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TerrorVision (1986)

TerrorVision is a 1986 American science fiction horror comedy film directed by Ted Nicolaou, produced and written by Albert and Charles Band and composed by Richard Band, all of whom would go on to found and work with Full Moon Features in 1989. TerrorVision was made by Empire International Pictures, the production company owned by Charles Band prior to Full Moon, and was released in February 1986.

The story follows an alien creature sent to Earth, which ends up inside a household where three kids must take care of it to prevent it from going into a hungry rampage. While not a critical and commercial success, it later developed as a cult film, particularly a “so bad it’s good” film.

The official poster for the 1986 film "TerrorVision".
The official poster for the 1986 film “TerrorVision”.


  • Alejandro Rey as Spiro
  • Randi Brooks as Cherry
  • Frank Welker as Hungry Beast Alien (voice)
  • Ian Patrick Williams as Officer Nutky
  • Sonny Carl Davis as Norton
  • William Paulson as Pluthar
  • John Leamer as the Chauffeur
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