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 Gamera the Brave
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Gamera the Brave (2006)

Gamera the Brave (小さき勇者たちガメラ, Chiisaki Yūsha-tachi Gameralit. Little Braves: Gamera), is a 2006 Japanese kaiju film directed by Ryuta Tasaki, written by Yukari Tatsui, and produced by Kadokawa Daiei Studio. It is the 12th entry in the Gamera film series, and serves as the second reboot of the franchise, with the first being Gamera: Guardian of the Universe in 1995. It is also the first entry in the series to be produced by Kadokawa Daiei Studio after the company purchased a percentage of the remaining assets of Daiei Film, the original studio that was responsible for making the Gamera films.

Gamera the Brave stars Ryo Tomioka, Kanji TsudaKaho, and Susumu Terajima, and features Toshinori Sasaki as Toto, the son of the fictional giant turtle monster Gamera. The film was released theatrically in Japan on April 29, 2006, and was distributed by Shochiku.

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