura of inspiration. Allies within 60 feet gain temporary hit points equal to Cadmus’ Charisma modifier (minimum of 1) at the start of their turn.
  3. Commanding Shout: Cadmus lets out a commanding shout. All enemies within 30 feet of Cadmus must make a DC 17 Wisdom saving throw or be frightened for 1 minute. They can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of their turns, ending the effect on a success.


Divine Shield. When Cadmus is hit by an attack, he can use his reaction to raise his divine shield. He gains a +5 bonus to his AC against that attack.

Legendary Actions

Cadmus can take 3 legendary actions, choosing from the options below. Only one legendary action option can be used at a time and only at the end of another creature’s turn. Cadmus regains spent legendary actions at the start of his turn.

  1. Attack. He makes one melee attack with his divine shortsword.
  2. Defensive Stance. He gains resistance to all damage until the start of his next turn.
  3. Inspiring Words (Costs 2 Actions). He inspires an ally within 60 feet. The ally gains advantage on their next attack roll or saving throw.


  • Dragon Scale Mail: A magnificent armor crafted from the scales of the dragon Cadmus defeated, providing excellent protection and a regal appearance.
  • Divine Shortsword (+3): A finely crafted shortsword gifted to Cadmus by Athena herself. It glows with a faint divine radiance and counts as a magical weapon.
  • Divine Spear (+2): A spear infused with celestial magic, granting Cadmus advantage on attack rolls against dragons and creatures with the dragon type. Counts as a magical weapon.

Currently in the World

Cadmus, a rugged and weathered hero with broad shoulders and a tall, commanding presence, stands in the heart of Thebes, his legendary city. His dark hair, now streaked with silver, flows freely down to his shoulders, framing a face etched with the wisdom of countless adventures. His eyes, a piercing shade of blue, hold a mix of determination and empathy, reflecting the weight of his responsibilities as a leader.

Clad in a battle-worn yet regal attire, adorned with symbols of his heroic deeds and the reverence he holds for the gods, Cadmus exudes an aura of authority and respect. A finely crafted sword, the one gifted to him by Athena during his fateful encounter with the dragon, rests comfortably at his side.

Currently, Cadmus is overseeing the bustling activity of Thebes, the city he built from the ground up. Citizens of diverse backgrounds go about their daily tasks, and the sounds of hammers, chisels, and laughter fill the air. The city walls, erected with his own hands alongside the Spartoi, stand as a symbol of the unity and strength he fostered among his people.

As he walks through the city’s central plaza, his keen eyes observe the interactions of his subjects. His mood is one of measured contentment and pride, knowing that the vision he had for Thebes has become a reality. He feels a deep sense of responsibility towards his people, a desire to protect them from harm, and to provide them with a thriving community where justice and harmony prevail.

The sun shines brightly overhead, casting a warm glow on the city’s marble architecture and the people who call it home. With every step he takes, he remains aware of the challenges that lie ahead, as the path of a hero is never without trials. However, the unwavering support of his allies and the gods’ guidance give him the strength to face whatever may come.

As he surveys the cityscape, Cadmus takes a moment to reflect on his journey – from a determined prince seeking his sister, to a celebrated hero and revered founder of Thebes. His adventures have shaped him into the leader he is today, and he stands ready to face whatever the future holds, knowing that his actions will continue to shape the destiny of Thebes and its people.

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