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A bladechain is a string of flat, edged metal links. It looks like a normal chain, except its edges are square, sheet-thin and sharpened to a razor edge.

Ultimate Equipment Guide II

Author Greg Lynch, J. C. Alvarez
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Publish date 2005

Both ends of the chain feature cylindrical handles. Most bladechains come in a length of 40 feet, but greater length models can be commissioned at a proportionately greater price. For example, a 50-foot bladechain is 25% longer, so it should cost 25% more, for a total of 50 gold pieces.

A bladechain has reach, so it can strike both at adjacent opponents and opponents within ten feet. It allows the user to make trip attacks; if the wielder is tripped during his own trip attempt, he can drop the bladechain to avoid being tripped. A bladechain gives a +2 circumstance bonus on all disarm attempts but not to checks to avoid being disarmed. A character wielding a bladechain sized for him receives the benefits of the Weapon Finesse feat, if he has it, when wielding the bladechain, even if it does not count as a light weapon for that character.

The sharp links along the length of the bladechain allow a competent warrior to damage opponents at every opportunity; every time the wielder of a bladechain succeeds at a trip or disarm attempt using the bladechain, he receives a special attack of opportunity against the opponent that suffered the trip or disarm. This attack of opportunity must also be made with the bladechain. Such an attack of opportunity does not count towards the wielder’s limit of attacks of opportunity for a round, though it is still limited to one attack of opportunity per trip or disarm attempt.

Whenever a character rolls a natural 1 while attacking with a bladechain or while the target of a disarm attempt while wielding a bladechain, he is automatically hit by the chain’s sharp links, suffering the corresponding damage.

Bladechain: Two-handed Exotic Weapon; 40 gp; Dmg 1d4(S)/1d6(M); Critical 19–20/x2; Range (10 ft. reach); 5 lb.; Slashing

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