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Andromeda, the Celestial Princess, Princess of Ethiopia

“Andromeda: The captivating princess who faced a monstrous fate, a tale of courage, love, and divine intervention!”

  • Alias: Andromeda
  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Human
  • Occupation: Princess, Seeker of Knowledge
  • Religion: Devotee of the Greek pantheon
  • Allies: Perseus (rescuer and eventual husband), skilled adventurers, wise sages, divine beings associated with knowledge and wisdom
  • Enemies: Poseidon (god who sent the sea monster), monstrous creatures, malevolent gods or forces aligned with chaos or destruction
  • Abode/Base of operations: Royal palace in her kingdom, libraries and archives, ancient ruins housing mystical artifacts
  • Nationality: Greek
  • Languages: Common (Ancient Greek), potentially other languages prevalent in the realm
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Affiliation(s): The royal lineage of her kingdom, scholars and seekers of knowledge, organizations promoting justice and righteousness
  • Significant others: Perseus, the hero who rescued her and became her husband, a valiant and skilled companion in her adventures.

Introducing Andromeda, a spirited princess whose story unfolds with grace and resilience. With an ethereal beauty that captivates all who behold her, she possesses a gentle yet indomitable spirit that shines through her eyes.

Andromeda, hailing from a realm of wealth and prestige, finds herself entangled in a daunting predicament. It is not of her own making, but a consequence of her mother’s ill-fated boastfulness. Bound by chains of fate, she awaits her impending doom—a sacrifice to appease the wrath of the gods.

Despite the imminent peril, Andromeda refuses to succumb to despair. Deep within her heart beats an unwavering determination, a flame that refuses to be extinguished. She embarks on a quest to unravel the mysteries of her existence, seeking liberation from the chains that threaten to imprison her spirit.

Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Andromeda delves into the realms of ancient lore, discovering hidden truths and untold legends. With each step, she unearths fragments of forgotten wisdom, uncovering the interconnectedness of her own destiny with the grand tapestry of the cosmos.

While striving to forge her own path, Andromeda also carries the weight of her lineage and the expectations of her people. She yearns to break free from the confines of her predetermined role and carve out a destiny that reflects her true essence—a beacon of light amidst the darkness, a symbol of strength and resilience.

Through her trials and tribulations, she seeks not only personal liberation but also a harmonious balance between mortal and divine realms. She aspires to bridge the gap between humanity and the gods, to unite disparate forces and forge a new era of understanding and compassion.

And so, with unwavering resolve and an unquenchable thirst for truth, Andromeda sets forth on a profound odyssey, a journey that transcends her mortal existence. She carries within her the hopes of her people, the legacy of her ancestors, and the boundless potential to reshape her own destiny.

In her heart, she knows that the stars themselves hold the key to her ultimate purpose—a purpose that stretches far beyond the confines of her mortal life, beckoning her to embrace her true destiny and leave an indelible mark upon the cosmos.

Andromeda, the Celestial Princess, Princess of Ethiopia

Medium humanoid (human), lawful good

Armor Class 16 (studded leather)

Hit Points 120 (16d8 + 48)

Speed 30 ft.

12 (+1)16 (+3)16 (+3)18 (+4)18 (+4)20 (+5)

Saving Throws Int +8, Wis +8

Skills Arcana +12, History +12, Insight +12, Persuasion +15

Senses Passive Perception 14

Languages Common, Ancient Greek, Celestial

CR 10 (5,900 XP)


  • Mystical Insight: She has advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects.
  • Celestial Resilience: She has resistance to radiant damage.


  • Celestial Blade: Melee Weapon Attack: +8 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 8 (1d8 + 4) slashing damage plus 9 (2d8) radiant damage.
  • Guiding Bolt: Ranged Spell Attack: +9 to hit, range 120 ft., one target. Hit: 27 (6d6 + 4) radiant damage.
  • Starlight Burst (Recharge 5-6): Andromeda releases a burst of starlight in a 20-foot radius. Each creature in that area must make a DC 16 Dexterity saving throw, taking 36 (8d8) radiant damage on a failed save, or half as much on a successful one.


  • Astral Ward: When Andromeda or a creature within 30 feet of her is targeted by a spell, she can use her reaction to grant advantage on the saving throw.

Legendary Actions: She can take 3 legendary actions, choosing from the options below. Only one legendary action option can be used at a time and only at the end of another creature’s turn. She regains spent legendary actions at the start of her turn.

  • Celestial Retribution: She makes a Celestial Blade attack.
  • Starlight Surge: She casts Guiding Bolt without expending a spell slot.
  • Heavenly Resilience (Costs 2 Actions): Andromeda gains 30 temporary hit points.


  • Celestial Blade: A finely crafted sword with a celestial motif, radiating a gentle glow. Functions as a +1 longsword.
  • Studded Leather of Celestial Protection: A suit of studded leather armor adorned with intricate celestial designs, providing resistance to radiant damage.
  • Amulet of Celestial Guidance: A radiant amulet infused with celestial magic, enhancing Andromeda’s spellcasting abilities and granting advantage on Persuasion checks.

Lair Actions: At the beginning of her turn, Andromeda can take a lair action to draw upon her celestial lineage, empowering her actions and spells. For 1 minute, she gains advantage on attack rolls, saving throws, and ability checks. Additionally, her Celestial Blade attacks deal an extra 1d8 radiant damage, and her Guiding Bolt spell gains a +2 bonus to the damage roll.

Relevant Traits and Features:

  • Mystic Descendant: Andromeda’s divine heritage grants her innate magical abilities and resistance to radiant damage.
  • Seeker of Ancient Lore: Andromeda possesses extensive knowledge of ancient mythology and arcane history, excelling in Arcana and History checks related to mythological artifacts and celestial beings.
  • Beacon of Hope: Andromeda’s celestial presence inspires others, granting advantage on Persuasion checks and enhancing her leadership capabilities.
  • Radiant Aura: Andromeda’s innate celestial power creates an aura of radiant energy, providing resistance to radiant damage and granting her advantage on saving throws against spells and magical effects.
  • Astral Guardian: Andromeda’s celestial lineage bestows upon her the ability to ward off enemy spells, granting advantage on saving throws to herself and nearby allies.
  • Starlight Blessing: Andromeda’s attacks are infused with celestial energy, dealing additional radiant damage.
  • Guiding Star: Andromeda’s spells are infused with the power of the stars, granting her advantage on spell attack rolls and increased effectiveness.
  • Heaven’s Resilience: Andromeda’s celestial heritage grants her temporary hit points, bolstering her resilience and protecting her in battle.

Currently in the World

Andromeda stands with an air of grace, her lithe figure draped in flowing garments of royal blue and silver. Her long, ebony locks cascade down her back, interwoven with delicate pearls and adorned with a golden tiara that signifies her regal status. Her emerald eyes shimmer with intelligence and determination, reflecting the depths of her quest for knowledge.

At this moment, Andromeda finds herself within the grand library of her ancestral palace. Sunlight streams through stained glass windows, casting vibrant hues across the ornate bookshelves that stretch to the vaulted ceiling. The scent of aged parchment and ink fills the air, mingling with the soft whispers of pages being turned by nimble fingers.

Focused and absorbed in her studies, Andromeda sits at an intricately carved wooden desk. Ancient tomes and scrolls are spread before her, their wisdom waiting to be unveiled. Her slender fingers trace the faded letters and intricate illustrations, her mind alight with curiosity and wonder.

Surrounded by the accumulated knowledge of generations, Andromeda’s mood is one of fervent enthusiasm. Each page turned, each line deciphered brings her closer to unlocking the secrets she seeks. Her heart pulses with a mixture of anticipation and excitement, for she knows that within these tomes lie the answers she needs to unravel the mysteries of her existence and fulfill her purpose.

In this tranquil sanctuary of wisdom, Andromeda immerses herself in the pursuit of understanding, her determination unwavering. As she delves deeper into the ancient texts, her passion for knowledge intensifies, fueling her journey and guiding her steps towards a destiny yet to be fully revealed.

Plot Hooks

  • The Liberated Princess: Andromeda, once condemned to be sacrificed to a sea monster, has been freed by the hero Perseus. Players can interact with her as she adjusts to her newfound freedom, reclaiming her agency and seeking to establish her own identity. They can join her in reclaiming her kingdom, rebuilding her life, and navigating the challenges of being a former captive adjusting to a world she once believed she would never see again. Together, they may face the prejudices and expectations of others who view her as a damsel in distress or a symbol of weakness, while Andromeda strives to prove her strength and capabilities.
  • The Symbol of Sacrifice: Andromeda’s sacrifice and subsequent rescue by Perseus has made her a symbol of bravery and resilience. Players can encounter Andromeda as a revered figure, sought after for her wisdom and inspiration. They may assist her in using her status to bring hope and courage to others facing difficult circumstances, participating in events where she shares her story, and helping her shape her role as a symbol of hope in the face of adversity. They may also confront individuals who seek to exploit her fame or challenge her status, allowing players to protect Andromeda and ensure her legacy remains untarnished.
  • The Healing Journey: Andromeda’s traumatic experience of being chained and threatened with death has left lasting emotional scars. Players can engage with her as she embarks on a healing journey, seeking closure, and learning to overcome her past. They may aid her in confronting her fears, finding inner strength, and navigating the process of healing and rebuilding trust in others. This could involve quests to locate artifacts or visit sacred sites that hold transformative powers, as Andromeda explores different methods of healing, be it through rituals, therapy, or self-reflection. Through their support, players can witness Andromeda’s personal growth and help her find peace within herself.
  • The Reclaimed Throne: After her rescue, Andromeda returns to her kingdom, which may be in disarray due to her absence. Players can assist her in reclaiming her rightful place as the ruler, facing political intrigue, and restoring order and prosperity to her people. They may negotiate alliances, thwart usurpers, and make crucial decisions that shape the destiny of Andromeda’s kingdom. This hook allows players to immerse themselves in a world of courtly politics, strategic maneuvering, and the challenges of leadership, as they work alongside Andromeda to ensure a just and prosperous reign.
  • The Forbidden Love: Andromeda’s love for Perseus is a tale of forbidden romance, as their union brought them both joy and challenges. Players can become entangled in their complex love story, navigating the obstacles that arise from their differing backgrounds and the interference of vengeful deities. They may be called upon to assist Andromeda and Perseus in their pursuit of happiness, defying divine conventions and societal expectations to be together. This hook explores themes of love, sacrifice, and defying fate, as players join Andromeda and Perseus in their quest for a love that transcends boundaries.

In Myth

Andromède by Gustave Doré, 1869

In Greek mythology, Andromeda is a well-known character who plays a significant role in the story of Perseus and the monster known as Cetus. Andromeda was the daughter of King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia of Ethiopia.

According to the myth, Queen Cassiopeia boasted about her daughter’s beauty, claiming that Andromeda was more beautiful than the Nereids, the sea nymphs. This angered the sea god Poseidon, who sent a sea monster Cetus, to terrorize the kingdom as punishment.

To appease Poseidon and save their kingdom, King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia were told by an oracle that they needed to sacrifice their daughter Andromeda to the sea monster. Andromeda was chained to a rock by the sea as a helpless offering.

It is at this point that the hero Perseus enters the story. Perseus, having already slain the Gorgon Medusa, flew over Ethiopia on his winged sandals. He spotted Andromeda and was captivated by her beauty. Determined to save her, Perseus offered to slay the sea monster in exchange for Andromeda’s hand in marriage.

With the aid of the winged sandals, a magical sword, and the severed head of Medusa, Perseus confronted and defeated Cetus. He rescued Andromeda, who was then freed from her chains.

Andromeda and Perseus returned to Ethiopia and married, becoming a celebrated couple in Greek mythology. They had several children, including Perses, Alcaeus, Heleus, and Electryon.

The story of Andromeda serves as a tale of heroism, sacrifice, and the triumph of good over evil. It also highlights the consequences of arrogance and the need for redemption. Andromeda’s beauty and her subsequent rescue by Perseus make her a symbol of purity and innocence in Greek mythology.

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