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 Zontar: The Thing from Venus
(1967) on IMDb

Zontar: The Thing From Venus (1966)

“Zontar: The Thing From Venus” is a low-budget science fiction film that feels like a product of its time. Released in 1966, the movie follows the story of a scientist named Dr. Taylor (John Agar) who is contacted by an alien named Zontar, who has come to Earth to save it from the impending doom brought on by the humans’ own destructive behavior.

While the premise of the film is interesting, the execution leaves much to be desired. The special effects are cheap and poorly executed, making it difficult to take the film seriously. The acting is wooden and lacks the charisma and energy needed to engage the audience.

The plot moves slowly and is often bogged down by long, tedious scenes of characters discussing their plans to defeat Zontar. The film’s attempts at tension and suspense fall flat due to poor pacing and lackluster acting.

However, the film has a certain charm to it that fans of cheesy, low-budget science fiction movies may find endearing. The film’s cheapness and goofiness may even bring a few laughs to viewers.

Overall, “Zontar: The Thing From Venus” is not a great film by any stretch of the imagination. It’s a forgettable movie with poor special effects, wooden acting, and a slow-moving plot. But for those who enjoy cult science fiction films, it may be worth a watch.

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  • John Agar as Dr. Curt Taylor
  • Susan Bjurman as Ann Taylor
  • Anthony Huston as Keith Ritchie
  • Patricia De Laney as Martha Ritchie
  • Neil Fletcher as Gen. Matt Young
  • Warren Hammack as John
  • Colleen Carr as Louise
  • Jeff Alexander as Rocket Scientist
  • Bill Thurman as Police Chief Brad Crenshaw
  • Andrew Traister as Sgt. Magalari
  • Jonathan Ledford as Gate Guard
  • George Edglley as Mr. Ledford
  • Carol Gilley as Alice
  • Bertha Holmes as Townswoman
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