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13.8 billion years ago (The Big Bang)

The Big Bang, 13.8 billion years ago

“Big Bang” At first all the matter and energy of the entire universe was contained in one nearly infinitely hot and dense ball of positive energy a billionth the size of a particle, whizzing though the infinite void at imaginable speed.

Eventually this hit the only other object in the void, a slightly larger infinitely cold and dense ball of negative energy. There collision was so violent it split apart causing all matter that has ever been and will be simultaneously creating and to ripping apart time and space. Spewing a unimaginably hot liquid soup across the cosmos which formed the material plane. At the heart of the explosion the positive and negative planes of existence sprang into life, linked to our own universe by black and white holes.

At this time all matter is smooth and lifeless.

  • 13.1 billion years ago The first stars form
  • 13.23 billion years ago Early galaxies form
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