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 Titan A.E.
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Titan A.E (2000)

When Earth Ends, The Adventure Begins.

A young man learns that he has to find a hidden Earth ship before an enemy alien species does in order to secure the survival of humanity.

Titan A.E. is a 2000 American animated post-apocalyptic science fiction adventure film directed by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman and starring the voices of Matt DamonBill PullmanDrew BarrymoreJohn LeguizamoNathan LaneJaneane GarofaloRon Perlman and Tone Loc. Its title refers to the spacecraft central to the plot with A.E. meaning “After Earth”. The animation of the film combines 2D traditional hand-drawn animation with the extensive use of computer-generated imagery.

The third and final project produced by Fox Animation Studios, the film was theatrically released on June 16, 2000 by 20th Century Fox in the United States. The film received mixed reviews from critics and made a loss at the box office.

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