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King of Kong Island (1968) on IMDb

“King of Kong Island (1968): A Flawed but Entertaining Adventure Film”

From the forest came the terror of…

“King of Kong Island” is a low-budget Italian adventure film directed by Roberto Mauri, featuring a mix of adventure, horror, and exploitation elements. The film centers around a group of scientists who travel to an uncharted island in search of a rare mineral that can only be found there. However, they soon discover that the island is home to a giant gorilla who rules over the natives and has a taste for human flesh.

Despite its flaws, “King of Kong Island” manages to be an entertaining and enjoyable watch. The film’s low-budget roots are evident in its poor special effects and questionable acting, but the film still manages to create a sense of suspense and terror. The scenes featuring the giant gorilla are particularly memorable, and the film’s use of a real gorilla in some scenes adds to its authenticity.

One of the strengths of “King of Kong Island” is its pacing. The film moves at a brisk pace and never lingers on any one scene for too long. This keeps the viewer engaged and interested in the story, even if the story itself is somewhat generic. The film’s action scenes are also well-staged, with the gorilla wreaking havoc on the island and the humans trying to escape its grasp.

However, the film is not without its flaws. The acting is wooden and stilted, and the dialogue can be cringe-worthy at times. The film’s treatment of the island natives is also problematic, with their portrayal as savage and uncivilized. The film’s use of stock footage is also noticeable and can be jarring at times.

In conclusion, “King of Kong Island” is a flawed but entertaining adventure film that is worth a watch for fans of B-movies and exploitation films. Despite its low budget and questionable acting, the film manages to create a sense of tension and excitement, and the giant gorilla is sure to leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Kong Island
Italian theatrical release poster


  • Brad Harris as Burt Dawson
  • Esmeralda Barros as Eve
  • Marc Lawrence as Albert Muller
  • Ursula Davis as Diana
  • Adriana Alben as Ursula
  • Marc Fiorini (credited as Mark Farran) as Robert
  • Aldo Cecconi as Theodore
  • Paolo Magalotti as Peter
  • Mario Donatone as Forrester
  • Gianni Pulone
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