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 Queen Kong
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Queen Kong (1976)

Queen Kong is a 1976 British-German adventure comedy film parodying King Kong. The film was never released theatrically in the United Kingdom, due to legal action by Dino De Laurentiis, producer of the 1976 King Kong remake and RKO copyright holder of King Kong at the time. It got a limited release in Italy and Germany. The film has since resurfaced on DVD.

The film has a cult following in Japan. In 1998, a troupe of Japanese comedians produced their own Japanese dialogue for the film, in a similar spirit to Woody Allen‘s What’s Up, Tiger Lily?; this version with the new Japanese dialogue was released on DVD in 2001. The film was novelized by James Moffat and published by Everest Books in 1977.

It was shot at Shepperton Studios and on location around London and Newhaven. In addition, miniature sets were created utilising the scale model of London at the now long-defunct Bournemouth theme park Tucktonia.

Queen Kong
Poster for the 1976 film Queen Kong
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