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Star Slammer (1986) on IMDb

Star Slammer (Prison Ship) (1986)

Untamed. Uncaged. Unleashed In Space.

Two women who have been unjustly confined to a prison planet plot their escape, all the while having to put up with lesbian guards, crazed wardens and mutant rodents.

Prison Ship, also known as Star Slammer, is a 1986 American science fiction film directed by Fred Olen Ray. It is also known as Starslammer: The Escape and Prison Ship Star Slammer.


  • Sandy Brooke as Taura
  • Susan Stokey as Mike
  • Marya Gant as Warden Exene
  • Ross Hagen as Bantor
  • Dawn Wildsmith as Muffin
  • Richard Alan Hench as Garth
  • Michael D. Sonye as Krago
  • Mimi Monaco as Squeeker
  • Jade Barrett as Dr Po
  • Lindy Skyles as The Sovereign
  • Johnny Legend as Zaal
  • Aldo Ray as The Inquisitor
  • John Carradine as The Judge
Star Slammer, Prison Ship, Film poster for Prison Ship (1986).
Film poster for Prison Ship (1986).
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