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Traditional target arrow and replica medieval arrow.

An  arrow is a pointed projectile that is shot with a bow. It predates recorded history  and is common to most cultures.

Arrow sizes vary greatly across cultures, ranging from eighteen inches to five feet. However, most are two-and-a-half to three feet long, similar to the length of English war arrows.


An arrow used as a melee weapon is treated as a light improvised weapon (-4 penalty on attack rolls) and deals damage as a Dagger of its size (critical multiplier ×2). Arrows come in a leather quiver that holds 20 arrows. An arrow that hits its target is destroyed; one that misses has a 50% chance of being destroyed or lost

Ranged Weapons (Martial)
Ranged Weapons (Martial)CostDmg (S)Dmg (M)CriticalRange IncrementWeightTypeSpecial
Arrows (20)1 gp3 lb. 
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