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Monster Films

monster moviemonster filmcreature feature or giant monster film is a film that focuses on one or more characters struggling to survive attacks by one or more antagonistic monsters, often abnormally large ones. The film may also fall under the horrorcomedyfantasy, or science fiction genres. Monster movies originated with adaptations of horror folklore and literature. Typically, movie monsters differ from more traditional antagonists in that many exist due to circumstances beyond their control; their actions are not entirely based on choice, potentially making them objects of sympathy to film viewers.

1920s Monster Films

YearFranchiseFilmIMDbRotten Tomatoes
1925The Lost World 7/10100%

1930s Monster Films

YearFranchiseFilmIMDbRotten Tomatoes
1933King Kong King Kong7.9/1098%
1933King Kong Son of Kong5.7/1036%

1940s Monster Films

YearFranchiseFilmIMDbRotten Tomatoes
1940One Million B.C.5.7/10 
1949Mighty Joe Young 7/1095%

1950s Monster Films

YearFranchiseFilmIMDbRotten Tomatoes
1951Lost Continent (1951)3.1/10
1953The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms6.7/1095%
1954Godzilla Godzilla7.6/1093%
1954Creature from the Black Lagoon7/1085%
1954Monster from the Ocean Floor
1955Godzilla Godzilla Raids Again5.9/1060%
1955It Came from Beneath the Sea 6/1063%
1955Journey to the Beginning of Time7.4/10
1955Revenge of the Creature5.7/1022%
1955The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues3.6/10
1956The Animal World7/10
1956Godzilla Godzilla, King of the Monsters!6.5/1083%
1956Godzilla Rodan 6.3/1070%
1956The Beast of Hollow Mountain4/10
1956The Creature Walks Among Us 5.8/1038%
195720 Million Miles to Earth (a.k.a. The Beast from Space)6.4/1080%
1957Attack of the Crab Monsters4.9/1067%
1957Beginning of the End6.8/10
1957The Amazing Colossal Man4.5/1038%
1957The Black Scorpion5.4/1060%
1957The Cyclops4.5/10
1957The Deadly Mantis5.1/1033%
1957The Giant Claw4.5/10
1957The Land Unknown5.7/10
1957The Monolith Monsters6.4/10
1957The Mysterians6.1/10
1958Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (1958)
1958Monster from Green Hell3.5/10
1958The 7th Voyage of Sinbad  7.1/10100%
1958Varan the Unbelievable4.9/10
1958War of the Colossal Beast3.7/10
1959Attack of the Giant Leeches3.7/1070%
1959Plan 9 from Outer Space4/1067%
1959The Giant Behemoth5.8/1020%

1960s Monster Films

1970s Monster Films

1980s Monster Films

YearFranchiseFilmIMDbRotten Tomatoes
1980Gamera: Super Monster3.8/10
1981Great White4.3/10
1981The Loch Ness Horror2.9/10
1982Q (1982 film)6/1069%
1984Prehistoric Beast7.5/10
1984GodzillaThe Return of Godzilla7/10
1985GodzillaGodzilla 19857/10
1985King Kong Lives3.9/10
1987Blue Monkey 4.8/10
1989GodzillaGodzilla vs. Biollante6.6/1071%

1990s Monster Films

YearFranchiseFilmIMDbRotten Tomatoes
1991GodzillaGodzilla vs. King Ghidorah6.6/1056%
1992GodzillaGodzilla vs. Mothra6.2/1075%
1993Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman3.9/1030%
1993GodzillaGodzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II6.6/1083%
1993Jurassic Park   Jurassic Park8.1/1091%
1994GodzillaGodzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla 5.9/1057%
1995CarnosaurCarnosaur 23.8/10
1995GodzillaGodzilla vs. Destoroyah7/10100%
1996CarnosaurCarnosaur 3: Primal Species3.2/10
1996GodzillaRebirth of Mothra5.9/10
1997Jurassic Park The Lost World6.6/1051%
1997GodzillaRebirth of Mothra II 5.4/10
1998Mighty Joe Young (1998)
1998GodzillaRebirth of Mothra III5.9/10
1999GodzillaGodzilla 20006.1/1057%
1999Yonggary / Reptilian2.6/10

1999 – Walking with Dinosaurs

2000s Monster Films

2010s Monster Films

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