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Leviathan (1989 film)

Aliens thrilled you… The Fly shocked you… Now experience real fear…

Leviathan is a 1989 science fiction horror film directed by George P. Cosmatos and written by David Webb Peoples and Jeb Stuart. It stars Peter WellerRichard CrennaErnie Hudson, and Daniel Stern as the crew of an underwater geological facility stalked and killed by a hideous mutant creature. Its creature effects were designed by Academy Award-winning special effects artist Stan Winston.

The film was released around the same time as other, similarly-themed ‘underwater’ science fiction and horror films including The Abyss and DeepStar Six, and received negative reviews from critics, citing numerous similarities to films such as Alien and The Thing.

Theatrical release poster for Leviathan
Theatrical release poster for Leviathan
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